Calgary Flames GM Darryl Sutter has traded his son Brett to the Carolina Hurricanes one week after he was charged with assault outside an Arizona bar.

The 23-year-old forward and defenceman Ian White were shipped to the Hurricanes on Wednesday in exchange for defenceman Anton Babchuk and winger Tom Kostopoulos.

Brett Sutter issued a public apology after his arrest. He is alleged to have punched a cab driver last week in a drunken altercation following the team’s rookie dinner.

The move offers the Flames a little bit of salary cap relief. Babchuk (US$1.4 million) and Kostopoulos ($950,000) are earning less than White, who is on a one-year contract at $2,999,995.



  1. mojo19 says:

    Interesting trade. Good for Calgary to get the cap relief.

  2. albertateams says:

    What do you know about Babchuk? He's big and is supposed to have a heavy shot. 

    The Sutter part of the trade really doesn't matter there's a ton of those guys right now that can be signed for free. He did need to be traded though for a few reasons.
  3. Boston_Bruins says:

    Wow Darryl Sutter ships his son to Carolina. That should make for an interesting Christmas dinner in the Sutter household.

  4. leafy says:

    Babchuk is supposed to be skilled, but prone to mistakes. So the Cane's top D were Pitkanen, Corvo and Gleason, so I suppose Babchuk was next. He's still only 26 and has upside. I don't know how well White was playing this year, but Babchuk is not a bad player.

  5. leafy says:

    Almost as bad a Keith Primeau fighting Wayne.

  6. albertateams says:

    I like White he plays hard and has decent puck moving skills, that being said he has had some definite short comings this season. He has trouble moving and tying up forwards in front of the net, and has been prone to a couple of mistakes a game that generally end up in the back of the net (team worst -10). 

    With Gio being resigned most suspected that White would be moved I was hoping in a larger package or for some prospects or picks. To me this is kind of a lateral move.
  7. frankinboltonleafs says:

    It's a good move for White…I can see him really shining there.

  8. Leafs_RegimeofBurke_ says:

    Nah, his son probably just wanted to move to Carolina.

  9. reinjosh says:

    The funniest part is that it comes after his son got arrested. I can just imagine that conversation. Although maybe its the best thing for him. Shipping him somewhere he can't be charged…

  10. nordiques100 says:

    This is a terrible trade for the Flames. Yes, they get cap relief, but that could have came dumping Staois or Sarich anywhere….including the minors.

    White is a good player and worth much more than just Babchuk and Kostopoulous.

    Bemoaning the current year stats of -10 of White as the reason why is meaningless. The Flames are a terrible team and player stats are going to reflect that. If you thought White's defensive play was bad, Babchuk is your Aki Berg. Natural talent, size? yes. the ability and smarts to use it? no.

    White should turn it around under former coach Paul Maurice who started to lean on him more and more before he got fired in Toronto.

    Its time really for the Sutters to get fired and for the Flames to rebuild.

  11. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the trade. At worst, Sutter should have waited till the deadline, when a team like Dallas or Columbus are willing to give up a little more for an offensive dman.

    It's now time for the Sutters to get fired. The Flames can only go into a rebuild after that. After the last three bigger trades he has made, Sutter has proven he cannot be trusted to facilitate the rebuild.

  12. albertateams says:

    I agree he should have waited to the deadline to move White. He can still move out Babchuk I guess, hopefully he plays well.

    I just don't like the fact that its a lateral move. I would have preferred getting at least some picks or prospects back instead.

    I think its time to turn the team over to Feaster and allow him to begin the rebuild.

  13. mojo19 says:

    You guys are overthinking. White and Babchuk are equal calibre. They're both okay as depth guys. Personally I would take Babchuk because White is so flakey but it doesn't matter. The more important thing here is the cap relief Calgary gets.

  14. reinjosh says:

    cap space for what though? I guess it could be a move to facilitate an eventual Iginla move, but outside of that, I can't see what its for.

  15. reinjosh says:

    Is there any doubt in many people's mind that the Flames resemble the Leafs of a few years ago?

    Aging star leading an average but crappy team with a not so good GM who is better suited to being a scout (although in this case, a pro scout, not an amateur one).

  16. Boston_Bruins says:

    I think it'd be hilarious if he blindsided him. Like if he found out through TSN or something.

  17. CofRED says:

    I agree that this is a lateral move at best.  Yes, the Flames get a small amount of cap relief, yet they take back Kostopoulos who is signed thru next season.  No picks or prospects out of it.

