First Round Matchups set – Who will advance in how many games?

First Round








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  1. leafy says:

    Wait a minute! Leno is from Boston and a Bruins fan. How can this be?

  2. hockey_lover says:

    So deluded.

  3. hockey_lover says:

    Yeah well .. if Pittsburgh doesnt tighten up the defense and get some secondary scoring .. they WONT beat the Caps or anyone else.

    They are so maddening sometimes. One game they completely dominate. The next game, a bunch of 4th graders could beat them.

    If they play to their potential, they can make it back to the finals. If they play like they played in the last month, they'll be out in the 2nd round (cause I really dont think Ottawa will pose much of a threat in any case).

  4. bbruins37 says:

    One of the games, like I said, was coming into the game in overtime cold. He was outstanding in his debut and then had a couple of average games, one of only two times in his career that he had two consecutive starts without recording at least a .913 save percentage in one of them. The guy is amazing.

  5. leafy says:

    They were just cruising. Trust me. If they clash again with the Caps, it's a toss up.

    In general, I like Pittsburgh's game more than Washington's.  The Caps like to score off the rush, but a good team will burn them on the counter attack.

  6. bbruins37 says:

    Nah that's just one of the reasons that Conan was the best.

  7. bbruins37 says:

    Meh, goaltending battles can be just as exciting as high-scoring hockey some times. You've got the best two goalies in the league this year going head-to-head. That should make it a good series.

    The Bruins did close the season fairly well offensively in the last few games, and did manage to get every single slumping Bruin at least a goal in the last two games (Ryder, Sturm, Wheeler, Paille, Begin), so hopefully that provides a spark. The Bruins PP vs. the Buffalo PK should be brutal without Savard though, although I doubt the Buffalo PP fairs any better.

  8. simplyhabby says:

    Agreed about the Habs but just Pitts being the only team that can beat the caps?  If Brodeur and NJ do their shutdown thang, the can give them fits. 

    I am just not sold on this Capitals team.  Horrible without the puck. 

  9. hockey_lover says:

    Yes, they may have been cruising. But still.

    Like I said, if they play to their potential, yes, they can certainly beat the caps and anyone else. But they need to tighten things up. If they dont, the caps will steamroll them like no one's business.

    The good thing is that at least in the 4 losses to the caps this season, they were close games, for the most part. They played them hard. But again, if they continue to play the same as they have the last month, they are toast. But on their game, they are as good as anyone.

  10. simplyhabby says:

    Size is always an issue with Montreal however, if Montreal can cycle the puck with their skilled forwards, we have seen all year that the caps have difficulties with this.  Now of course, its a tall order for Montreal to get the puck considering how well the caps play with the biscuit.

    I really can't see Ovie killing Cammy as this is a horrible matchup for the habs and JM should be fired if Cammy is out with Ovie on an even strength situation. Ovie will kill others on Montreal…just not Cammy. 

    It really going to come down to Moore's line with Markov and Georges against Ovie.  

    As I said in earlier posts, I don't feel Montreal is going to beat the caps, I am just suprized how many people feel the Caps are that good with questionable goaltending and poor defensive play.  The caps have the mentality, a killer offense is a great defense and it worked for them all year.  I am really interested to see how they fair when the play tightens up when teams don't give them all that room in the neutral zone. 

  11. mojo19 says:

    Chicago over Nashville could definitely be a sweep, but don't count out Nashville making a series out of it. Could go 6 or 7 games, and the Preds could even win. Nashville is that grinding, blue collar team that everyone underestimates. Every year most 'experts' and people pick them to finish at or near the bottom of the West, and almost every year they make the playoffs.

    Could be a darkhorse, unlikely but you never know. If Niemi is shit it could be series. Like in 2008, people thought Detroit would steam role the Preds, but Hasek was very average, let in a couple softies and the series was tied at 2-2 before Osgood came in and closed the door the final two games.

  12. simplyhabby says:

    Really can't see the B's getting past Buffalo.  For the exception of the last few games, Boston looked like the Habs and did not want to make it despite controlling their own destiny.

    Its going to be a defensive battle for sure but the B's lack the firepower to negate the Miller factor. 

