Since it was announced that the Chicago Blackhawks placed fallen star, Theo Fleury on waivers, there has been much discussion about where he’ll end up. Here are a few bits of information that might add to the debate.
Pat Quinn had Theo on the Olympic team. Much like Owen Nolan, Quinn enjoyed coaching Theo in the Olympics, and I think he will seriously consider bringing him to the Leafs.

When Theo Fleury is healthy, he is one of the best energy-forwards in the NHL. Pat Quinn is a no-nonesense kind of coach; with having the Leafs beeing a major condender this season, I think that QUinn’s influence could keep Theo in check, just like he did in the Olympics.

Gary Roberts played with the Fleury the year the Flames won the Stanley Cup. Roberts is a character guy, and a true leader in the Leafs locker room. I think having Roberts at Theo’s side might help him get his game back on track.

It would be a big risk to take, to bring Theo Fleury into the Leafs’ organization, right now. Having said that, Fleury has the playoff experience, and like I said before, when he is on his game, is one of the best in the NHL. Imagine a 1,2,3 punch of Nolan, Mogilny and Fleury. That’s some high powered offense. It’s an interesting, and tempting move to make. There is no doubt that the thought is crossing Quinn’s mind as we speak.

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    I guess most people would rather have Fleury than Reichel or Hoglund….But wow, look at who were comparing this once best LWinger in the game….

    Lines with Fleury would probably look like:





    But to be honest with all of you, I’d rather keep Reichel instead….

  2. titans says:

    Toronto doesn’t need any more forwards, they need a D-man or two!

  3. RatSale says:

    Bringing him in for the playoffs would really be a guess but on the same line as tucker, those two midgets would be incredible and would bring a lot of energy to the team as long as they’d be disciplined which may be too much to ask. There is also the fact that they would have to pick up his salary for next year as well. You talked about Roberts, but at this point I think Theo is the only one who can do something for Theo Fleury. Either he takes actions to fight his problems now or he’ll dissapear and we’ll here about him in a few years, learning that he ended up like Kordic and Fogarty.

    If Quinn goes for it, he has balls, but I doubt it.

  4. BabyLeaf says:

    This would be the BIGGEST mistake the Leafs could make.

    Theo is a good player but is WAY too messed up emotionally to play right now. Sure the Leafs would give up nothing, but they risk one of their biggest strengths CHEMISTRY (which they’ve already lost some because of McCauley being traded).

    Besides if the coach in Chicago who was supposedly going to ‘contain’ Theo failed, there is no way Gary can ‘fix’ him. Gary is a player not a babysiter.

    So no no no no no no no to Theo coming to Toronto. Not only would it further screw him up (the Toronto media would eat him alive), it would so screw up the Leafs.

    Leafs do not need anymore forwards…there main goal should be D and more D.

    So please for the love of God do not let Theo come to Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BabyLeaf says:

    I think if Quinn goes for it, he needs his head examined. LOL

    This is a bad idea especially since it is so close to the playoffs.

  6. edmontonrules says:

    I know he never really worked out with New York or Chicago but damn. On waivers? I’d take him. Drop Fitzgerald or some loser like that.

  7. titans says:

    Your right.

  8. jacosta says:

    Pat Quinn wanted Fleury as a possibility in the beginning of the year, and his work with him in the Olympics may prove to be beneficial. I think that he could be a complete bust maybe even causing a penalty that could cost you a game, but like another person said if you had roberts and Quinn keeping him in check you could have a game breaker for you for nothing. If you pick him up on waivers you give nothing up and if he causes a problem then you bench him.

    Tucker is Theo Fleury without the goal scoring sense. So why not? Trade Tucker for that big defenseman ie Zhitnik or Niinimaa as others suggest and pick up Wesley for the typical UFA offer of Draft pciks and you are seriously set.

    Mogilny Sundin Nolan

    Roberts Antropov Fleury

    Green Corson Healy

    Hoglun Reichel Domi

    Keep Fleury with roberts on the same line and in the hotel rooms and Roberts will healthen him up. There will be no trips to the strip club with Roberts in your room

    I say do it and if he messes up once you bench him

  9. amazing_jesse says:

    0 chance. not in a million years does Quinn bring Fleury in. You heard it here first.

  10. amazing_jesse says:

    No he didn’t. Watters made a special point during the summer that the Leafs DID NOT want Fleury. It was everything he could do not to slander the guy.

  11. Tony says:

    There is no rumors or information about Fleury coming to the Leafs except for you Leaf fans making it up. What you said is like me saying Fleury played on Shanny’s line in the Olympics so I guess he’ll end up in Detroit. Fleury is not going to want to go to Toronto where the media there will eat him up. Do you guys really think Quinn is going to pick up a 4.5 million dollar contract for a guy like Fleury? Give Quinn a little bit of credit he’s not that dumb. If this was going to happen (even though it won’t) Chicago would have to eat some of his salary or Fleury would have to restructue his contract kind of like what happened to Woolley when he went to the Wings.

  12. HailSatan says:

    I know they wont, but I wish the Stars would pick up Fleury. That would be hilarious..

