Ferguson maybe fired, but Fletcher not the answer!

This is my first posting after being a fan of the site for a long time!

I know some of you are saying not another leafs post, but it is not really what you might expect! True, I am a leafs fan, and I am happy to see Ferguson has been fired. However, I have been following the recent developments pertaining to MLSE and the Leafs.

I have noticed that a lot of Leafs fans on here are hailing Fletcher as the new king in Leaf Land but I must disagree. Sure he will make some changes as the new interim GM, but is it really goin to help. The leafs are 3rd last in the NHL and by no means are they gonna make the playoffs this year or the next couple unless for some miracle they make a blockbuster trade which gives them a few first rounders.

Whoever they choose as the new GM before next season is going to have to have some credibility in the NHL.

I will continue to watch the games and support my team, but I will be realistic in the fact I know, the Stanley Cup is not coming our way anytime soon.

And my last point for this my first post is, quit with the outlandish rumors of who the Leafs are going to trade for. With all the rumors I see posted on here, you would think the leafs are going to be the Eastern Conference all-stars by the end of the trade deadline!

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  1. Armstrong67 says:

    Fletcher is the perfect temporary solution.  He has proved this to Toronto in the 90's, and will prove it again.

    If you listen carefully, he said he will only start the process … until the right candidate is hired.  He is not claiming to be the king.

    Toronto has been on the verge lynching someone from MLSE.  Fletcher has already calmed things down, and will start the rebuilding process.  This is his job.  The Hockey Hall of Fame even states so.  Why is he there?

    Yes he is old, but that is why his job is temporary.  Yes he got a bad rap in Pheonix, but they had no money, no credibility, and are young.  They were worse off than Toronto is now. 

    He got McDonald out of Toronto and to Calgary in the 80's who, in turn, led them to a cup.  He was responsible for the Flames 1989 Stanley Cup win.  He brought Fuhr, Gilmour, Andreychuk, etc, to Toronto in the nineties, giving Leafs fans long coming hope, and brought you Mats, and Kaberle, the entertainment since 1997.  And he's the wrong guy?

    MLSE let him go prematurely.  Let him continue what he started.  ACC and MLSE looks much better with a mature, white haired, hockey mind, looking over things, rather than what we have seen as late.

    Get er done, Mr. Fletcher, we are waiting!

  2. leafy says:

    It's refreshing to read a realist position.

    However, I think most people recognize that the Leafs won't be an over-night quick fix. 

    But the good news is thta the Leafs already have some quality young players, ie, Tlusty, Colaiacovo, Steen, Stajan, Kulemin, Stralman, White, Kronvall, etc.

    That's not bad.  Do you remember 1996?  All they had was Sundin and Mathiew Scheider….and that's pretty well it.  At leats now they have a head start on re-building.

    What they don't have, obviously, is a young franchise player or 1st line superstar to fill Sundin's shoes.  But getting some 1st round picks and maybe finishing near the bottom this year and getting a top 5 draft pick can help address this void.  But certainly it's going to take time.

    Re the rumors, I'll have to disagree with you.  This is a rumor site and the whole purpose is to provide rumors.  Besides, all of the Leaf rumors being presented have their original web links given.  What more do you want?

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