Fleury, will he play for Canada's Juniour team?

According to MSN.com, Fleury will be able to play for Canada at the world juniours. Apparently, Fleury will be at the training camp on thursday.

This is awesome news for Canadian Juniour Hockey fans! Could this be Canada’s ticket to a GOLD medal??!!

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  1. Donovan says:

    Good news for Team Canada, Bad news for the Penguins. Seeing how we’re not allowed to say anything bad about the Penguins, I’m sure they’ll find a way to overcome this obstacle. Caron’s good, but he’s not Fluery

  2. The_Conductor says:

    This is great news for Canada…

    Oh… I heard a rumor from the Pittsburgh organization. Fleury is under-investigation for lying. He was quoted saying he is “excited to play for a winning team like Pittsburgh.”

    Do I smell bull crap or what?

  3. tmeyers says:

    What a load of crap. The guy goes from his starting job in the NHL to playing in a junior tournament? Seems like cheating to me.

  4. Donovan says:

    Should I cover this in my story? After all, this is only so he can get busted down midway through the season, to avoid his bonus.

    I already had a role for Fluery, but I could work this in somehow.

  5. Kyleton says:

    Your story has been awesome thus far, and you should stick with your original Idea as it is probably along the same level of genius as the rest of your story. So I say it’s not needed. But if you can fit it in and make it great all the power to you…

  6. habs_punk says:

    lol, seems like cheating to you? in what sense?

    if you mean cheating fleury out of the money, he’ll in all likelihood get his $3 bonus anyways, he’s only got to meet 2 out of 6 not-so-difficult criteria. the only way he wont, is if pittsburgh sends him back down to the juniors after the tourney

    if you mean cheating in that canada will have an nhl goalie as their starter, thats just a joke, nhl players play in this tournament every year, its up to the nhl teams. if columbus was willing, canada could have rick nash on their team this year and it wouldnt be cheating. canada could also have bouchard and burns from minnesota, horton from florida and staal from carolina.

  7. wayne2 says:

    Oh and when the russians,swedes and the rest of

    the world where sending their best players to the

    olympics while CANADA and the US coulnt that

    wasnt cheating.What goes around comes around

    and by the way if the rules say you can it isnt called

    cheating neither was it for the olympics.

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