Ferguson with some competition?

According to the fan590 wednesday night, Ferguson may have some competition for his GM job. All things seemed to be locked up for the 40 year old GM, but it turns out that that contract offer may have been put on a holt with the firing of John Muckler. Although there is a serious age difference between the two, it is thought that mabye Muckler will be able to provide the Leafs with a little more talent, than what JFJ has put out in the past years. Although only being a rumor, i think it should be strongly considered.

Personally: Ferguson has done nothing for this team that makes him worth keeping over Muckler. Ferguson seems to have no long term plan, and thats fine, but where he lacks is the fact that he has no short term plan either. It seems to me that he’s just taking this job one day at a time. Mabye it’s about time that the Nolan trade, the O’Neil sighning, the Raask trade, the McCabe sighning, the countless Antropov sighnings, the Kubina sighning, and finally the lack of scouting to even attempt to get any kind of superstar via the draft. I’m tired of it, im not sure about you, but “by by Ferguson by”. And let’s invite Muckler in with open arms.