Fleury Back In Rehab

E.J. Hradek, of ESPN the Magazine, is reporting that Chicago Blackhawks winger Theoren Fleury has re-entered the active care stage of the NHL’s substance abuse program for the second time. It is unclear at this time whether or not this action is being taken due to a positive drug test, or on a purely voluntary basis.

Fleury raised some eyebrows last week by skipping a practice without informing the Chicago coaching staff or management. It later came out that Fleury’s father was undergoing prostate surgery.

His emotional and substance abuse problems have been well documented ever since he checked himself into a rehab facility in February of last year, when he was with the New York Rangers.

Like the guy or hate him, we should all wish Fleury the best of luck in straightening out his life.

ESPN.com story – http://espn.go.com/nhl/news/2002/1008/1443071.html

25 Responses to Fleury Back In Rehab

  1. nexusrage21 says:

    I don’t think this is voluntary, because I saw something saying that he is suspended indefinitely now.

  2. Rushing says:

    Now isn’t this a slap in the face for Chicago?

    I mean after just signing a two year $8.5 million contract with Chicago and to then turn around and do this?

    The first time he was out due to drugs he was out over 6 months while in with the Rangers. That was from Feb. 28, 2001 to Sept. 4th, 2001.

    Let’s also wish Chicago luck. They were counting on him quite a bit I guess. This may end up hurting them quite a bit if he is out as long as before.

  3. NewYorkRangers says:

    Great, now I gotta find some dumbass in my fantasy league to trade for him.

  4. Rushing says:

    Dang!!!!!! There went that tea all over my keyboard again. LMAO

  5. -Swizz- says:

    haha….i just offered kovalchuk as a replacement LW to the guy who had fleury…

  6. titans says:

    If it wasn’t for Jack Daniels Lil’ ole Theo would have no friends at all.

  7. NYR88Express says:

    lol maaaan, i gotta do the same too!

    i offered Fleury and Gaborik to my gf for Amonte and Shanahan…let’s see what she’s gonna do cuz she offered me Amonte for Lindros and i’m like “no waaay” and i gave that offer

    i also offered Fleury and Parrish to another person in my pool for Leetch and Luc Robitaille…

    which trade do u think is better?

  8. Forsberg21 says:

    I’m pretty sure Jack isn’t his only friend who’s keeping him from having a stable life, and enjoying his NHL career.

  9. Forsberg21 says:

    Really too bad for Theo and Chicago. I was hoping Theo was back on track but it looks like he still has a ways to go. Really a shame, cause it looks like he may have these problems for the rest of his life, because he sure had a lot of motivation to stay clean this year. Chicago doesn’t look so good now either. They lose Amonte, Daze gets injured and will be out a month or so, and now Fleury won’t be with the team for at least a while if at all. Everyone’s getting dealt shitty cards in this one.

  10. Overtime says:

    Theo Fleury is ill, the same way someone might have cancer, or MS, or Parkinson’s or Muscular Distrophy. I don’t really like Fluery as a player, but I certainly wish him the very best in his battle against drugs. This goes well beyond hockey. This about a man’s life being destroyed before your eyes. I pray that Theo Fleury finds the strength to overcome a drug addiction that could easily become his death sentence.

  11. big_booty says:

    nexusrage21 was right, Fleury going to rehab was not a voluntary action. According to NHL.com, Fleury has been suspended indefinitely, without pay, by the league for violation of the substance abuse policy.


    Like others said, it’s really got to suck for the Blackhawks. I guess they really didn’t have the chance to reach him before he stumbled again. This team was counting on him to pick up some of the slack that was left when Tony Amonte bolted for the desert. Now the ‘Hawks are short-handed yet again, and worse off since Daze is out.

    Any thoughts from Chicago fans? I would think that y’all have to be pretty pissed.

  12. Rushing says:

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with you here. Many forms of cancer, along with MS, or parkinsons come on by themselves. Drugs and alcohol you do to yourself. They may call it a disease but that is once you “GET YOURSELF” hooked on them. This is a complete different ordeal than the others you listed.

