Florida Panthers Ready To Become Sellers At Deadline?

Hey everybody I heard on the Darren Dreger insider that the Florida Panthers will be sellers at the trade deadline here are some names that I keep on hearing example Nathen Horton, Olli Jokinen, Todd Bertuzzi, Gary Roberts those are the names that I keep on hearing that the Florida Panthers will sell!!!!!

Here are the teams that will get them.

Todd Bertuzzi (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Olli Jokinen (Anaheim Ducks)
Nathen Horton (Dallas Stars)
Joseph Stumpel (Vancouver Canucks)
Martin Gellinas ( New York Rangers)
Gary Roberts ( Ottawa Senators)
What does everybody think?

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  1. NHLman says:

    Why would the Rangers want Gellinas? They would more likely go for Stumpel.

  2. jjm301 says:

    I would like to see the Pens acquire a strong physical winger like Bertuzzi.  He would look great along side Sid. 
    Trade Malone and a pick/prospect for him.  If not Bertuzzi I would be open to Geurin or Tkachuk.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    they probably trade Chris Gratton. no chance they trade Jokinen.

    i don’t think the Leafs are in a position to go after Bertuzzi. a contender would be willing to pay much more than a bubble team and it will take a lot to get him.

  4. senators101 says:

    He's also the guy at the beginning of the season that said The first Gm and Coach to  be fired was going to be muckler and brian murray and said ottawa wasn't making the playoffs.  This was like a week into the season.  Dont listen to anything he says… the only way he's right is if he got the information from someone else.  Plain and simple, he's an idiot.

  5. bleedingblu says:

    Maybe Pittsburgh should make a move for Chris Gratton.

    I don't like the idea of Gary Roberts coming to Toronto because he will want a contract next year too. Even though I think Roberts is great, but he is was too injury prone right now.

    If Olli gets traded, it will be to a western team…. maybe Anaheim?

  6. bleedingblu says:

    If Montreal really wanted to compete they would go for Gary Roberts! He'll put life in a soul-less team.

  7. DJTOKid says:

    The Leafs should totally go after Bertuzzi, he would be a great fit beside Sundin. We all know that Bert an play well with swedes…lol. I think aquiring Bertuzzi would be the right move to give the Leafs that extra push for the playoffs.

  8. muckies says:

    I like the idea of Gary Roberts coming to Ottawa, but 5 years ago. The Sens are a fast and young team, and Roberts is old and slow and injured a lot. And it just wouldn't work to have him coming in and out if the line-up all the time for the Sens.

    The Sens are fine the way they are. They have tons of leadership from players like Redden, Heatley, Spezza, Fisher, Neil, and on ice leadership from guys like Alfie, Volchenkov, Kelly, Phillips and Emery. Their coach has seen it all and now it is a matter of executing and playing tough, smart hockey to get into the playoffs and then make a playoff run.  

    I don't know how much Roberts makes this team better, but if he does come he'd look great on the wing with Spezza-Heatley, or on the seocnd line as a checker with Alfie

    Vermette –  Spezza -Heatley
    Roberts – Comrie – Alfie
    Schaffer -Fisher – Neil
    Eaves -Kelly -Maccamond


    Roberts -Spezza – Heatley
    Vermette – Comrie -Alfie
    Kelly -Fisher – Neil
    Schaffer -Maccamond – Eaves

  9. Retard says:

    To Florida:  Martin Gerber
                          Denis Hamel
                         Peter Schaefer
                         Daniel Alfredsson
                         2nd Round Pick

    To Ottawa:   Gary Roberts
                            Alex Auld
                            Martin Gelinas
                            Olli Jokinen


                          Redden-Meszaros                      Phillips-Preissing
                          Corvo-Volchenkov                      Schubert-Allison

  10. Retard says:

    and bertuzzi also going to ottawa playing on 4th line… forgot to put that

  11. kamullia says:

    I am all for a strong physical winger, but one that fits the mold of the Penguins, and Bertuzzi is not it. To begin with, ever since the incident, he has not been halfway as physical as he used to be in Vancouver, and to top it off he has serious issues with his back, as this season has proven, and that is hardly the type of Achilles-heal that a power-forward can afford.

    The Penguins are a young team, and whoever goes to the Pens cannot be a rent-a-player either, something I consider all of the names you suggested would be with the Pens. It is not worth for the Pens to give up the price that any of these players will require, just to see them leave too soon, being that the Pens are not quite yet a Stanly Cup final team. And none of them will be as effective two to three years from now, when the Pens will really need them for that serious run.

    Again I totally agree that the Pens could use a strong power-forward, and I also agree with dispensing of Malone and a pick for the right player. If not, if Shero decides to get a rental, then by all means, but not at a high price tag, and Shero has said to that effect already, and even reinforced it last night.

    In a television interview during the Preds game, Shero said that the market was quite expensive. He stated that there were very few sellers, which he estimated around 5, and that the other 25 teams were buyers, and that had driven prices up way high. Therefore do not expect any names that other teams will be willing to pay up the high costs (i.e. serious cup contenders) to be going to the Pens, because Shero will not even try to outbid anyone. He is thinking long-term future, and I totally agree. If the kids get into the playoffs as is, that’s great and wonderful, let them soak up the experience because they will need it for the real run, which won’t be this year.

  12. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I think that Gary Roberts would be a perfect fit for the Ottawa Senators and he would come up with the timly goals that would energize the team and they would be able to come back from more one goal games and Gary Roberts plays the team game and Gary Roberts would be a mentor for Jason Spezza and Gary Roberts and Jason Spezza are good friends and they train during the off season together and that is why Gary Roberts would be a great fit with the Ottawa Senators!!!!!

    Here are the lines.

  13. TheDonkey says:

    So the Leafs, already totally handcuffed in cap space due to huge contracts doled to average players, should keep heading down that road and pick up Bert?  They need to dump big contracts, not add them.

  14. TheDonkey says:

    If they can get him for cheap, maybe the Flames would be interested in Jellynuts for some more depth at forward.  Sutter always liked him and he was their clutch guy in the playoffs during their good run.    I can't imagine it would take too much to get him.

  15. jjm301 says:

    I saw the same interview last night and that statement appears to be right on. Hopefully Shero will come up with something to give the team a little more strength on the wing. I like out chemistry right now and don’t want to see anything drastic done to disrupt it. Talbot, Armstrong, Whitney, Christensen Ouellet, and Fleury have been playing together for a few years now and have developed nicely. I really like the way Ouellet has been playing since being placed with Malkin and Staal.

    I just hope we keep playing well and finish off this week with two wins, the Toronto game should be a tough one, but one we need to win to get some separation. Being tied for 5th place is nice but we are only 3 pts up on the leafs.

  16. kwels42 says:

    I think all of those players may go to those teams but i highly doubt gary roberts going to otawa

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