Ferguson Tried To Fire Maurice?


John Ferguson Jr. is rejecting a report in Monday’s edition of the Toronto Sun that claimed the Maple Leafs’ general manager tried to have head coach Paul Maurice fired late last week….Sun columnist Steve Simmons wrote that a source told him Ferguson tried to fire Maurice, but was “prevented” from doing so.

“There isn’t a shred of truth to that assertion,” Ferguson told TSN. “This is made up, its a complete fabrication.”

The Leafs’ weekend did not go well, with loses in Dallas and Phoenix, and Simmons indicated that Ferguson might try to pull the trigger again.

The potential changes could even involve some kind of management committee that could include names like Mark Messier, Joe Nieuwendyk and Glenn Healy….

In his Toronto Sun report, Simmons also suggested this could be Ferguson’s last week on the job.

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    You'll never EVER get a 1st rounder for Bryan McCabe. Now, from what I'm getting from your trade proposal is that it seems you think the Leafs would be doing the Hawks a favour by taking on Lapointe and Zyuzin's contracts when in reality the Leafs are completely ripping off the Hawks. The only favour their is that the Hawks are doing the Leafs a favour by taking on McCabe's 3 years of shoddy defence. Also, why would the Hawks trade a 1st rounder plus 2 UFA's for the biggest defensive liability in the NHL? It makes no sense. Especially when you factor in that the Hawks could just keep both Lapointe and Zyuzin and their 1st rounder then draft a good prospect and let Lapointe and Zyuzin walk then offer Redden whatever he wants.

    Also, I highly doubt the Ducks will make a move for Sundin, especially with Niedermayers future still up in the air and most importantly with Corey Perry's RFA status. The only way it'll ever happen is if Niedermayer retires for good and Perry signs for 2 million or less, something he would never do. And I also doubt Burke would let the Oilers Pick go with a deep draft coming.

  2. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    She's an airhead, and is probably good at GIVING head to.

  3. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    That trade for Sundin is terrible.
    He will obtain more in a trade and is worth far more than just that first round pic and tod no talent marchant.

  4. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Oh and BTW, if Kulemin is coming over to play, he's not playing in the AHL, he's playing in the NHL with the big club.

  5. leafy says:

    That stands to reason.

  6. mojo19 says:

    I agree it wasn't a great trade if you figure Markov is a very good defensman. But there were problems in the dressing room and Markov had to go. He's a headache, hence no one wanted to sign him enough this year. Hence he's bounced around to a new team every year.

    Reichel I know everyone hated but I always kind of liked him, he put up over 50 pts his first year as a Leaf and killed penalties and stuff, he was really good against the flyers in the playoffs both years (minus one penalty shot, lol). And I think having Green and Reichel down the middle was important for the Leafs at that time because they lacked depth at centre.

    Not saying it was a great trade, but it was alright.

  7. rojoke says:

    Just as a little extra, wasn't Peddie removed from the Raptors' side of MLSE and replaced by Brian Colangelo?  How did that work out?  Division title, correct?  I've seen more than one theory that Peddie is as much of a problem as Ferguson.  Maybe there'll be a third avcant office at ACC in the near future.

  8. rojoke says:

    Yes, but you have to take into account that the Preds were trying to dump as much salary as they could in order to facilitate a sale and possible move to another city.  That's how they got Hartnell and Timonen, giving back the picks they got from Nashville to Philly.  Sundin wouldn't get you four players like that, but he could get an Upshall/Parent type return, from the right team.

  9. 92-93 says:

    nobodys perfect. if i think i have a point then i'll stick to it like white-on-rice. but anyone who cannot re-evaluate their position is a fool.