    Rask is turning into a nice number 1.  Hopefully for the B's, they can have a true number one for more then 3 years….what the heck happened to Thomas?

  13. mojo19 says:

    I'm sorry Leafy but Leno is too cheesey and obvious for me. I can't laugh at that kind of bland humour. I can see people in their 50's or 60's enjoying Leno's light monlogues, but its not my thing. Letterman is a little more off key, he can catch you off guard and do something unexpected, to me that takes a lot more natural talent/cirisma. Letterman has always been more popular to younger demographics. Leno is a little hacky, and a little too simple.

  14. leafmeister says:

    Vanek came on strong, and he is as good a sniper as any when he is hot. Buffalo is a better offensive team than Buffalo, and they have a more experienced goaltender.

    It would be fun to watch if it was a good goalie shutting down a good offensive team, but most likely it will be both teams trapping, getting perimeter shots and playing shutdown hockey. It will be a total snore.

  15. bbruins37 says:

    Thomas really hasn't been that bad this year. He's been playing pretty well. It just looks like he's bad because of how good Rask has been. However, he has been very inconsistent this year. He'll single handedly steal a game, but then blow another game. He put in alot more good starts than bad, but with Rask playing lights-out hockey the entire year, there was bound to be a change.

    I think the fact that it will be tight defensive hockey will suit the Bruins. This is what they've done the entire year. Add in that they won the season series and that Rask seems to play better against Buffalo than any other team, and you can make a case for the B's.

    All the injuries to the defence is a pain but Ference might be back in game 1 and Stuart might be back as early as game 3, so it might not be all that bad. Even without them though, Wideman has been the best Bruins defenseman the last little while and Boychuk and Hunwick have thrived with increased minutes. 

    As for the Savard injury, it kills the PP but Bergeron and Krejci have played unreal since he's gone down.

  16. bbruins37 says:

    Either way, this series will be great for me. Nothing better than watching your team in playoff hockey.

    I could see alot of OT games in this series though based on how tight it will be. Both goalies have played unbelievable vs. the other team this season too.

  17. bbruins37 says:

    Outside of their goaltending, there team is incredible. This is one of the most well-put together team I've seen outside of that position. Only the Wings of the past little while rival them. It's obviously very important, but the Hawks just limit all of their opponents shots and chances, so it's usually a non-issue.

    The Preds just don't have the offense this year to get it done against them, and I'm not sold on Rinne either. The Preds in '08 were better offensively than this year anyways.

  18. mojo19 says:

    Don't get me wrong, I think the Hawks will go all the way in the West (unless Detroit has something to say about it), but I could see Nashville putting up a better fight than people seem to think.

    They didn't score a ton this year, but I still think they've got some finish up front. Arnott, Erat, Dumont, Hornqvist, Sullivan are not super stars, but they're capable guys. If Nashville can play Barry Trotz hockey, keep the games close, they could squeeze out a couple wins. Rinne will need to be hot as well obviously, he's a very streaky goalie.

  19. assman says:

    all the teams suck, i hope they all lose.

    these teams will win, after that, who knows

    wash win…habs suck

    phils beats nj

    buff wins, briuns lose

    pit wins

    col takes sj…steak stuck in throat..choke

    nash beat chi

    la wins it..canucks over rate it

    pheonix tops…i hate the wings

  20. reinjosh says:

    I like Nashville and I gotta call an upset haha. More just for the hell of it because no one else will call it.

    My hatred for boston? Im indifferent to boston. I once stated I hated them but im over it. I don't care one or another. Myers can offset the other 6 foot 9 dman on the other end. meaning that Chara won't be a defining reason why the series will swing in the Boston favor. Its not hatred either. I'm picking Buffalo over Boston because Buffalo has no scoring. I don't see how they can win a series with the leagues lowest scoring team and their top center out. Its just illogical to pick them. if they win, then I will fully admit I was wrong. But so far I have called everything bang on for the Bruins. Called one of Krejci or Kessel being moved. Called The Bruins getting knocked out in the second round last year (before the first round started too). Called them falling off their high horse and being a 5th or 6th seed.No reason to doubt me know.

  21. reinjosh says:

    Well with Campbell out, I honestly think Nashville's defense can at least match up with them.