    Please don’t take me wrong here. I do wish that Fleury can overcome this problem. But……….he brought this upon himself.

  13. acebailey says:

    I gotta agree with you again, what I don’t like about this whole thing is how he comes out in the press and blames his absence on his dad being sick. And then at the same time he says it is not fair to call his problem “substance abuse”. So he is trying to tell everyone that he only has a drinking problem, like that is better in his mind than a drug problem, like alchohol is not a drug or somthing, and furthermore, I also heard he was doing drugs when he was in NY.

    Hockey players all over the world can only dream of having the oppertunity that he just pi$$ed away. You can’t compair Fleury to Koivu or Mario. I don’t feel sorry for him.

  14. chosenfrozen says:

    As a former season ticket holder…..I did not want Theo here……..nor did I like Amonte……This organization is the worst in sports………..this team sucks……goaltending is lousy……….the GM is dope……….Dollar Bill Wirtz is just an awful owner in town full of them. The Hawks should have tryed to sign a top notch forward……..instead we get guys who were good years earlier. I will not spend a dime on anything involving the Hawks til we put a decent product out on the ice!………..The Season for Chicago is already over!

  15. Nothingman says:

    1. Glad Amonte’s there.

    2. Glad they didn’t sign Theo.

    However in saying that I find it unfortunate that Theo is still facing these problems, for he really is a great player. I hope he bounces back for his sake, not the stupid Hawks sake.

    People (big_booty),

    Please remember AMonte did not “bolt” for the desert, the management at Hawktown no longer wanted to pay him, and considering they were willing to pay Fleury that makes them look stupid, because they are.

    It is definitely the Hawks own fault that they start the year with no Amonte, No Daze and No Fleury, probably no money in the bank and lets face it, no Cup aspirations or probably playoff aspirations for that matter.

    It’s tough to find joy out of news such as Fleury’s, but go Phoenix.

  16. guinsfan4life says:

    This is just horrible. Personally, I don’t know how Theo feels, but I know what it is like to go through this with a family member.

    His number one priority should be to get better, the hell with hockey.

  17. Freeze says:

    You’re right. Fleury did bring this on himself. However, alcoholism and other forms of drug abuse are just as devastating as many diseases. I don’t understand how drugs and alcohol become more important than hockey and making tons of money, but that part of the sickness. The guy needs help. Too bad for the Black Hawk fans. They must be pretty disappointed.

  18. pat says:

    Best move Sather made this off season was not re-signing Theo.

    I feel bad for this guy, but I am tired of hearing that drug abuse is disease. That is bullshit. Cancer is a disease. Drug abuse is a weakness. Buck up and kick that crap to the curb.


  19. pat says:

    Thank goodness someone else understands!!! You guys are right on the money. Comparing Fleury’s ‘illness’ to Mario and Saku is insulting. They did the same thing 2 years ago when Kevin Stevens was suckin the pipe with a whore in St. Louis, and called it a disease. I’ve said it before, its not a disease, its weakness of will.


  20. mikster says:

    Medically, it’s still a disease…well for the psychology world it is.

  21. Bodster says:

    Disease my ass. He is weak and he is out of excuses. Time to call it quits theo

  22. big_booty says:

    You sound like Tommy Lasorda when he openly complained about Darryl Strawberry.

  23. pat says:

    Best move Sather made this off season was not re-signing Theo.

    I feel bad for this guy, but I am tired of hearing that drug abuse is disease. That is bullshit. Cancer is a disease. Drug abuse is a weakness. Buck up and kick that crap to the curb.


  24. Blade2 says:

    Being one of Theo Fleury’s biggests fans,I am just as disappointed as everyone else.However,I don’t care whate everyone else says about him being a thug/loser,he is still my hero.Even if you’re 6 inches shorter than everyone else,we all have our own limitations.I believe that Theo will emerge from this,and that he will not only get his life in order,but also help everyone who drafted him for their fantasy team(like me).For christs sake,I sacrificed ROb Blake for him in my draft.

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