    And yes, I agree that it's time for Slingblade to get canned, but I do NOT want to see Feaster take his place.  That's a lateral move as well.  All Feaster has ever done is take a team Rick Dudley built, get a cup ring, and let it fall apart around him.  Anyone posting on this forum would do a better job than Feaster would.  Fire Slingblade, keep Feaster where he's at, and find someone different to take the big job. 

  18. mojo19 says:

    Ya lots of similarities, All those things, plus really thin prospect pool like the Leafs had. Matt Stajan goes from one situation back to the same thing.

  19. albertateams says:

    I just hope it doesn't play out the same way, not trading some of those veterans (Sundin etc) to speed up the rebuild really hurt TO long term. Calgary is in a bad spot right now but if they trade some of their core out they could really bounce back after a year or two of sucking. It will also help having a lot of these bad contracts coming off the books in the next 2 years. The key to the rebuild is starting now and moving pieces out. I think they should do the following over the next year.

    December-January Trade:

    LA: Iginla, Tanguay
    CAL: Schenn, Hickey, Kozun, 1st

    At trade deadline:

    TBL: Kipper, Pardy
    CAL: Connolly, Smith, Beukeboom, 1st

    CAL: Alzner, 1st
    WAS: Regher

    Some of these might be a little wishful thinking but change the 1st to a 2nd or a 3rd round pick.

    Move any of the following for picks or prospects at the deadline or in the offseason: Glencross, Hagman, Sarich, Staios, Morrision, Kotalik, Jokinen, Moss, Kostopolous, Conroy. Most of them wont move but see what is out their.

    Draft Courtier or Larsson or Nugent-Hopkins with Calgary's pick, trade up using draft picks aquired to get Saad.

    Sign Bryzgalov as a UFA.

    Forward prospects: Backlund, Nemisz, Schenn, Kozun, Connolly, Saad, Nugent-Hopkins.

    Defensive: Brodie, Alzner, Buekeboom, Hickey

    Even if you take a couple of prospects out you still have some really nice pieces to build around and with any luck you could be in contention in 2 years.

    Wishful thinking I know but the time for Calgary to trade Iginla, Kipper and Regher is now. The longer the team waits the less you will get for each one. As a Flames fan I don't want to see what happened in Toronto with the mismanagement of assets trying to prolong the inevitable.


  20. albertateams says:

    The problem is its tough to bring in a longterm solution in the middle of the season. I'd be open to any short term or long term options at GM but as of right now there aren't a lot of short term options.

  21. mojo19 says:

    With the Stamkos contract situation I can't see the Lightning taking on a contract like Kipper's. I think they'll stick with less expensive goaltending until they get everything sorted out with their superstar.

    Kipper to Philly makes a lot of sense to me, but the Flyers have always been stubbornly cheap about goaltenting. But its okay, its only cost them 2 or 3 Stanley Cups so far.

  22. albertateams says:

    Tampa could throw in a salary dump as well, wouldn't really have to be too much either. With Gagne dropping off the books next year and a couple of other minor contracts expiring they should be able to sign Stamkos and have Kipper on the books without increasing there overall salary too much assuming Stamkos signs long term for 8-9 million.

    + Stamkos 8.5
    + Kipper 5.83
    – Smith 2.2
    -Gange -5.25
    – Stamkos ex. 3.725

    about 3.1 difference although you do have to fill another roster spot.

    They better sign Stamkos sooner rather than later his price just keeps going up. The way there offense is going if they had a guy like Kipper in net you never know how far they could potentially go.

    Philly would be a fine option however they would have to move out some salary in the deal and don't really have a lot of top notch prospects so unless they would part with Carter it seems unlikely.

  23. FlamingHomer says:

    I thought I would wait until the first game before I replied since I'm not that familiar with the two players coming to Calgary. Your evaluation is fairly accurate. Babchuk is not going to play the same minutes as White by a long shot.

    Babchuk is a bit of a one trick pony (big shot from the point) but his trick is something Calgary needs. He's a bit scary trying to play defense. He made a couple of glaring errors but did make a few good ones as well.

    White's -10 is a result of rarely being on the ice for even strength goals. I hate the plus/minus stat as it does little to determine a player's worth. I remember Brad Richards being a -40 in Tampa Bay not too long ago and I would take him on my team any day.

    The only knock on White is that in the NW division you need to play big and he wasn't capable of that. His size caused a few goals against but he certainly wasn't the reason for the Flames struggles.

    To summarize, I wouldn't say this move is going to change the Flames destiny one way or the other but I guess with White becoming a UFA after this year and not looking good to re-signing with Calgary, Sutter did get a better return than he would have in a few more months.

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