First overall mistakes

General Managers always try to make the best decision for their hockey team right???? Well here are some of the biggest WRONG decisions when it comes to the first overall pick and who the general managers decided to draft!!!! Let’s begin back in 1977 when the Detroit Red Wings held the first overall pick. Who did they select? Dale McCourt. Has anyone ever heard of this guy? I bet you heard of Mike Bossy. He went late in the first round.OOPS!!!!

In 1979 the then Colorado Rockies(now the modern day New Jersey Devils) selected Rob Ramage ahead of future hall of famers Mike Gartner and Raymond Bourque. As we all know however, Mr. Bourque found his way to Colorado and won the cup he had waited for so long to hold.

In 1981 the Winnipeg Jets drafted Dale Hawerchuk. Wanna know who they passed on? How about Ron Francis,Grant Fuhr, and Al MacInnis. Interesting enough the Jets never made it to the finals yet all 3 of these guys have won the Stanley Cup at least once during their careers!

In 1982 it was the Boston Bruins that didn’t get the right man. They selected Gord Kluzak ahead of Scott Stevens and Phil Housley. Could you honestly see either Stevens or Housley in a B’s jersey? Me neither.

For the third year in a row the first pick was a joke. In 1983 the Minnesota Northstars chose Brian Lawton ahead of (get this) Pat LaFontaine, Steve Yzerman, and even Tom Barrasso! What was going through this GM’s head????? Just who in the blue sky is Brian Lawton????

After a 3 year reprieve of stupid 1st overall picks we were once again visited by an idiotic decision.In 1986 the Detroit Red WIngs selected Joe Murphy ahead of Vincent Damphousse and Brian Leetch. Leetch turned into a premier Defenseman, Damphousse into a reliable scorer and well….Murphy sucked!

The next two were both made by the same team:The Ottawa Senators. In 1993 they selected Alexander Daigle before Chris Pronger, Paul Kariya,Saku Koivu, and Todd Bertuzzi were selected.Smoooth move exlax. Then again in 1995 the chose Bryan Berard ahead of Wade Redden,(although that didn’t matter because they got him now anyway)Jarome Iginla, and JS Giguerre. In the words of Homer Simpson…DOH!!!!

And Finally the atlanta thrashers pick of Patrick Stefan. This guy was so overrated. Only one other person of any significance was selected ahead of him:Barret Jackman. He is turning into one hell of a player.

The point in all this is…..despite all the information a GM gets from various sources….you can never tell exactley what you’re passing on and what you’re selecting. It’s sorta half instinct to draft the right player, half luck. Draft day is always a gamble.

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  1. Slavik says:

    well if you are talking about the 4th over all pick they made beign a bust, few things to point out…

    you dont know his name, becuase you dont kow his name you wouldnt know that he has played two full seasons for columbus?

    And if you look at the people he went below him he was a fairly good choice, plu that was 2000, 3 years ago a little soon for a decisions.

  2. big_booty says:

    Jean-Marc Pelletier was a second-round pick.

    Jury is still out on Jillson, he’s still can be a productive player. Hard to call a ’99 pick a bust just yet.

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