Final Leaf Notes of the Year

This will likely be my last Leaf article till October, I might write some news, or analysis of signings in July, but there won’t be any more Leaf articles by me for a few months at least.This is the end…

I know this isn’t an actual source, but Locutus of posted on that Tuesday will be Tie Domi’s last game, because he realizes he can’t do it in the new NHL, and he wants the team to succeed. It’s sad to see my favorite player go without a cup, but that’s what happens when you spend your career with Toronto.If he had gone to Dallas in 02, he might finally be winning a cup this year.

In Defense of Pat Quinn

I’ll admit I’ve been very critical of Pat Quinn over the years, but I will hate JFJ even more (if possible) if he fires Pat Quinn. Quinn has made this team great for years, one failed year, and people are wanting him to go, keep him aboard, he has a great system that the players love. He is to the Maple Leafs, and fellow Yankees fans don’t jump all over this, he is to the Maple Leafs and hockey, as Joe Torre is to the Yankees and baseball. Over the years, there’ll probably be a few players, including Ed Belfour who will or have signed here because they love Pat Quinn.

More sad goodbyes, and a good riddence

A sad goodbye to Ed Belfour, I love the guy, but his time has come. It’ll be good to see him in the hall of fame in 2009 (unless they FINALLY decided to induct all those guys I’ve wanted in for years) it’s too bad McCabe and well… the rest of the defense other then Leetch let us down in 04, or he’d have a cup here. I hope we’re not saying a goodbye to Eric Lindros, give him one more year, play him on Sundin’s wing, he’s too slow to play centre in the new NHL, and was good for a few shifts with Mats this year. We need speed down the middle in the new NHL, so Welly and Stajan are the way to go. A sad goodbye to Nik Antropov and Aki Berg, I liked Berg despite his crappyness, and Nik Antropov is pretty under rated, I liked him. A good riddance to Wade Belak, I’ll see him in hell the big baffoon, who’ll likely be waived/sent down, and it looks increasingly likely that Allison and McCabe will be let go of… The Leafs are 13-0-2 without Allison this year, and McCabe’s defensive blunders have given me headaches for years, good friggin riddence.

Who I’d keep

The current Leafs that I’d like to see back with the team this year are Sundin, Lindros, Tucker, Ondrus, Wilm, Domi (However unlikely), Steen, Stajan, Ponikarovsky, Wellwood, Kilger, White, Kaberle, Colaiacovo, Harrison, Tellqvist/Aubin (only one).

Don’t let go of Sundin.

Who I’d like to add

If I were to say some names of guys that have a good chance at hitting the open market and testing it, Patrik Elias, Curtis Joseph, and Pavel Kubina would be great fits in Toronto. And Roenick would be fun to have. My unrealistic want for this summer is Brendan Shanahan, always liked him. Carter would be a great, cheap pickup to any team also.

Don’t worry Leaf fans, next year will be better

Barring a major boner by the organization, we’ll be in the playoffs next year with the right moves. Just read the ten reasons for optomism in the Star. Good article.

So anyways, that was a nice venting, I’ll see you all next season.