Fischer out for 4-6 months

The fourth year Wings defenseman tore an ACL late in their victory vs. the Predators. This will be a major blow and may force them to sign a veteran defenseman to fill the void. Possible replacements:

1. Steve Duchesne (37)- vet defenseman who helped the wings win the cup is the most likely candidate for the job.

2. Cory Cross (31)

3. Gary Suter (38) – reported that the may try to coax him out of retirement.

4. Jason Woolley (31) – just waived by the Buffalo Sabres, may fit in well with the wings.

-In the meantime they will call up a defenseman from their Grand Rapids Affiliate.

-Jiri Slegr has signed a one-year contract with a Russian team and is not in the running.

– They also reported that a trade for a defenseman (i.e. Kyle Mclaren, Alexei Zhitnik) would be a last resort.


6 Responses to Fischer out for 4-6 months

  1. Tony says:

    Cory Cross who couldn’t make the Leafs is going to make the stanely cup champion team redwings? i don’t think so. all the others are good possibilities.

  2. mikster says:

    Want Lefebvre or Karpa!??

    Red Wings are not having such a hot start, they need to better their defense, and they will probably go with veteran help. Karpa for a 9th rounder? I wish! Lefebvre? They could be intersted in him.

  3. big_booty says:

    Duchesne: There’s a reason why he’s unemployed. He sucks, plain and simple. No one wants him.

    Cross: Now that’s just plain funny.

    Suter: He’s done.

    Woolley: Yeah, he did a great job in Buffalo, and look at where it got him – the waiver wire.

    You guys can have Eric Desjardins for a seventh-round pick and some Flexall 454.

  4. big_booty says:

    Are you suffering from Leafer syndrome?

    Lefebvre or Karpa. Geez. They’re about as steady as an earthquake. Like I always say, keep NYC trash in Manhattan.

  5. mikster says:

    Are you suffering from retardo syndrome?

    Lefebvre has been playing solid stay at home D on a team that does not have a very strong defense. He’d do okay in Detroit. Besides, i said they could be interested….

    That was just a stupid and immature Rangers bash comment….

  6. mikster says:

    Keep the Philly trash at the First Union Center.

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