    Plus Rinne has been the hottest goalie in the NHL since he signed his extension. I more called them upsetting because no one else will and I like Nashville.

  22. TmLeafan says:

    washington in 4

    New Jersey in 6
    Boston in 6
    Pittsburgh in 6
    San Jose in 4
    Chicago in 6
    Vancouver in 5
  23. TmLeafan says:

    Detroit in 5

  24. bbruins37 says:

    "Plus Rinne has been the hottest goalie in the NHL since he signed his extension."

    HA! I think you're forgetting about that guy in Boston.

  25. bbruins37 says:

    Comparing Myers to Chara and saying that he can offset him is a joke. Chara is hands-down the best shutdown guy in the league, and Myers turns it over a shitload, which is when the bruins capitalize. Myers is nowhere close to Chara.

  26. bbruins37 says:

    2nd Round Predictions:


    1. Washington Capitals vs. 6. Boston Bruins – Bruins in 6
    – The Bruins are weel-equipped to deal with the Capitals. If Thomas, Boychuk and Krejci can shut Ovechkin down, I'm sure Rask, Chara and Bergeron would be able to also.

    2. New Jersey Devils vs. 4. Pittsburgh Penguins – Devils in 7
    – The Devils own the Penguins. I really wouldn't have much faith in them with this matchup. It would all be in Crosby's hands.


    1. San Jose Sharks vs. 5. Detroit Red Wings – Red Wings in 6
    – The Sharks worst nightmare. I can't see anyone slowing the Wings down yet.

    2. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 3. Vancouver Canucks – Blackhawks in 6
    – The remake plays out in a similar fashion. The Hawks lineup proves to be too much.

    Conference Finals:


    2. New Jersey Devils vs. 6. Boston Bruins – Bruins in 7
    – This is the only matchup I'd dread the Bruins getting. The Devils will most likely all but shut down the Bruins offense, so Rask would likely have to be near perfect. But with having the best goalie in the league, these things can happen.


    2. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 5. Detroit Red Wings – Blackhawks in 7
    – Yet another rematch of last year, I really don't know which way this one will go. I'll give the edge to the Blackhawks right now though, simply because of how dominant they should be with that roster.

    Stanley Cup Finals:

    2. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 6. Boston Bruins – Bruins in 7
    – The B's win it. The Blackhawks do have the superior talent for basically every position when you look at all of the injuries, but there's one key area that they are lacking in: goaltending. Rask steal the show, the Conn Smythe and the Cup.

    Book it.

  27. reinjosh says:

    Lots of analysts are split over the Philly, NJD series. The flyer have the greater depth on offense and defense but don't have the goaltending. The Devils have the goaltending but there is a possibility Brodeur gets tired and falters like seasons past. Philly just has to get a couple lucky breaks to win it.

    I agree it would be a mistake to underestimate Detroit. But thats what teams did for the Coyotes all season long. And that call was more of a who I would rather see win.

    Playoff picks are crapshoots. I don't always look at the most logical reasoning because the playoffs change everything. Good teams like Washington could bomb and lose in the first round (weve seen it in the past with San Jose) and teams with little to go on go all the way to the final. I just decided to have a little fun with it.

    Detroit is a team I could see going far. All the injuries could certainly help them.

    Meh, we will see what happens.

    Were this a playoff pool, I would be picking Vancouver, Washington, Pittsburgh to go all the way. I'd toss it up between Chicago and Detroit for my final western team.

  28. reinjosh says:

    Comparing doesn't mean the same or near the same you tool.

  29. bbruins37 says:

    You said he offsets him. What does that mean if you aren't saying they're the same or near the same?

  30. leafmeister says:

    Myers is not as good as Chara yet, but he is close. Chara turns the puck over quite a bit himself, and he is a seasoned vet. Myers does turn the puck over a lot, but he is a rookie. Myers is better offensively, and will be as good/better defensively soon. Although Chara has the edge now, and that is all that matters for this playoff series. Myers is gonna be a future Norris winner though.

  31. bbruins37 says:

    Did you not notice that Chara was playing on the lowest-scoring team in the NHL with a broken finger that debilitates his shooting? He put up 19 goals last year too. Chara > Myers offensively.

