Finally Thedore Signs!! reports Jose Theodore, the NHL MVP and Vezina Trophy winner last season, was re-signed by the Montreal Canadiens to a three-year contract Thursday.

Financial terms of the deal, confirmed to The Canadian Press by an unidentified team spokesman, were not released. But reported on its Web site that the deal is worth $16 million.

Theodore, a restricted free agent, was asking for about $6 million a season, while the Canadiens were offering about $4 million.

A news conference to announce the deal was scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday.

If Jose flops this year and does nothing im gonna go crazy! just wanna know if you guys think hes worth that much fast, after 1 good season??

but then again Marty Lapointe got $5 Mil, so he did have a good arguement!

21 Responses to Finally Thedore Signs!!

  1. guinsfan4life says:

    They overpaid for him. One good season, you don’t deserve that kind of money over the length of a contract.

    I sure hope he can put up the same numbers this season.

  2. mikster says:


    Well, finally Theodore is signed, maybe Iginla should do the same eh? Instead of ruining a small market team. I think it is a big mistake to rate Theodore in the top 3 though, he is not up there yet.

  3. Habfan1234 says:

    Finally he signs. He was the Montreal Canadiens last year. He has just hit his prime and I doubt that the quickest goalie in the NHL will flop this year. All he was asking for in the past few years was a chance and he got it last year and showed us what he can do.


  4. bradmarsh says:

    It may seem like a lot of money now but market conditions will change over the next few years and then his contract will look like a bargain.

    I think he may still surprise a lot of people.

    Hopefully, they’ll be able to unload Hackett now and sign Zednick.

  5. Varada25 says:

    now i hope Varada re-signs so he can take his head off next time he thinks he’s a 3rd defensemen and plays the puck and when its all the way out at the blueline.

  6. PeterPuck says:

    Typical asinine statement, Montreal is bigger now and i don’t think Varada can even skate around the Habs D. And remember, tell your Goalie to keep his head up, what goes around comes around.

  7. Blueandwhite says:

    You raise a good point I hope that Theodore doesn’t turn out to be another Jim Carey. But I highly doubt it

  8. bradmarsh says:

    Varada is a useless sack of crap…

    Name something useful he’s done since breaking in with the Sabres other than alienate himself with his own team.

  9. TheRumourGod says:

    Theodore had a few good seasons already, just did not get enough games to get any recognition…until this year…GO HABS

  10. Varada25 says:

    we have 2 others, Noronen and Miller. What happens if theo goes down? That team goes down too.

  11. Habfan4 says:

    For those that contend he’s only had one good year – Do a little homework!!!

    Theodore’s stats over the last three years:

    99-00 – GAA 2.10, SP .919, Games 30

    00-01 – GAA 2.56, SP .909, Games 59

    01-02 – GAA 2.11, SP .931, Games 67

    Career Playoff Stats:

    GAA 2.64, SP .924, Games 17

    I’m not suggesting that he will be as dominant as he was last year but the guy has earned his pay cheque!

  12. tyeekiller says:

    He is the best Roy prototype in the league. Is he worth the money? Just imagine what some of those big market teams would be willing to pay to have him.

    I believe he has proven himself, and he is still coming into his prime.

    If Joseph can demand what he got just imagine what this guy will get if he stays healthy.

    No better place for him, he will get lots of shots.

  13. djstoop_id says:

    Garon, Tarasov and Michaud (even Hackett)

    everybody knows the habs are deep in goals

  14. Varada25 says:

    He is good at antaganizing the other team getting the other teams star players off their game.

  15. Bossy22 says:

    Varada plays a cheep style of hockey and mark my words his time will come.

  16. guinsfan4life says:

    So then you agree that he should be paid that much money based on a few good seasons?

  17. PeterPuck says:

    You have WHO. Last i looked, Habs are very strong in goal, Hackett, Fiest, Garon, the russian kid, etc, But if your going to show us how stupid you are about hockey with that statement, who does Detroit have if Cujo goes down, and the same can be said about the Flyers, Ottawa, Avs, etc, Go back to Dirt Town , the sabres will be no longer in Buffalo, so enjoy.

  18. bubbakazoo says:

    Why will the market change? Why the ***** should we fulfill the prophecy ourselves? I am ***** sick of hearing about $6 million bargains. Get a life.

  19. bubbakazoo says:

    ***** Varada, and all the Sabres. Cocksuckers. If that asshole comes near my goalie I’ll ***** shoot him.

  20. bedspreadil says:

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