Fleury Causes Some Mess in the Rangers? Thoughts of Iginla Becoming a Ranger, an

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Fleury out…Lundmark in? What has Fleury done to anger the Rangers organization? The NY Post reports of Fleury and his problems with the Rangers. Rangers attempt the offer they gave to Sakic years ago, but this time involving Iginla?Larry Brooks of the NY Post reports:

Though unable to pry specific information from sealed lips throughout the organization, The Post has discovered that something happened involving Theo Fleury yesterday morning that prompted the recall. It was significant enough that the team was set to scratch Fleury before a late change of heart, and after a pre-game meeting between Sather and Ron Low in an office across from the locker room kept Lundmark in street clothes.
Fleury’s game, in steep decline since Christmas, has completely disintegrated over the last three weeks. The winger, in his final days as a Ranger – the team will not pick up its $7 million option on Fleury’s contract – has been unable to handle the puck, unable to make even the most rudimentary plays.
A key component of the Rangers’ first-half success, Fleury has scored two goals in the last 16 games, four in the last 25 and nine in 39 since Christmas.
Whatever did happen with Fleury was team-related and not associated with off-ice issues. By reversing itself late in the day, the organization postponed the debut of the 21-year-old Lundmark, third among AHL rookies with 55 points (21-34) after a very slow start. Hartford, in a battle for first place, finishes its regular season with three games this weekend before beginning the playoffs a week from tonight.
Fleury took two undisciplined penalties in last night’s second period, and was in the box in the first minute of the third when Toronto scored to tie 2-2.

I wonder what Theo Fleury could have done that is “team-related”. Fleury should consider himself lucky to be with the Rangers. I don’t think too many teams would have helped him this much and after playing a horrific game against the Leafs I don’t think he deserves a chance to play the next game. Sather and Ron Low had a good heart to even play him against the Leafs. I do fear that Fleury might do something off-ice that is way too stupid and would ruin his life, I’d feel sorry for him but I don’t feel sorry if he gets scratched. That is how you handle signed veterans. They don’t play and won’t try to play well, you bench them. I’d rather see Lundmark making a rookie mistake than Fleury making a dumb and careless mistake. Finally Sather will have more to do in the off-season without Fleury’s contract. Something that surprisingly was brought up by well known hockey analysts minds was the Rangers making an offer sheet to Jerome Iginla. It does seem unfair for Calgary, but this is when I come to a conclusion. The Flames can’t always be this kind of a team where they have a future superstar and then they can’t afford him so they always become the victims. I would rather see Sather make a 4.5 or 5 million dollars a year contract offer to Iginla rather than a 7.5 or 8 million dollars a year contract offer to Billy Guerin. If you were a GM, wouldn’t you do that? I think Iginla and Holik are good enough to acquire in the off-season. I looked at what defensemen are available as UFA’s this summer, and the only one who is good is Kasparitis. At this point, I’d rather concentrate on Purinton and Kloucek to make them better. Also, Ron Low will most likely get fired. Who do the Rangers go after? Maybe Mark Messier might become the head coach but I think more of an assistant coach. How about the most known coach available Ken Hitchcok? I do not like this coach but he is a specialist with defensive strategies and that could help the Rangers defense, but what about the offense? With Lindros and Bure being two of the hottest players in the league right now (Bure not playing a one dimensional game), and if the Rangers sign Holik and Iginla, I doubt Hitchcok, or any coach, would have trouble coaching a team like that. However, those are just wild thoughts and not predictions. Sather can start building his team on July 1st.

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