Flames’ new GM ready to make a splash

Kristen Odland of the Calgary Herald writes … Calgary Flames’ new GM Brad Treliving isn’t afraid to make a splash.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    This could be a very interesting week.

    we’ve already seen Markov re-signed, and that very odd Umberger for Hartnell trade.

    I am not sure why the Flyers would take on a contract if they wanted to move Hartnell. They have no compliance buyouts and they are tight on the cap.

    I think the Flames will unlikely be moving their 4th overall.

    I think they will choose either Draisaitl or Dal Colle. Though Bennett is there too, i think they’ll go with the bigger players.

    I think the only way they move up is if they happen to have a chance at Reinhart.

    I think the Oilers should move up IMO. they need Ekblad more than any of the top 4 picks and can offer the 3rd plus for Ekblad. I’d even consider moving Yakubov and others for that top pick. Really anyone on the Oilers team is expendable other than perhaps their big 3, Hall, Eberle and RNH. But they are not untouchable.

    I think its time for MacT to actually do something for a change.

    If i am Florida, I would consider really any deal that keep them in the top 5, plus adds a couple of other assets.

    Ekblad will be an incredible player, but the track record for Dmen picked really early isnt that great, especially lately.

    Larsson hasnt done a thing. Gudbranson, who is already a Panther, also has been meh so far in his career. We saw how Jones fell out of the top when everyone was thinking he was sure fire 1st overall.

    I realize Doughty was 2nd overall and Piets 3rd and Hedman has started to look good, But Hedman was picked back in 2009 and took 5 years to finally show something.

    I am not sure the Cats can wait that long. And besides, i think a team like FLA needs high end, scoring forwards at this stage of their rebuild.

  2. Isn’t it obvious? Hartnell and Phaneuf don’t get a long. Philly looking for D. Come on, put it together!!

    I’m kidding…

  3. nordiques100 says:

    So here is how i think the top 10 will unfold:

    1. Florida – Ekblad

    I explained they should move the pick, and the Oilers should go and get it, but the Oil are too timid a bunch to do anything which is why they end up stuck where they are.

    Ekblad is the consensus, mainly because he can step in right away. But in FLA, that to me is a real waste. I’d prefer seeing the Panthers get a high end forward.

    2. Buffalo – Reinhart

    The Sabres need a lot of things and getting a scoring centre will be big for them. They retooled their D last year with Ristolainen and Zadorov so while Ekblad would look great there too, they need impact offensive players now that Pominville and Vanek are gone.

    But i hope they dont rush Reinhart to NHL. he could use another year developing.

    3. Oilers – Draisaitl

    yes, Draisaitl over Bennett. A big strong forward over a speedy skilled forward is preferable for EDM IMO. I realize you should normally pick the “best player available” but, there isnt that much that separates Draisaitl and Bennett. Either way, the Oil get a solid player.

    4. Calgary – Dal Colle

    Again, i think there isnt much of a huge difference between Bennett and Dal Colle in terms of skill, but Dal Colle is a big strong forward or at least could develop into one and that would be ideal for Calgary.

    5. NY Islanders – Bennett

    The Isles need help anywhere but this could be where they could trade down and get a ready asset. With their 2015 pick gone, they cant afford to give up a top 5 selection next year, they need to go for it. So someone interested in moving up here, should Bennett be here, would be ideal. Maybe the Leafs move up?

    6. Vancouver – Ehlers

    The Canucks need an infusion of high end skill. A few of the mocks have Ritchie here and thats fine, but Ehlers is a fast, exciting player and they need that kind of offensive game breaker to supplement their rather plodding, aging forward group.

    The Canucks too could potentially move Kesler here. It could get interesting.

    7. Carolina – Ritchie or Nylander

    Its a toss up. Nylander is a playmaker, shifty and speedy, Ritchie adds a power game and would be hard to handle. I think either would fit nicely playing along side the Staals, Skinner and Semin.

    8. Toronto – Virtanen or Ritchie

    I think if Ritchie falls, they may take him, but I prefer Virtanen because he has that huge upside, speed, and can score. He also can play centre. Something the Leafs may just have him do going forward.

    9. Winnipeg – Ritchie or Nylander or Virtanen

    Whomever falls the Jets will choose. It could be Ehlers too if he slips down. The jets have some nice pieces but will gladly accept any help they can get here. Also, who knows if Kane will get traded here. He will likely move this off-season for sure.

    I like a forward here for the Jets though.

    10 – Anaheim – Fleury

    The Ducks could trade this pick for established talent. They are rich in prospects and one of the deepest organizations. They need a no. 2 centre behind Getzlaf.

    Otherwise they take the best guy on the board and thats Fleury, a defenceman. Imagine a D then of Fleury, Theodore, Lindholm and Fowler.

    i am seriously hoping for a lot of trades. Though i am not getting my hopes up for the Leafs. cant and wont get carried away only to potentially come away disappointed.

    • mojo19 says:

      Interesting mock draft, nords.

      Honestly I think anyone who takes Ekblad in the top 2 or 3 is a fool. And I don’t think he goes in the top 2. He’ll drop to Edmonton at 3 since they need D way more than young forwards.

      Effectively my assertion is that Ekblad will be this year’s Seth Jones. Why would anyone draft a dman 1st overall? Roman Hamrilik, Chris Phillips, Erik Johnson, these are not franchise building blocks. Although I suppose there’s no guaranteed franchise player in this draft, so he may wind up going 1st. Anyway’s I would take Reinhart no matter what team I am.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Further to mojo’s point Berard…..

      Hope Buffalo bites on Bennett, the kid can’t do a pull up at 175lbs, how does anyone project him to be better than Kadri?

      I say Ritchie, Ehlers or Nylander is a good day for Toronto. Draisaitl and Rienhart are the only pieces I’d want to move up for given the cost.

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