  13. DomiSuksSundinsAss says:

    this is all im gonna post but this is getting out of hand….fleury will not goto the leafs i am not a leafs fan i am a devils fan but i think most leaf fans would say that this is a stupid rumor and a waste of time posting…everytime a “big name” player is mentioned everyone says he might goto toronto and thats annoying

  14. DomiSuksSundinsAss says:

    im gonna make ur mother cry when i poke her in the eye with my dick

  15. mikster says:

    Fleury will replace Antropov on tuesday 😉

  16. mikster says:

    Naaa, don’t. He did play well on the rangers, except at the end of the seasons, but he is just too messed up and out of control.

  17. mikster says:

    Yotes could use Theo, and Gretzky could “take care” of him. I don’t know though…..

    It’ll be wild to see the Isle’s grab him.

    But no, the Leafs don’t need him.

  18. Motherpucker says:

    Come on. What a load of crap. It seems Leaf Expert has been giving you the Rusty Trombone as of late.

  19. BabyLeaf says:

    why do you say such things??????????????????????


  20. BabyLeaf says:

    yes i know! 🙂

  21. Leaf_Expert says:

    You obviously can’t read…

  22. titans says:

    Hey Leaf Expert…Go lay down!

  23. DaMick says:

    id rather have my eyelids crazy glued shut than watch that runt wear the isles blue,white & orange.

    will never happen…..hes a cancer

  24. TML51 says:

    Leafs don’t need offense…they sealed that up just fine. They need defense….badly. I respect what Theo has done in his career, but the last thing he needs now is to play hockey. He needs to get himself squared away first.

  25. Hat_Trick says:

    Don’t even start with this. The last thing we need is this jack ass in toronto. Its even been reported over again that Roberts hates Fleury. He would be a real bad fit in toronto and ruin the team. Don’t even go near this guy. I don’t care if he once was good. Hes had his chances and always blows them. Just retire.

  26. Envi0us says:

    This is getting out of control now.

    As mentioned before I have been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan for the past fifteen – twenty years and I must admit that I am getting tired of all of these trade rumors. Come on people. I mean most of these rumors are not only ludicrous, but at the same time make no sense at all from not only a business sense but common sense as well.

    First and foremost it is no secret that Roberts and Fleury do not see ‘ eye to eye’ so why would Quinn take the chance of upsetting his line up that way?

    Secondly we ALL know that what the Leafs truly need is some defense man. There are plenty of rumors out there right now that suggest that Wesley might be in a Leafs uniform as early as Monday which is there next game. Is this a smart move? Well is all depends on what they give up for him. Let’s face it, he is not a top 3 defense man on most NHL teams but he might squeeze in as the number 4 defense man on the Leafs. Wesley is a rent a player for this year only so I would say that if the Leafs do bring him in they should give up nothing more than a third or fourth round pick to acquire him.

    I must admit that I would have liked to see Brad Ference in a Leaf uniform and for what Phoenix got him for I would suggest that the Leafs could have acquired him for something similar.

    What does Pat do now? Get on the phones before Monday and try an land either Miller — which I doubt will happen — or land either Zhitnik or Marchment. People will probably disagree with me about the Marchment deal but if I were Quinn I would grab him without a doubt. He is an ‘in your face’ defense man who people fear which the Leafs lack. I must admit thought that Belak is taking some stupid penalties and making a name for himself as a player of Marchments caliber.

    To conclude this I would like to say that the Leafs have a much better shot this year that they did last for the following reasons:

    – They never had Shvela last year, they never had Antropov last year, they never had Belfour last year and most importantly, they never had Nolan last year who I might add is the one of the best ‘power’ forwards in the game.

    I know that I might get some flack for this post but I am not the average Leaf fan on this board. I have been a faithful Leaf fan for a long time and I don’t post garbage rumors nor do I break my feet from jumping on and off the ban-wagon every year!!

  27. nicmich says:

    I hear you loud and clear, I too am a life long leaf fan. I am also tired of all these other idiot leaf fans puttingus sensible ones on this sites user sh#t list. They come up with the dumbest rumours I have ever heard and do hockey fans everywhere a great injustice!

  28. TRADESALO says:

    thats right you homo, get your sorry ass out of your parents basement, and get a fucking life

  29. TRADESALO says:

    well, if anyone saw the press confrence after the toronto game then you would of heard Quinn say hes not at all interested in Fluery. End of speculation

  30. TRADESALO says:

    Right on buddy, the only thing i gotta say is i dont think belfour will fair any better than cujo. But Nolan s a huge help, he kicked ass tonight should’ve been 1st star

  31. Goldenscud says:

    That is a pretty rugged third line.

  32. gzus2380 says:

    I doubt that Theo is coming to T.O. Quinn had a chance to sign him in the offseason and he didn’t. So why would he do it now when he already picked up an all star forward in Nolen and the team’s playing so good as of late. All toronto needs now is a solid d-man. We have the offence and the goaltending to win a cup this year. what we need is defence!!!!!

  33. sportside24 says:

    He probally only has about a million left on that contract…

  34. bobmckenziejr says:

    The Toronto Star: reports that the Leafs have no interest in Fleury, as a matter of fact i don’t think any other team is interested, unless they’re thinking of making a serious play-off run. So no Toronto You won’t see a Fleury Blue and White jersey.

  35. Rico71 says:

    Pre-teen drivel…you must be related to Leaf_Idiot.

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