Fixing the holes (without paying the bomb)

Hi guys –

I’d be really surprised if the Leafs began the season with three goalies; JFJ must be under a lot of pressure from the higher-ups to bring in a winger for Sundin (as there is no obvious answer in the current lineup). Too many goalies, too many young D-men, not enough sniping wingers. Easy to do the math here.

JFJ should/will trade Tellqvist + Antropov (yes, he’s very much on the block) + White/Harrison/Wozniewski (pick one) for a first-line winger to go with Sundin & Steen. And the most likely candidate is…. NIKOLAI ZHERDEV.

JFJ is semi-tight on the salary cap. Tellqvist 500k + Antropov 1mil + Young D-Man 500k = about 2 million. Zherdev is holding out for about 3.5 mil; he isn’t going to get it from Columbus. As he is certainly ready to hold out, they’ll trade him for something in return (rather than let him play in Russia). Leafs could probably sign him for around 3 – 3.2 mil. As such, trading for Zherdev will only eat 1.2 mil of the remaining cap space, add the premier winger required for Mats, and resolve the two problems of 3 goalies and too many young defensemen.

And, as far as Zherdev’s attitude issues, give Paul Maurice about 15 minutes to straighten that out.


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  1. The-President says:


  2. leaflova says:

    i wouldnt trade ian white he is the ftur in our defence

  3. Hoondog2 says:

    If you get a guy with his talent then its not a bad trade

  4. GoalJudge says:


    But that is a pipe dream.

    Zherdev, is not going to be a leaf.

    This was an out of nowhere Al Strachan like rumour. It has also been publicly squashed by both sides.

    Also since mid summer, Antropov has been included in the leafs palns fo the next year.

    Although it was released/explained after the fact, Maurice had Antropov resigned because other Leaf notables said that they prefered playing with him.

    So he is around till at least December.

    Columbus is also trying to move forward, so they wouldn’t make a trade of a ‘premeir’ talent for a collection of cast-offs. Zherdev is not a salary dump.

    Columbus should talk to the Islanders, as they are a team that seems to like giving themselves trouble. Zherdev’s ego would be more than fine with a Yashin like contract.

  5. wingedim says:

    Having watched the Blue Jackets since their inception, Zherdev has not shown he is worth 3.5/year yet.

    This kid thinks that now he’s making big bucks he can show up ‘when he wants’. To him hockey is still a game and not his job.

    Does he have talent? Hell yeah he does. He has shown glimpses of his talent, but that is all it has been. Glimpses. He has not had a consistant season yet. That is why Columbus is holding out. They want him to show up every night to play hockey yes, but also work to get his money.

    If Toronto were to trade to get him and sign him for what he’s asking, they’d be even more foolish then they have been with some of the questionable signings already this year.

  6. fitzcalvin says:

    Hi GJ –

    Columbus isn’t looking for a salary dump re the Zherdev situation. Zherdev is holding out for more money; if the Blue Jackets trade him, it’s because they would rather get something in return (Antropov + Tellqvist + a good young defenseman hardly qualifies as “a collection of cast-offs”) instead of seeing him flee to Russia. If Zherdev walks, Columbus has nothing to show for it (except for the 1.25 mil in contracted salary they won’t have to pay him for not showing up).

    Oh, and Antropov is MOST DEFINITELY on the block. He absolutely does not fit in with Maurice’s vision of the team (speed, work ethic, etc.); and besides, contrary to your comment, Paul has very little say in who is signed and who is not.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    – fitzcalvin

  7. wingedim says:

    I did hear the same comment on Leafs lunch regarding Antropov and a number of the centers wanted him on their wing.

    I’ll agree that he is problably on the block, but, until the season starts and the other teams see which Antropov shows up, nobody is going to take him for more than a bag of pucks

  8. sshorty22 says:

    a pipe dream is correct.

    no way this ever happens. same thign with all the other “dream” moves these leaf fans think up.

    tellqvist is nothing more than a back up at this point, maybe even a 3rd stringer.

    if everyone in the league wants antro, then why has no significant rumours been flying around about him?……hes making way to much for crying out loud and teams dont wanna take the gamble. every leaf fan in the world saya trade “antro and telly for some superstar”….give me a break. if you were another teams gm you would stay far far away from those guys. its just that simple.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Columbus has Leclair and Conklin, plus the goalie who came back in the Denis trade, why would they trade for Mikael Tellqvist. Besides, I think they’d sooner let him play in Russia to start the season and wait to trade him, or sign him.

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