Filling some voids?

Some interesting grumblings north of the boarder have been trickling down to the states. Both stories involve the senators.

The first grumbling involves now Detroit goalie, Dom Hasek. There is an apparent interest in the goalies service. As hockey fans know current senator goalie, Patrick Lalime, is not in the best situation right now. His playoff performances have been ridiculed for the last two years. His seventh game vs. the Leafs this year may have spelled doom for this goaltender.

Meanwhile, Hasek is apparently done with the Wings. After winning the cup, retiring, getting into trouble playing street hockey, coming out of retirement and getting injured is too much for the wings to deal with. There has been all kinds of bad press circulating over the groin injury. And even tho Hasek did a classy thing by giving back some 6 million dollars to the wings it appears that his days there are done. Would his services be an upgrade for a team that has (at the moment) world class skaters? Goaler is the one weakness for this one time cup favorite.

In other grumblings of maybe lesser degree, the senators may have a man to fill the coaching vacancy. The name of former Hartford Whaler D-Man and former NHL coach Joel Quenneville has been going around.

They are just grumblings as we speak but they could interest sens fans. These are two possible solutions to end playoff disasters.

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