Ferguson Should Be Congradulated

After a few years of hatred from the fans and criticism form reporters and analysts, I feel that John Ferguson Jr. has earned himself a contract extension for a few years, as he has finally found a direction for this team to go in and has learned form his mistakes.

First thing is first thing is first, hands down the best signing so far this off season has been Jason Blake. Call me bias I don’t care, but I don’t see how players like Briere, Drury and Gomez are worth mid 7 million dollar contracts, and a player such as Paul Kariya who’s game is tailing off is worth 6. To go after a “second tier” player for only $4 million a year, not to mention he has the most goals out of any of the free agents this summer, with the exception of Teemu Selanne who clearly isn’t going anywhere. To get a player like that locked up for 5 years, for only 4 million a year was pure genius

Secondly it seems as though he has learned from his mistakes and is trying to correct them to the best of his ability. The McCabe deal was a complete failure, and I don’t see this guy being any more valuable to the Leafs on defence then Carlo Coliacovo is when he’s healthy. All McCabe does is take up a big portion of salary that could be used to sign another 2 forwards or a forward and a D man.

The second mistake he has made that we see and hear about him trying to Pavel Kubina. 5 million a year for this guy is about 3 million too much. That being said, if this contract can be dumped, it would probably be smart to just save the cap room until next year. Odds are the cap will either go down or stay the same. With teams like Philly, New York and Colorado spending like mad men this summer, next years crop of UFA’s will be a huge improvement from this year, and it’d be great to have a little extra cash to spend.

Let’s not forget next summer players such as Wellwood, Steen and others will need extension and probably want 1 million +.

I’m not saying that he’s the greatest GM in the world, but JFJ certainly deserves a bit more time in charge as he’s starting to get positive opinions on the rumours we hear, instead of negative ones.

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  1. m4gician says:

    Jason Blake (If he plays the way the rest of the Leafs do) will fit well. JFJ doesn't want the highly skilled (i hate to use this stereotype) "European" style of game, rather more then North American hard hitting gritty style of game.

    The Jason Blake type of player we have is Darcy Tucker. If somehow, someway, ANtropov and Poni can HIT harder and SKATE faster, and put the puck in the net a bit more then we'll have 5 guys who can do that well (Sundin included).

    If Peca re-signs, then 6.

  2. leaffanforlife says:

    Toronto has gone a 2nd straight year without playoffs and is staring at a possible 3rd.  For a club like Toronto, this is UNACCEPTABLE.  Not making the playoffs for 3 straight years?  Now we're talking the 1980's again.  We have had bad management every year except the early 90's when Fletcher came and took us to 2 Conference Finals.  If we don't revamp management, we won't revamp the team (correctly).

  3. the_word says:

    McCabe although not the greatest defenseman in his own end, is still productive on offense, plays well with Kaberele and his defensive lapse are exaggerated.  At 5.75 a year he's a good fit for the Leafs and hardly a failure.  It'd be great if the Leafs could dump Kubina, JFJ has a narrow window during free agency when other may have interest in Kubina to get a deal done.

    Steen still needs to earn a raise, he hasn't done that yet.

  4. LeafsLegacy says:

    JFJ can go fuçk himself!

  5. Nevyn says:

    Ferguson has been unfairly criticised in the past.   It wasn't his fault that Pat Quinn spent like a drunken sailor on old, hurt players, leaving us devoid of prospects and up against the cap.

    But to suggest that he deserves a pat on the back now is way off.  His GM work is downright cowardly and a reflection of the priorities of leaf management.  Ferguson's job should have been one of long term rebuilding.  Rebuild the farm system, get elite prospects, get younger and get more talented.

    Instead, he has consistently been looking for the shortcut to success, just as his predecessors did.  He has tried to make FA splashes and made big gambles on trades to improve the immediate on-ice product.  But that isn't how you build a champion.

    Trading away a prospect like Rask last year for Raycroft was bad enough. The team was not ready to seriously compete, so a goaltender of the future should have been a bigger priority than one of the present. 

    Likewise, acquisitions of players like Peca and O'Neill are short-time patches which make a better media splash than team building strategy.  And on a team desperate for scoring and with a wealth of prospects to develop on defense, he spent his FA money last year on defensemen.

    So what has he done this year that is so much better?  Traded away another draft for another "goalie of the present" for a team STILL not ready to contend.   Then he went out and got a 33 year old free agent forward, a short term answer with a long term contract.

    If Ferguson really had any balls, he would have walked into the management offices 2 years ago and said "you want to build a winner? Then we'll have to get worse before we get better".  He should have avoided 30+ old additions like the plague, rebuilt the farm system, and let the prospects learn, the team pick high for a couple years, and build a really good cap position for future spending.

    Instead he is Mr Quick Fix. Sooner or later he'll get it right enough that we eke into the playoffs and maybe steal a series, but not only are we not going to win a cup NOW, he is hurting our chances of getting there in the future. 

    Congratulations? I don't think so. 

  6. Nevyn says:

    Actually, not making the playoffs for 3 years should be perfectly acceptable, if the team was acquiring young talent , making good high draft picks, and building a healthy cap situation. Its only unacceptable because he's selling out the future to try to win now and still not winning now.

  7. JuicemaN says:

    And you can go grow up.

  8. JuicemaN says:

    so how are the leafs desperate for scoring? was 8th in the league not acceptable?

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