Fllyers Contract Extensions

Flyers have extended a contract to Braydon Coburn for two years at $2.6 mil. The cap hit will be 1.3mil a year.

Great signing by the Flyers. Coburn has excellent speed and puck control and is just breaking into his potential. This is a good signing because it gives him time to grow and prove himself.

Next up is Mike Richards. This is key. His contract negotiations are being compared to Ryan Getzlaf’s who received a 5 year $26.6mil deal. A bit much i think for a 22 year old who had 1 good season on a great team. Burkey was desperate though after losing Penner to FA, Neidermayer and Selannemand had to move fast on Getzlaf giving him an over zealous amount.

Richards is a better all around player and was drafted in the same year as Getzlaf being the same age. I don’t feel such a heavy contract is in order yet. I agree with long term, but 5+ mil a year is a lot for a 22 year old with only a quarter of a season of excellent hockey for bargaining power. Richards is the future of the Flyers, but in a league controlled by the CBA, big contracts early on are a dangerous game. I think Richy deserves a 5 year $21.5mil contract. Thats $4.3mil a year and he’ll be 28 once it commences and, if a proven NHL star (which i think he’ll be) he can demand the $7+ mil contract.

Either way, Hartnell has got to go. Can’t have a guy with no numbers making $4.2mil a year while your best player and future leader is making less than $1 mil a year.

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  1. UsedandAbused says:

    I agree. I think Hartnell was coming along until his suspension, however he was never worth the kind of money he got. He will have to be moved.

  2. Archion113 says:

    I don't know about that.  He's played 23 games with the Flyers and hasn't had a consistent line mate yet. 

    I'd like an entire year maybe two with him to see what he can bring to the table.  The guy is still in his mid 20's, a lot of the Elite forwards didn't reach the status until those years.

    Be patient with the guy.  We paid for the potential, and some won't even give him a chance to fill in the potential.

    He's learning a new system of Hockey while playing with people he's never played with.  Time will tell though…

  3. UsedandAbused says:

    Don't get me wrong, I like Hartnell. I agree he is still young and has some upside. I am just thinking about everyone we have to sign and whether or not we will have enough cap space. We have to lock up Richards, Umberger, Carter, Smith, Randy Jones, and anyone else I am missing. I am not sure how long Lupel and Upshall are signed for? So I think the 4 million Hartnell is getting would be better suited with some of our other players if our cap space is tight. I don't think Hartnell's play equals his pay to be quite frank, not that I want to give up on him, but I think some of our other young players have more potential then Hartnell.  

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