This is a rant from a really angry die hard leaf fan .

I am sitting here in agony watching my leafs get man handled by a better and better Coached team in the Ottawa Senators score 4-0 and counting . It has come to me that it is not our defensemen that are the problem but our defensive play as a whole (team) giving up three short handed 2 on 1’s on the same power play and one resulting in a goal is just pathetic .

I think that MLSE (because we all know they make the decisions) should consider making a coaching change because Paul Maurice is not the man for this job, he obviously does not understand how to teach Defense in the National Hockey League . Three blowouts already this year and countless blown leads and i think its time .

The man i say they should hire is the same man who lead this maple leaf team to 2 of there most successful seasons since winning the cup(i’m not even going to put the year in we all know anyways) . The same man who was on TSN’s OTR during last years playoffs saying he is healthy and ready to come back to the NHL .

Yes you’ve guessed it PAT BURNS . On off the record he says he is just waiting for a team to come knocking and i think this would be the perfect fit Burns is well verced in defensive play as we all seen during his time with the Devils and even the bruins for that matter . Im sure he could turn this team around in a hurry because when Pat Burns talks players listen . Burns is also loved in toronto it would be perfect and better for the Leafs ……and there fans . Thats just my take on this Toronto Maple leafs team . Please let me know what you think of my idea and let me hear some of your suggestions

Thanks sincerely _____________

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  1. leafy says:

    …and not just poor defensive play, but overall, the team can't play as a unit.  They're constantly out of synch.

    The thing we have to remember is that these are not the 1996-97 Leafs which only had Sundin and Matthew Schneider.  There's some good talent on this team.  Eventually you have to start questioning the coach.

    Look at the Isles with Ted Nolan…with a roster most so-called experts picked to finish near the bottom of the East, and even with DiPietro injured for a while, they're doing way better than us.  Why?

    Pat Burns has a knack for turning teams around quickly.  But replacing Maurice seems to be too logical a move, so don't expect MLSE to do anything on this one.

  2. The-President says:

    Amen to that, it's good to see people opening their eyes! When I posted an article like this I think you were the only one that agreed. Now it seems as though people are catching on. Great news, I hope the media catches on and adds pressure on the Leafs to make this move!

  3. rydyas30 says:

    I personaly like Maurice but I do think that Pat Burns would be the perfect fit for this team. I think that they would have to make some changes to their roster inorder to right this ship but with Burns in you know that he would get them to play into his system. We have to many of the same D-men. Kaberle, McCabe,Kubina,White, Stralman and Colaiacovo. All these d-men look to jump into the play all the time and thats why we have so many odd man rushes against. Which leaves are goalies on their own. The Leafs need to get rid of atleast two of these D-men and insert two stay at home guys. Guys that block shots, clear the front of the net and play solid D. That’s not to much to ask, eh!!! Alot of teams are looking for offensive d-men, so i just don’t see how they don’t pull the trigger and do something about this. Please JFJ do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JuicemaN says:

    "But replacing Maurice seems to be too logical a move, so don't expect MLSE to do anything on this one."

    And that is exactly why I'm boycotting MLSE, if they did something like this it would definitely garner my attention and I'd be almost ready to say "they're on their way" but that won't be final until they drop JFJ.

    But Leafy, you're absolutely right with what you said.

  5. YurtleTheTurtle says:

    agree… 100%

  6. leafy says:

    I remember.  Not only did they disagree, they ridiculed the mere suggestion of firing Maurice.

    Goes to show that NO idea is a stupid idea.  I remember this one guy got crucified for posting an article saying that Anaheim was going to have a bad season this year.  People called him a basket case, moron, imbecile, idiot, etc.  In hindsight, the guy wasn't completely off, was he?

  7. leafy says:

    Definitely the Leaf ownership can take lessons from Detroit on how to run a team.  I agree that cleaning house including firing JFJ is an important first step.   But a change in ownership would also be welcomed.  Ted Rogers would be great.  Hopefully he can buy the team one day.

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