    Defensive play will never be close between these two. Chara simple erases his opponents. He's one of if not the best shutdown defenseman of all time. How else can you explain a +19 on a team with 91 points, and the lowest scoring team in the league, when his job is to matchup with the best offensive players in the world?

  32. leafmeister says:

    Did you notice that Myers is a rookie? He put up nearly 50 points in his rookie season, for a defense men, that is excellent. Chara was on an excellent team last year, the best in the East, which as a team, was great offensively. This year, Myers is out scoring Chara, as a rookie, on a good, but not great team.

    How on earth would YOU know that? Myers was a +13 in his ROOKIE year, that is huge. He is already Buffalo's #1 defense men, and produces offensively. Give the kid some time. Myers will be a dominating force at both end of the ice for years to come, and will be in the Norris talks year in and year out. No one is saying that Chara is not a great defensemen, he is fantastic, but to say Myers will never be close, after seeing Myers step in and be the #Dman, on one of the better units in the league, in his rookie year, is simply…well, pretty much on par with the rest of what you say.

  33. hockey_lover says:

    Who else here thinks that if the Hawks make it to the finals and lose, that Hossa just might commit suicide?

  34. leafy says:

    It's karma for ruining Bryan Berard's career.

  35. hockey_lover says:

    You've GOTTA think that he would be "wtf do I gotta do to win something in this league?"  haha

  36. HABSSTAR says:

    And nobody will take him after that.  You know everyone makes mistakes, so you came up short with Pittsburgh, meh, then went to Detroit and lost the following year…to Pittsburgh.  Not a great move but whatever, then yous sign a contract with Chicago and they lose?  Kiss of death.

  37. hockey_lover says:

    lol I can just see Bowman coming to the dressing room after the loss, screaming "YOU. You did this. You are so done here."  lol

  38. bbruins37 says:

    Chara is on his own level. Myers looks good, but you can't compare this guy to Chara for now or the future. The only thing he has on Chara is skating. If you expect him to be even close to as dominating as Chara is defensively, you're just another biased Bruins-hater.

  39. leafmeister says:

    Uhhh….Everyone compares Myers to Chara. Myers has to develop his physical shutdown game, and he should round out as a 60 point, shutdown, #1 d-man. I do expect him to be as good, or damn close defensively to Chara, but his offensive game will set him apart, and in the end, Myers will be more valuable to his team than Chara. Just look at where Chara was at Myers stage of development, he still had a lot of work to do. Myers is already a #1 defensemen, and he cant even drink legally in USA. He is gonna be a dominating force and both end of the ice for years to come.

  40. bbruins37 says:

    The only comparison is that he's freakishly tall. Where have you seen that he has the ability to be a shutdown defender even close to the level that Chara is at?

  41. leafmeister says:

    Dont you think that a lot of Chara's game depends on his height? His reach is what allows him to be so good at shutting people down. Myers has the same thing, plus he is a better skater, and you cannot shutdown if you cannot skate. I cannot find a scouting report saying "His shutdown abilities will be close to Chara," but given his age, how good he is at shutting down guys now, and how much he will improve, he will be one of the best.

  42. bbruins37 says:

    Size is a factor. But that's the only thing Myers shares with Chara. Yes he is a good skater, but Chara isn't too bad himself in that category. Myers is basically a tall beanpole *****. You can't compete with Chara's physical dominance, his knowhow of the game, his meanstreak, and on offence his rocet shot.

    Seriously, think about what you're doing. Myers? Ha!

  43. leafmeister says:

    Myers is very skinny, but christ, to suggest that he is anywhere close to being done developing may be up there with the stupidest things you have ever said. (trust me when I say it is in good competition) Look at where Myers is compared to where Chara was at the same stage of development. Myers is no where near done developing.

  44. Bure96 says:

    Washington over Montreal in 4

    Philadelphia over New Jersey in 6

    Buffalo over Boston in 6

    Pittsburgh over Ottawa in 7

    San Jose over Colorado in 5

    Nashville over Chicago in 7

    Vancouver over LA in 6

    Detroit over Phoenix in 4

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