Flames just need some tweaking, says embattled GM Darryl Sutter

Darryl Sutter received a vote of confidence last week from his boss, Ken King.

The pronouncement from the team president apparently meant little to the embattled general manager of the Calgary Flames.

“Ken came out and said that, but it wasn’t important for me to have that publicly,” Sutter said Monday before embarking for the National Hockey League general manager meetings. “It’s more important what happens internally.”

And just what is happening internally over at the Saddledome as the Flames wrap up their post-mortem of a season gone wrong and prepare for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft?

“We were all disappointed that we didn’t make the playoffs,” Sutter said. “We had a better record than Philadelphia or Montreal. We could just as easily be sitting here talking and be in the same situation as Philadelphia.”

Philadelphia, of course, is playing for a Stanley Cup against the Chicago Blackhawks.

“If you make the playoffs, it’s anybody’s game,” Sutter said. “That’s what the cap is about. There’s a fine line between being a playoff team and not being one.”

Flames fans, as a whole, are a despondent bunch these days due to the failure of their team to qualify for the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Some Calgary supporters demanded that everyone with the last name of Sutter be fired. Others wanted captain Jarome Iginla , 32, shipped off to restock the talent cupboard with young studs.

“For us being a playoff team every year, everybody started taking it for granted a little bit,” Sutter said. “It’s not that simple.”

Once considered untouchable in this town, Sutter has absorbed a barrage of media criticism over everything from his management style to the dearth of prospects on the farm team.


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  1. hockeylegend488 says:

    well that phaneuf trade was just aweful, he made a better coach ide say. and sure getting rid of jokinen mabye but taking guys who did nothing in montreal and then NY . stock the farm if its that bad with them style guys not a bunch of 4th line players

  2. number15 says:

        Ian White should be their No.1 D-man. Regher is a shell of himself and Bowmeester had a worse year than Phenauf. Most of u will laugh when I say this, but Ian White is a top 2 defenceman. They guy, plays sound defence, carries the puck, scores, sets up players, great on PK, and PP and plays physical, like Calgary likes.

  3. Redwings3019 says:

    Whoa deja vu…

    Havent they said this the past how many years now?

    Honestly, Calgary does the same crap every year saying they are cup favorites, etc and that only minor tweaks need to be done…

    Then they are close to the top of their division (which is the weakest in the West so not saying much) or are 6th or lower in the standings…then they either over spend on an average skilled players (cough..Joiknen….cough) to try for a quick fix to something they should have done during the offseason or they do nothing…

    They just seem incapable of making a smart trades (and usually draft picks) I think when the Phaneuf trade happened there were comments by other GMs that said they had no idea he was on the market and would have paid for him…

    Iginla is their tough guy, power forward, playmaker and scorer on their team…doesnt that seem odd to anyone? Iginla seems like he is the only one that goes into the corners to get the puck, makes great plays to whoever is on his line and they dont score but then the media/fans are like why isnt Iginla scoring? Its kind of hard when he is in the corner/behind the net most of the time. Calgary needs to find a way to dump salary to get Marleau or make a trade with one of their too many defencemen to get legit top 3/6 forwards to play with Iginla.

    They seem to have the same game plan every year and expect a different result…Besides the miracle run with that years 'one-year-wonder' goalie Kipper it has been the same story over and over.

    Calgary has too much invested in defence with a top league goalie (and Im saying that even though I HATE Kipper) Why do you need that much on one side of the ice? Trade one of them!!!!!

    I couldnt find one high paid player, besides Iginla, that has more than 35 goals in one season throughout their career (highest I think was Langkow's 33 in 2006-2007). Im not expecting multiple players with 35 goals in one season but come on you need offense in todays NHL. Its hard to even find a player with more than 60 points in a season. Do they honestly expect to make an impact in the NHL with one offensive player?

    He is compairing the Flames to two Eastern teams, thats how messed up the team is. You cannot think you are a good team in the West if you compair yourself to the bottom of the East standings. Dallas had the same points as Montreal/Philly and theyre 12th in the West…(and Calgary was only ahead by 2 points with 1 less win than Philly)

    Calgary Flames should be put in the dictionary as an example to the word "Insanity" because doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is exactly what they are doing…

  4. albertateams says:

    I like White but he's not Calgary's number one D, He's 3 or 4. j-bo is number 1, yes he had an off year, but adjusting to new team mates and a new system is difficult. He's still young and his skating is absolutely great for a guy his size. I think he will have a big year coming up.

    If you think Regher is a shell of him self you didn't watch him the last three months. He was back punishing forwards and freeing up space for White to maneuver. Those two were a rock solid tandem.

    Giordano and White are comparable players. Gio gets over looked all the time but he is a really solid dman.

    Even Sarich when healthy is still really good he just seems to be hurt a lot the last couple of years but him and Gio were good.

    They need to get rid of Staios, hes just awful.

    What they should do is bring up Pelech and pair him with j-bo

    J-bo Pelech
    Regher White
    Gio Sarich


    Its a great mix of youth, experience, puck moving and shut down D.

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