Final St. Patrick's Day Parade?

As the rumors swirl, and the tension (at least here in Colorado), mounts, let’s examine both sides of the Patrick Roy retirement issue.

On the one hand, retirement at the end of this season makes no sense. His regular season, while sub-par by Roy standards, was certainly more than serviceable (and, on a few extended runs, incredible). Yes, his skills have diminished, but only to the point where he looks human more often.

The Minnesota series cannot be dropped squarely in his lap, any more than the Detroit debacle can be dropped in Cujo’s. Both of them ran into a goalie that was hotter at the time, and a team that was hungrier than theirs.

And, with the CBA not set to expire until after next season, that would seem the perfect time to make a graceful exit.

On the other hand – This year’s playoffs did nothing to erase the bitter aftertaste of that 7-0 Game Seven lambasting last year. The fact that the Wings were dispatched quickly this year provides little comfort.

An extra 8.5 million sure would be nice to use as incentive to entice a real power forward to come here, as we haven’t had one since Adam Deadmarsh left (and, considering how injury prone he turned out to be, and how good Rhino is becoming, that may not have been a bad thing).

It wouldn’t suck to see some Finnish Flash in an Avs sweater, either (on Joe’s line, o’course).

The intangibles – How much did Roy alienate his teammates with his veiled, but very public, allusions to “other people not performing to their potential” this year?

And – his house is up for sale (has been for about a month now).

But – He is the greatest goaltender ever to play the game (go ahead, debate me), and he is a massive drawing card at the Pepsi Center.

So – to paraphrase the late lamented Clash – “Should he stay or should he go?”

As always, points for creativity. And, even if you don’t care what he does, look on the bright side – it’s another chance to rip me!