Ferguson NOT done

According to TSN John Ferguson Jr has admitted he is not done revamping the leafs roster, but that he would most likely have to do it in a trade. Also, hockeybuzz is reporting the Leafs are expected to sign Anson Carter sometime this weekend.

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  1. 92-93 says:

    of course, that is not to say that i dont applaud Ferguson’s deletions, buyouts, and overall organizational moves.

    even the kaberle deal – with no-trade clause – made sense. signing Peca wasn’t that bad of an idea.

    his drafting decisions have made sense too.

    even getting raycroft has some semblence of rationality to it (although too much of a risk in my opinion).

  2. Francis10 says:

    Its funny. Todd Bertuzzi has more sportsman in his farts then you do in your entire body. You are rediculas.

    But thats ok… Shows your integrity..

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Oh yeah, Nabokov was benched when he came back, does that mean he sucs? Thomas and Toivonen were on a role.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    You don’t know anything, and you’re just bashin he leafs because you hate them. aying Columbus will win more games shows that you have no hockey knowledge, and a crude sense of humor.

  5. openclose says:

    columbus will not win more than the leafs… but at aleast 8 from the east will.

  6. openclose says:

    yeah but the leaf fans smell funny

  7. openclose says:

    but they ARE the worst by FAR

  8. openclose says:

    Nabokov was sucking. he had a poor year. not as bad as raycroft though.

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    really? no way, Flirida is done without Luongo, Atlanta is done without Savard, and Jersey is in BIG trouble. Leafs make post season,

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    for the last time, raycroft plaed injured, and even if he plays like crap aubin and telly will come in and do the job.

  11. 92-93 says:


    i think you were that kid in elementary that kept smelling his own finger.

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Best devence in the division,

  13. Pony says:

    PWNED? what are you 12?

  14. Aetherial says:

    Damn! I have been in stinking hot Italy for the past 2 weeks and I finally find an internet cafe and check the trade rumors while my wife stands outside… and I read more about carter?!?


  15. Pony says:

    I disagreed for the longest time that JFJ had to go, I always thought we should give him the year to see how it all turns out and I was pretty optimistic before this off-season that we could pick up a coupla good fairly young players. But the more and more I look at it the more Im starting to want a fresh start dont stop with just the coaching staff, get a smart GM in there with a legit long term plan, not a hole plugger. I think the Leafs can ice a time with a legit shot at the playoffs, and thats fine for me, except there going down hill the only guys getting better are Steen Stajan Wellwood and the young dmen…

    I look at them and think there a good group of young players but when the vets retire are they a core? what happens when Sundin retires, thats a scary thought for Leafs fans, they have no replacement for him and if they dont get one imagine a Sundin-less Leafs then literally everyone would agree theyd be a joke…

  16. koolcracker says:

    I have a feeling you will be seeing this. I don’t know why you come to the leafs forum to bash the leafs. You will get nothing out of it but a beating. For everything you try to stir up, we can beat you tenfold. and “Conversation Closed”? what is that? is that like your safety device to prevent you from more beatings. Don’t come back.

  17. koolcracker says:

    Who’s this jody character, and why is he back here again. Why doe he bother. Go cheer on your habs. You know, I didnt care what you thoguht of the leafs the first time you said something, the 12th time, or now. In true style, im not going to close this with an insult to your intelligence or age.

  18. Matt20 says:

    lmao hahahaha oh dude ur such a loser, did the fact that ur a moron hurt u a little? probably just a stupid american.. makes sense

  19. openclose says:

    Ottowa still has enough to get them in the top eight

    Montreal has developed a solid core that expects the postseason

    Buffalo in my opinion they could fall out of postseason but they still rate higher than the leafs

    boston… dear god i hope they make it so they can lose in the first round again.

    Nj will make it (lou is a darn fine Gm and knows how to get himself out of a jam. i hope)

    NYR all rides and jagr and the goalie

    Philly. a healthy FOBO means post season and a return of Primeau helps alot too

    NYI FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL.. they don’t make it

    Pitt… another season looking in from out

    ATL will make it. (so long as lehtonen is healthy they could win division if lucky)

    CAR i hate these little *****es but they will most likely make it too

    TB could make it. but they paid alot for richards

    Florida this is the team that either lets the leafs in or kicks them out. Auld played solid for a canucks team with injury problems. Bertuzzi may have had a bad year but he still can bring a dominance if motivated properly (one thing i have noticed about Bert is he takes over in physical games… but in fast clean games he doesn’t do much)

    Washington does not make the playoffs.

    the way i see it there are at least three teams beating the leafs in their own division.

    the atlantic will be weaker but will still put 2 or 3 in. that leaves the southeast with 2/3 spots… one for car. one for atl/tb and then one for Florida/leafs.

    this isn’t a hate on the leafs it’s so please don’t put it down as such. but the leafs finish 9th 10th for me in my preseason standings

  20. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I can see parts of it happeninbg, but don’t forget that Auld was the reason vancouver missed the playoffs and Belfour is the reason Toronto missed the playoffs. That will make it difficult for florida. Also while it appears as though Lehtonen will have a breakout year soon, I don’t think it will happen this season, maybe near the end, Also atlanta lost Bondra and Savard. Atlanta might squeeze 8th, but won’t beat Carolina and Tampa Bay.

  21. 92-93 says:

    totally agree

    they need a creative GM NOW before sundin leaves.

    they need to swing deals that are going to get them guys like Perry, Fehr, or older young stars. that’s something we havent really seen since the days of Fletcher and the Sundin-Clark trade. something along those lines has to occur and JFJ is not the GM to do it.

    let us hope he doesnt do anything else to screw up the current situation further.

  22. DJTOKid says:

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  23. Wisey says:

    I don’t trust hockeybuzz, but JFJ said he is not done, and he might be able to do it. He could figure something out, he’s a smart guy. He could dump cap by trading someone for a prospect, I dunno.

  24. tacitus says:

    he personally attacked me first so is ur leaf fan friend cowardly also?

  25. tacitus says:

    american ya im from Sault Ste Marie ontario. Ya dumb american, Keep trolling the net for typos cool guy

  26. tacitus says:

    1 Buffalo (kept same team can still trade Biron to get better)

    2 Ottawa (lost Havlat, Chara, Hasek. Eaves will thrive but not nearly as good as last year)

    3 Montrea (kept core and added Samsonov also if Huet is the real deal good goaltending for entire season)

    4 Boston (traded Mara/Boynton, finally got rid of Raycroft, added Savard and Chara. I think the team is better now then at the end of last season)

    5 Toronto (added Kubina and Peca. If they added Samsonov and Chara I would have put them 3rd or 4th but the fact they waited so long and had to settle for leftovers they will remain a bad team.)

  27. tacitus says:

    Ill take Redden, Phillips Meszaros over McCabe Kabrele and Kubina. But lets say the leafs have the best defence in the division, they are 5th in offence and 4th in goaltending. The need the Leafs needed to address was somebody with talent for sundin

  28. tacitus says:

    they are saying it outta pitty. The fact you pay Kubina 5 mil doesnt mean his as good as a 5 million dollar player. Kubina is as good as Markov and even he got overpaid at 2.5. Dam economics

  29. tacitus says:

    nice comback

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