Fleury! A Strip Club This Time…?


Blackhawks officials are investigating the circumstances of an altercation at an Ohio strip club that allegedly involved Theo Fleury and two other players, team sources said Tuesday.

Fleury, who was suspended the first 25 games of the regular season for violating the terms of the aftercare portion of the NHL’s substance-abuse program, met Tuesday with Hawks general manager Mike Smith. Fleury declined to discuss the allegations publicly.

Smith said the team was looking into the matter and that it would be handled internally. Team officials would not confirm that their players had been at the club.

“Without knowing all the facts, it’s hard to say much on it,” Smith said. “I’ve been looking into trying to find out what went on.”

A team source said the league’s security staff also was investigating the incident.

Police Department patrol car responded to a 911 call from a gas station across the street from the Pure Platinum club on the outskirts of the city, according to a police department employee.

The employee said officers recognized Fleury and also checked his identification. Because the players didn’t appear to need emergency care, the officers allowed them to leave, the employee said.

Officer John Wish told the Columbus Dispatch: “One of guys got out of the cab and said, ‘We’re famous.’ They did not want to be identified, didn’t want publicity. They were adamant about keeping it low-key.”

It is believed that another violation of the substance-abuse policy could result in a suspension of at least six months. The decision on such a suspension rests solely with the doctors who are monitoring him.

Fleury is in the first year of a two-year contract that was scheduled to pay him $4 million this season. He was not paid while he was suspended at the start of the year.


16 Responses to Fleury! A Strip Club This Time…?

  1. Enchilada says:

    Fleury was probally chaparoning the other two guys and also was probally the designated driver.

  2. mikster says:

    Poor little Theo….

    I wish he gets his career going straight again without any problems. Sad to say, this is when i don’t miss him on my team.

  3. beefer says:

    This would be the LAST thing the Rangers need right now.

  4. Tony says:

    Why can’t the Hawks keep an eye on this guy if he’s so important to the team. I mean when your on the road you have another player that stays in the hotel room with you, why couldn’t the Hawks pick and older responsible player to stay with him and keep and eye on him? I would like to know who the other two players were.

  5. big_booty says:

    No, not really.

    In the words of the most eloquent Officer Barbrady:

    “OK, people. Move along, nothing to see here.”

    “I have to go poopy.”

  6. bruinexpert says:

    Fleury rules, i’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for all of this

  7. edmontonrules says:

    Hey! There’s nothign wrong with a good Canadian boy wanting to find some easy American ladies.

  8. titans says:

    There’s nothing funnier than drunken dwarves!

  9. mcpeach2 says:

    I try telling this to all of my drunken friends also. Its never one bouncer!!! He always has like at least 5 or 6 buddy bouncers ready to kick ass. Also a strip club brawl im sure always includes sober participants who were quietly behaving themselves like any good recovering substace abuser. Weird, i feel bad for Fleury…even though i am a ranger fan. But he is really dumb. I would still kill just to hang out with him for a weekend. Imagine the funny awkward situations you would get into.


  10. nskerr says:

    Crackhead Theo. Is this guy kidding me? How can anyone feel sorry for this loser? It would make for a good porno with tons of naked women and a midget.

  11. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    Gotta love it. Looks like Theo is trying to break Billy Tibbets record of trouble. Just needs a rape conviction and he’s all but there.

    For all the Crackhead Theo haters out there that can’t stand what the guy does for hockey please check out this website:


    You’re gonna love it.

  12. matteo says:

    As if I needed another reason to love Theoren. He is the dwarfish, crackheaded, boozing, fun-loving uncle I always wanted. Now he throws boobies into the mix……Man I need to party with him and Dino Ciccarelli

  13. Tradedude says:

    LOL! probly true

  14. Tradedude says:

    yes there is, drunken drarves on pot.


  15. aafiv says:

    This is really too bad. I’ve been a fan of Theo for a while despite the crappy teams he’s had to play for. It’s obvious that he has a real problem and I hope he can straighten his life out and get back to the game.

  16. Blade2 says:

    Dude,Theo Fleury is still my hero.So big whoop he went to a fucking strip club.Oh well,it’s not like we all don’t wanna see some girls naked.

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