Flights in and out of Philly

After being utterly unprepared for the “new NHL” the Flyers will need to retool and the 06-07 Flyers may look noticeably different then the 05-06 heavy legged broad street bullies. For the Flyers to be a REAL contender they will have to retool at every position


Robert Esche should be moved at all costs and for anything that can be had (cechmanek was traded for a 2nd round pick) Niittymaaki proved that he can be a number one goalie but, it would be nice to have a strong backup (the other Flyers options are Neil Little and Jamie Storr) for this job there is but one person he broke the Flyers hearts twice in the playoffs his name is Patrick Lalime. After a terrible year in St. Louis and unrestricted free agency this summer he will most likely be available. Lalime would be a great number 2 he could play maybe 3-4 games a month also, the most appealing feature he will be the cheapest goalie on the market and possibly the best if the Flyers can sign him for under a million then there might not be a goalie controversy in Philly come march (yes hell may freeze over!)


Hatcher, Rathje, Therien & Desjardins…wow… Leaf fans are hard on JFJ but even He yes even JFJ didn’t sign Hatcher Rathje and Therien (yes Therien was only the number 7 and he was injured all year but still) Therien is gone, Desjardins (who was one of my all time favorite flyers but broke my heart this year) is gone, the Flyers medical staff has no clue if Johnsson will play next year or ever again after suffering a concussion, most likely he is gone. Now the news isn’t all bad Pitkanen at 22 looks like he’s already in his prime (ok not really but you get the point). Dennis Gauthier even though everyone in the league from fans to G.M.s hates this guy but he is fast he is aggressive and he is Dirty, he is perfect. Freddy Meyer stepped up and proved he can play he will might be traded but during his stay he will be valuable. For additions here are my suggestions 1. Another Blue Eric Brewer he is a UFA and is in his prime he could be useful one the blue line and could probably be had for under 2mil. 2. A young gun who had a short stint with the Flyers this year Alexander Picard he is young he has a contract and has always be thought of as a future top 4 for the orange and black. Now to make room and stay under the cap they will have to buy out Hatcher, Rathje or both it would probably be Rathje. If Johnsson is unable to play then Derek Morris may be the next best option. If Eric Brewer doesn’t fly to Philly then Cory Sarich may be a good option.


This year the Flyers were a one line team every team hates being called it but many are. This year the majority of the offense was Gagne-Forsberg-Knuble but, Forsberg is expected to be out until early January so the Flyers will HAVE to find scoring. Resigning Gagne is a Must he will probably receive 3.5-4.5 mil and a 3-4 year contract also the Flyers have to resign Umberger Radivojevic and sign prospect Steve Downie. As for Flights out of Philly Nedved is gone Savage gone Stevenson gone Brashear gone. Clarke was quoted on the Flyers website (I can’t remember the exact article) “we will definitely have more youth in the line up” so expect to be introduced to Stefan Ruzicka and Steve Downie. Also they must acknowledge there weaknesses on the wing 2 possibilities are 1 former and 1 current Bruin they are Glen Murray and Sergei Samsonov, now Oilers fans will argue and call me stupid and say he will resign, I agree, conditionally, if the Oilers win the cup then yes he will probably resign, but if they fail then he will be a prime target for the flyers. To acquire Murray Philly will have to surrender some youth (now don’t insult me too much this is a SUGGESTION)

How about

To Boston:




And a pick

To Philly:


Don’t forget it’s a Suggestion I’m not a GM like everyone else on the website

Now assuming that the Flyers sign both (Assuming) Samsonov would compliment Kapenan’s speed and Murray could be combined with Premeau and Downie to form a pretty tough line and also Mentor Steve Downie, also Carter Umberger showed that they can (given ice time) be a good secondary scoring unit.

But if they can’t sign Samsonov they would be wise to go after Oleg Kvasha he would fill in nicely for Samsonov and if Glen Murray isn’t an option then Jamie Langenbrunner again he could take over the roll Murray would potentially play

So to take a page out of leaf fan’s books here is my lineup for next year (again a suggestion I have no power over the Philadelphia flyers)





Call up lines



(The lines will be altered after Forsberg returns, Downie will most likely be sent to the Phantoms and Handzus may be sent to the wing)




Call ups





Call up


*they should retire #27 for Ron Hextall and Reggie Leach*