    the quinn era is often looked to nostalgically nowadays and rightly so considering it was an era of contention for toronto – they were always in the thick of it.
    but in reality, the quinn era always had a ceiling to it. Quinn was a master at getting solid free agents, even drafting in the late rounds … but what killed progress for him was trading upper-round picks and NOT signing a stay-at-home defenceman or two that was necessary.
    it was always 3rd-tier blueliners or yet another offensive defenceman. People point to Glen Wesley (which i believe was JFJ) but that simply isn't good enough. neither was Ken Klee (again, JFJ). 
    Quinn needed that solid 2nd tier on the blueline and never got it. his goaltenders often covered up for that problem … until the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the playoffs when other teams who had better overal defense made that next step and beat the leafs (Flyers, Devils, Sabres, Canes).
    one of the best moves was acquiring McCabe, and his worst: the Berg trade and the Nolan trade. he was loyal to his players to a fault and made it difficult for young leafs to play with the big club.
    all that being said, the most important thing to consider when people consider JFJ and Quinn is this: the two men operated in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT contexts with regards to the cap era and pre-cap era and had completely different track records (a long one, and a very short one). JFJ never got the autonomy that Quinn had and he operated in a much more difficult system. Quinn operated in a system that enabled him to arm his team to the teeth, but it also gave him too much freedom with regards to youth and over the hill vets.
    anyways, i am not nostalgic for any era … except for the Fletcher-Burns period of course.
  10. 92-93 says:

    i knew people would only nitpick at the details of the trade. but the overall premise of the trades i think are completly correct (re: trade what assets you have now).

    McCabe won't draw a 1st rounder? that is a complete under-value on your part.
    the biggest defensive liability in the NHL? come now. that is a huge hyperbole on your part, yet again. 
    i'm sorry, we are way too far apart in terms of your appraisals of some players. again, just because a very good or decent player has a leaf on his jersey, doesnt automatically devalue that person's value. in any case, i've already said that i doubt McCabe would waive his notrade clause. but i think you missed the spirit of my post and decided to focus just on the details of the trades. move beyond that, and i think you would agree with the logic of at least attempting to trade some of these players (but then again, you think that no one wants any of these people and that Sundin is worth at most a 2nd rounder right? like Sutherby in Anaheim???).
    youre right about Nidermeyer and as i have said elsewhere, any deal with the Ducks depends on his situation. Perry's RFA status has nothing to do with Sundin, who is a UFA in the offseason and Perry's next contract won't count until next season.
  11. 92-93 says:

    i hope you are right about Kulemin but i would be a little cautious about that. but yeah, it would be great to see him really perform well and then the leafs could try to unload Blake to someone (OR, even trade the younger Poni for a prospect/pick, etc.).

    as for Sundin, the pick coming from Anaheim is likely to be a top-5 pick … which is HUGE, a potential future franchise player.
    also, Marchant is sent to help Anaheim with their cap and roster space … and i am not sure why you devalue him so much. he is a solid 2nd or 3rd line centreman who has speed. 
    a lot of leaf fans think Sundin will bring in a Forsberg-esque return and i've already posted that … and i hope they are right. but i find that its best to make plans on this site that slightly undervalue the team you cheer for so that it wards off a little bit of criticism from non-leaf fans for being too 'unrealistic' (of course the problem with that is twofold:
    1) leaf fans then rip you apart for undervaluing your players
    2) non-leaf fans like the hab fan that responded to the post think that Sundin is worth a jockstrap.
  12. 92-93 says:

    another young forward would be nice, but i dont see Burke doing that.

    in order to get that pick, the leafs have to make the deal enticing for the ducks, and Marchant – who has about 2 or 3 years on his rather cheap contract – would help the Ducks clear cap space and a roster spot for Sundin.
    moreover, sundin is only a UFA at season's end so the quick fix is on the Ducks' part. maybe if the leafs asked for a 1st rounder and MacMillan (ducks prospect), then that would be an upgrade. but how are the ducks going to fit Sundin into their cap structure … especially if Niedermeyer is coming back (either way, the Ducks cannot make this move then).
    finally, i really think Sundin would come back to toronto or retire … so i dont see the Ducks would fool themselves into thinking that he would resign in Anaheim.
  13. 92-93 says:

    very interesting. i never even thought about that.

