Since it was announced that the Chicago Blackhawks placed fallen star, Theo Fleury on waivers, there has been much discussion about where he’ll end up. Here are a few bits of information that might add to the debate.
Pat Quinn had Theo on the Olympic team. Much like Owen Nolan, Quinn enjoyed coaching Theo in the Olympics, and I think he will seriously consider bringing him to the Leafs.

When Theo Fleury is healthy, he is one of the best energy-forwards in the NHL. Pat Quinn is a no-nonesense kind of coach; with having the Leafs beeing a major condender this season, I think that QUinn’s influence could keep Theo in check, just like he did in the Olympics.

Gary Roberts played with the Fleury the year the Flames won the Stanley Cup. Roberts is a character guy, and a true leader in the Leafs locker room. I think having Roberts at Theo’s side might help him get his game back on track.

It would be a big risk to take, to bring Theo Fleury into the Leafs’ organization, right now. Having said that, Fleury has the playoff experience, and like I said before, when he is on his game, is one of the best in the NHL. Imagine a 1,2,3 punch of Nolan, Mogilny and Fleury. That’s some high powered offense. It’s an interesting, and tempting move to make. There is no doubt that the thought is crossing Quinn’s mind as we speak.