Flames trade rumours funny to Feaster

Even after acting Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster went on national TV and stated he’s not interested in dealing captain Jarome Iginla, the trade rumours only became more persistent.

Today, Iginla is being touted as a potential Philadelphia Flyers target.

The day before that, it was the Montreal Canadiens.

Before that, it was the New York Rangers.

Feaster can only laugh. And he’s been giving members of the media a few chuckles, too.

“It’s funny, I got a text message the other day from somebody at TSN — and this is about the fifth time that the person has asked me about Jarome,” Feaster recounted Wednesday morning at the Saddledome before the Flames and

the St. Louis Blues battled on the ice.

“And he said, ‘I had a reliable source say that you traded him to the Rangers. Is it true?’

“I text messaged back. I said, ‘Yep. For John ‘isn’t-it-a-*****’ Tortorella, Jim Schoenfeld, who is coming out of retirement and will be in our lineup tonight and for the future rights to Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti.”

Tortorella, of course, is the Rangers’ current head coach.

Former Buffalo Sabres defenceman Schoenfeld is an assistant

GM in New York.

Rosen does play-by-play and Micheletti is his colour commentator for Rangers broadcasts.

“I just wanted to add depth — that’s all,” Feaster said, laughing.

“Just some depth.”

On a more serious note, Feaster admits he’s received calls from other NHL GMs, although he doesn’t confirm any specific teams.


3 Responses to Flames trade rumours funny to Feaster

  1. albertateams says:

    Glad to see Kotalik on waivers, I doubt that any one would pick him up though (Garth Snow please do it!), what a complete waste of raw talent. He will probablly be assigned to Abbotsford, maybe someone would take a chance on claiming him off rentry waivers at half price for one more year. Either way it frees up cap space for the Flames if they want to make another move.

    I really don't know what Feaster is going to do now that the Flames are two points out of 8th. They aren't going to be moving any big names if they remain that close to the play offs up to the trade deadline.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    I could see someone taking him on reentry waivers for sure. He seems to have the talent but needs to be pushed?

  3. albertateams says:

    I think the Flames will put him on rentry, saves them 1.5 million in cap space next year if someone claims him, if they don't leave him in Abotsford for next year or send on loan to another AHL team. Anything so he's not in Calgary.

    Although next year being a contract year, he'll probablly get 20+ goals, I just hope the flames can get rid of him, like I said just a pure waste of natural talent.

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