First in East up for grabs.

First in the eastren confrence is up for grabs and they are in the race for it. You gotta belive they will get it and this is why…

Reasons the Habs (will) make first in the eastren confrence.

1. Goaltending. Halak is doing fine in Montreal and if Price needs a break Halak can take over a game or two and for Price. Well plain and simple. The Price is right in Montreal. If he can keep up the good work it wont be a problem.

2. Offence. Kovalev is having a great season. He is playing as if his yough again. The Canadiens are also getting more secendary scoring. Koivu and Ryder are doing better the last 5 games. If the Offence keeps scoring and Price keeps hot!!! WOW!

3. The most inportent. Defence. I feel conferable with Montreals defence but not with Como gone. He is the heart and soal of the Habs defence. Not saying he will be out the first week of the play-offs but he is strong and I think he will be back before that 3 weeks are over with. One thing needs to happen with Montreals defence. Markov and Striet need to step up more then ever this season. If that happins then I will think the habs have a good chance to go far in the play-offs.

If one, two and three all happen then i belive and Habs wont just get first in the eastren confrence butthey have a good chance to win the Stanly Cup!

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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    It wasn't from behind and it was just a hard play.  Williams got hurt because he tried ducking out on the hit plane and simple.  It was a botched call by the refs, as was the one with Sundin but the refs have been botching a lot of calls lately across the league.  I'm not to worried about it and I don't think the refs played a huge role in the outcome, besides Montreal will have to contend with the annual "putting away of the whistles" when they start playing in the second week of April…something the Leafs don't have to worry about!

    What killed Montreal was the choppy, shitty hockey they played…not the Leafs' game. 

  2. kamullia says:

    I am Italian and I have never heard of “jabroni”. I had to look it up in the net, and I found someone who thought it was an Italian slang. However, most of the definitions I found were not related to Italian or Italy at all. The majority were on the lines of a “fake”, someone who purposely portrays himself at a higher level than they actually are (e.g. “lame”). Apparently a wrestler/actor nicknamed The Rock made it popular?

    If it indeed it is an Italian slang, it is a very new and generational one, because the older generations have not heard of it. More than likely it is not Italian at all, and if it has some kind of origin in Italy at all it would be a dialectal term, like in siciliano, bolognese or one of the well over 20 dialects that exist in Italy. To this day I find some several generations removed Italians who think their Grandparents, Parents, etc…taught them Italian and start spewing Siciliano to me, only for me to have to correct them that it is not Italian.

    By the way, even more specifically if this is the correct spelling, it is certainly not Italian. The letter “J” does not exist in the Italian idiom. Although it could be analogous to people giving Evgeni Malkin an Italian (and Pittsburgh) flavor by nicknaming him “GEno” but doing so with the wrong spelling for GIno. The letter “e” has a different sound in Italian than in English…and at least the Bauer company took it into account when they labeled “Gino” one of their models of stick they made for Evgeni.

  3. BruMagnus says:

    It was a joke, mom.
    You're too old to still be with it. You don't understand us young peeps' language.

  4. kamullia says:

    Oh, I definitely qualify as old, no question about that.

    What’s with the “mom”?

  5. kamullia says:

    WTF? She??? I know you have been troubled and thinking of a change of sex surgery for yourself, but sorry buddy I am keeping my coglioni right where they are. You do as you like with yours.

    Hell, I’m not even snipping at the ducts. WARNING, WARNING. LIVE AMMUNITION. WARNING, WARNING.

    About the PP: I hope you are right about the Flyers being the jump-start they needed, but I am not fully convinced, even though there are other good news about it. For example, the fact they have a basically light schedule and they can work on it for a while, and certainly having scored 4 of 6 is good news. I just have a problem with it being the Flyers itself, because in essence Biron has been less than stellar of late and with all the adrenaline they were pumping I am not sure when they get back down that they will perform to the same level. Maybe they should put a life-size cutout or mannequin of Hartnell in the tunnel to the rink. Operatinal with motion sensor so that when they are filing past it towards the ice, it jumps out at them and pushes them or something?…Good God, talk about a tangent. The point is, whatever works but they need to make sure they are clicking by game 1 against Washington.

    PS I am worried about this Savard/Therrien defensemen musical chairs. Specifically Scuderi, Gonchar, Letang, and Orpik should be untouchable. I’m on the fence with Gill, because he has done a hell of a lot better, but I also attribute that to having good chemistry and Letang complementing him. Lord knows Gill has some serious shortcomings. The others could be scratched here and there, but those four I feel should be untouchable. Whitney as a forward almost works out perfect, since defensively he was outrageous but offensively always a threat, but no chance of that happening. There’s plenty of people that need to fill the forward positions that are better options than just to have Whitney there. Sydor was not missed at all last night, whereas I really thought the Pens (and Gill) missed Letang a lot against the Rangers.

  6. lafleur10 says:

    bru,i do remember that you were one of the only non habs fan that did predict that ! …….you seen the progression of this team and young talent and had the smarts to make that prediction and i commend on for that thank-you! but also bru if you can remember that when we did these predictions that i also said that the habs would finish no worse than fourth in the conference and the leafs fans laughed and riddiculed me for that!like i said bru you do know your stuff and i respect your posts and opinions and sometimes mine get a little bit out there………but that is because i'm just trying to give you a good old fashioned ribbing and get you going a bit! so please don't take it personal bru! your alright………but your a penguins fan hahahaha that's your only fault! i'm kidding when i said that! it's all good bru!

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