Ferguson to get Extension?

According to Howard Berger of Fan 590, MLSE and JFJ are well into contract extension talks, thanks to the reasonably successful start to the season.I know there are going to be a number of ‘don’t resign the bum’; ‘he’s useless’ type responses to this, but before you mindlessly rant consider the following.

1) When Ferguson signed on, he was strictly a puppet to Quinn and his cronies. A figurehead if you will. Proof of this would be the signings of Leetch, Allison, et al.

2) He hired Paul Mauirce as the Marlies headcoach. This was an obvious move as to who would replace Quinn once his tenure was up.

3) Even though he did sign Allison, Lindros and Khavanov, they were to short term, relatively low dollar deals. They were experiments if you will, and of the three Lindros could be considered successful even though he was injured as often as he was. However, it was not the oft feared concussion.

4) He drafted Rask and Pogge. Two of the hottest goalie prospects that had amazing World Junior Championship apperances.

5) He started making the front office his, but firing and hiring his own scouting staff.

6) Finally was able to make his own moves by firing Quinn and bolstering the blue line.

I will admit that he has made some questionable signgings this off season, by tying up as much of the cap on D as he has, but, this year, these are HIS Leafs and so far they’ve been a better commodity to watch than they have been in a while.

I think, if things continue to be ‘stable’, sign him to a 1 year extension and let him continue to rebuild this team the way he wants to and show what he can do without Quinn whispering in his ear or pulling the strings. You could argue as to when would be the best time to sign the deal, but, I think you wait until December to see how things pan out and allow those that are injured (Kubina, Woz, et al) time to come back and show why they were signed play. This will also allow time for either the replacement to investigate changes if one is brought in well before the trade deadline, or allow JFJ the time to investigete his options for tweaks he feels need to be made.