As I am sure most of you around HTR know this already that I really disliked Ron Wilson from the beginning and that he could not make this team into a winner. Now that he has started leading this team into a downward spiral and STILL can not make the teams PP or PK any better I think its time for me to state the first step in any major rebuild and SHOULD be top priority on any list to help this team. Ron Wilson must go plain and simple, He has made out teams PK be dead last or close to dead last in every season he has been here and has not improved the atmosphere at all. Plus I would like to point out his inability to even spark and amazing cast he had in San Jose to any form of playoff birth but yet some people think he can do the same with a lesser class of players?

Now before anyone says that there is no one out there who could replace this horrid man we have running all our plays I would like to point out a few key names in just a random order I might add…

  1. Pat Quin: What can I say the man brought our team to the playoffs countless times during the late 90’s and even brought us to the final 4 on 2 occasions. He has also won Gold on the International stage with Canada in 2002. He was also the complete opposite of Ron Wilson and would not sell out his players to the media and would stick up for them something old Ronnie would never do. Now I know when in Toronto he never did anything to help the younger core but that should be overlooked by now with his Gold with the Canada Juniors and even though Canada juniors is usually full of studs you still need a coach and to be fair he was fired for no reason.

    1. Dave King: The guy is a young and up coming coach and should be given an chance at the professional level, he works amazing with a young group and could be just what this team needs. He has also worked with the likes of Nazem Kadri before and could be a great thing to have a man who has had him preform amazing in the past coaching him now. It seems to be a trend lately for the coaches of Minor/Junior teams to be given a shot in the NHL and I think it could work for us.
    1. Doug Gilmour: An old face from the past who has taken up the trade of coaching, An once Icon and franchise player of the leafs coming back as a coach could be an amazing thing. Although Doug has little experience as a coach compared to some other prospects but he is still in my opinion way better then Ron Wilson.
    1. Ken Hitch*****: One who I have always liked a a coach and think he could be just what this team needs, A guy who is based around the idea of defensive play and treats his players with the respect they deserve. He has a Stanley Cup ring with the Dallas stars and has been successful in the playoffs on multiple occasions. Would be a guy I would love to see as the new bench boss and by far more qualified then Ron Wilson.

Now if you agree with me and think that Ron Wilson should be fired I recommend that you take the time to sign the following petition created by our very own Mojo (Who I thank for taking the time to put this together.) With enough people we can finally get through that thick skull and ego the size of the sun that Brian Burke has. Here is the link: