Ferguson continuing to make mistakes…

Maple Leafs GM John Ferugson continues to make terribly obvious mistakes, and it’s obvious to me that Leaf fans just aren’t seeing it.Lets look at what he’s done so far.

Kaberle and McCabe contracts: Ten million dollars for two defenseman, one never hits and never shoots, the other can’t do anything but hit and shoot. His shot is terribly inaccurate and easy to block/steal, and anyone can skate by his pathetic ass check. I can understand maybe that kind of contract for Kaberle, but McCabe is an over rated 4th defenseman.

Domi buyout: It was time for him to go, blah, blah, blah, the cap space is the same as having kept him, and now they’re having problems just filling out their roster, why not just keep him? At least for someone to have around in the locker room if you don’t want to keep him.

Rask for Raycroft: The Leafs traded their top prospect for a goalie who is a huge risk. That’s right, instead of signing Martin Gerber, or Manny Legace, or Dominik Hasek, who have more then one good season in the NHL. If they’re all free agents then I’d take Raycroft last among them, but to pay your best prospect for Andrew Raycroft is just ridiculous.

Pavel Kubina: That’s right, five goals, minus sixteen, five million dollars, what a ridiculous contract for someone who is just a less physical Bryan McCabe, and as I’ve stated before, Bryan McCabe is an over rated 4th defenseman with a shot.

Hal Gill: Um… what? 2.1 for Hal Gill? A big soft pylon for 2.1 million dollars? If he cost the same as say Jeff O’neill, I’d consider this contract, but damn, that was stupid. Another dumb move by JFJ.

The re-signings: He signed John Pohl one way, and wants Wellwood to have a two way contract? He re-signed Antropov? To a million dollar deal? I’d say right now, the only other teams willing to take Antropov at that kind of money are teams like Pittsburgh and Washington, who are just trying to reach the cap floor.

Now, he’s about to take back Jason Allison over Eric Lindros… Jason Allison who’ll cost more then Eric Lindros, over a big dominant physical centre, a guy who’d play great on a line with Sundin and O’neill, and they decide to sign Allison, who NEVER played well for Toronto, took up cap space, and constantly gave up the puck. Don’t forget, we have only 2 regulation losses in all the games he didn’t play, every other loss came in a shootout, why hasn’t he noticed that?

And now he’s looking at signing Peca and Carter at $3 000 000 each? Carter should be told right here and now that he is just another Glenn Murray, or Johnathon Cheechoo, who is only good if he’s got a good centre to leech off of, and a nine goal player isn’t worth 3 million plus. If he gets them, that’s two bad signings.

If the Leafs can get Carter and Peca for 2-2.5, I’d consider it, if signing Allison raises your cap by ten million, I’d consider it, but right now, he’s going to lose out on Carter, Peca, and Lindros, because he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he’d like Allison back.