    i would hate to see Kaberle go – i think he is a top-10 NHL defenceman … even when he struggles. his skils are just that sick IMO.
    in any case, if the leafs do trade their 28 year old defenceman, who can put up 60 pts a year, who is entering the prime of his career, AND is signed to JUST $4.25 million a year for 3 more years … i would be asking A LOT from Anaheim. 
    i mean, a kings ransom.
    we're talking about a 1st rounder, a SIGNIFIGANT prospect, and a top young NHL roster player. 
    Beauchemin, 1st rounder, MacMillan for example.
    and so, in that sense, i just dont want to see Kaberle go. no freakin' way … and i'd be asking for the stars if the Ducks want to pair up Kaberle with Pronger (man that would be SICK … i wont have any part of that!!!)
  14. 92-93 says:

    hey leaf fans,

    just to fuel the prospects/picks fire a little more, the latest ISS rankings:
    apparently the top-3 ranked players are on a level all their own. ideally, the leafs can get one of those 3 players – all considered franchise-type players (Petrangelo and Colaicovo sound like a decent pairing eh?).
    interestingly enough, no goalies in the top-30. I would like to see the leafs use a 3rd or 4th round pick to pick up a decent prospect goalie to add a bit of depth in their organization (the Rask trade still stings, wouldnt mind seeing Satari or Markstrom in the depth chart).
  15. bleeds_blue_n_white says:

    I think the simple argument to firing JFJ now is motivation. Everyone, including JFJ, knows he is a goner. Leaving him in place only allows for desperate moves by a lame duck GM.
    I am not commenting on JFJ's ability at all, but it is a simple fact. He is a lame duck GM. Everyone in the league knows it, and will use that to their extreme advantage.

    What the Leafs need to do is simple, but not likely.
    1. Get a real GM in place, with experience, (not Healy, or Francis, or Messier…). Someone with a track record, and the backing to do things right.
    2. Give them a 3 year window. Fix this team. Build a franchise. Stop the pattern of bringing in over the hill FA's and giving away youth, prospects, draft picks etc.
    3. Evaluate your assets. Determine what stays and what can fetch a return on the market.
    4. Give yourself flexibility. Loose the contracts, even at a loss on the trade front, to give the team flexibility each year.
    5. Fire Maurice. I like the man, however, his Man2Man Defensive coverage is a huge error, and his strategy in shoot outs sucks. Jason Blake, are you f'ing kidding me? What about Steen? Tlusty? why are the young, fast, dynamic, kids who score on breakaways not taking the shootout? Blake has the worst Shooting % in history, and you put him on the Shootout?

    Anyway, that is just my $0.02

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    goalies are always in the dust at this time of year. wait until after the WJC and the U18..some goalies will pop up.

    imagine if we get edmontons 1st and get TWO of them….

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i've heard rumers that JFJ is looking at Alexander Semin. dont know what he's offering….

  18. mojo19 says:

    Ya I hear ya. But that's probably the age difference between you and I 92-93. I was born in '85 so I'll always love the Quinn era, although I remember the Gilmour-Burns leafs, I was too young to appreciate it, so I'm a Roberts/Thomas lover. I'd guess since you love the early 90's Leafs that you were born between '77-82. Something like that.

  19. mojo19 says:

    What do we have that Washington wants? Where'd you hear it?

  20. 92-93 says:

    pretty close.

    in any case, i did like the quinn era despite some of the frustrating mistakes that could be seen from a mile away (and not just in hindsight).

    the big difference between the 1992-1993 cup run and subsequent playoff runs (the next year with Burns and in subsequent years with Quinn) is this:

    during 92-93, the leafs were the best playoff team and seemed destined. fatigue and flukes and bad calls did them in (the Kings piss poor showing in the finals shows you how much of a fluke they really were).

    what happened during game 6 and 7 of that series was NOT supposed to happen – sort of like Bartman, Buckner, etc. all rolled up into one. it was a travesty, it was a shame.

    in subsequent playoff runs, you could sense the end was near before the end came. there was a sense that the leafs and their D were always on borrowed time. that someone was going to make a mistake (on the Leafs, not the refs or anyone else). only in 2002 did it seemed somewhat similar (with all the injuries, the low scoring and OT games against Carolina).

    but in 1993 – from April to May – I got my first and ONLY sense of what cheering for a cup contender was really like. it wasn't meant to be, and all the non-leaf fans will downplay it and deny it, but that team was a cup championship calibre team.

    that is why i tell Sens fans that, even if you think for sure your team is going to steamroll to the cup, be ready for anything – especially bad luck and crazy bounces and bad calls. they happen

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