This is a rant from a really angry die hard leaf fan .

I am sitting here in agony watching my leafs get man handled by a better and better Coached team in the Ottawa Senators score 4-0 and counting . It has come to me that it is not our defensemen that are the problem but our defensive play as a whole (team) giving up three short handed 2 on 1’s on the same power play and one resulting in a goal is just pathetic .

I think that MLSE (because we all know they make the decisions) should consider making a coaching change because Paul Maurice is not the man for this job, he obviously does not understand how to teach Defense in the National Hockey League . Three blowouts already this year and countless blown leads and i think its time .

The man i say they should hire is the same man who lead this maple leaf team to 2 of there most successful seasons since winning the cup(i’m not even going to put the year in we all know anyways) . The same man who was on TSN’s OTR during last years playoffs saying he is healthy and ready to come back to the NHL .

Yes you’ve guessed it PAT BURNS . On off the record he says he is just waiting for a team to come knocking and i think this would be the perfect fit Burns is well verced in defensive play as we all seen during his time with the Devils and even the bruins for that matter . Im sure he could turn this team around in a hurry because when Pat Burns talks players listen . Burns is also loved in toronto it would be perfect and better for the Leafs ……and there fans . Thats just my take on this Toronto Maple leafs team . Please let me know what you think of my idea and let me hear some of your suggestions

Thanks sincerely _____________