Flyers Acquire Lapointe

The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired veteran forward Claude Lapointe from the New York Islanders in exchange for the Islanders’ 5th round pickDrafted by the Quebec Nordiques in the 12th round (234th overall) in 1988, Lapointe has posted 6 goals and 6 assists in 66 games played this season.


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  1. mikster says:

    There goes the grinder that Clarke wanted. Claude is 34 years old, a minus career player, small……and makes $1.2M.

    What for? They don’t need this guy. Clarke just wasted a pick and money for nothing. Good job by the Isle’s. They got rid of a nobody.

  2. titans says:


  3. Goldenscud says:

    WHY????????????????????? We already have too many of these types of guys. SACCO, WARRINER, MURRAY, etc. etc. I hate this fucking team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TheMinister says:

    This is a disrepect to a player that had been around the island during their brutal years, being the most consisitent performer, and had shown loyalty in resigning there. For a fifth round pick, they should have kept him.

  5. titans says:

    I hear ya buddy! Do we go down with the ship or jump off now?

  6. NHL_expert says:

    this move really leaves me scratchimg my head. The flyers are in my view, one top line scorer away from being a contender, ive got to believe that Gagne is a goner, stay tuned…….these are the kinda moves a GM makes when he not pulling the trigger on a big one, chips away with these minor deals to look active trying to save face, in reality these guys wont even be here next year.

  7. NHL_expert says:

    keep your pants on till tuesday, Ive got this feeling Ignila’s on his way over, if not there is no excuse or reason why they couldnt have landed Nolan, hell I would have shipped Gagne out for him as well, Gagne is softer than some girls i know that play hockey

  8. WeStSiDe says:

    I think Clarke is going to trade away Gagne and Williams for a scorer.. Although it may haunt him if they dont go far…

  9. WeStSiDe says:

    Iggy isnt going anywhere, unless Clark offers Williams, Gagne and a prospect like Woywitka..

  10. NemiNA says:

    why arent any of the big sites reporting this trade. not even the team’s sites have it up there? did this trade just hapen or is it just a crock of shit like i hope it is?

  11. Roberts4ever says:

    adding minor parts to the puzzle isn’t all bad. Look at what happened when last year the Flyers traded for Oates who had no effect and left at the end of the year…at the high price of a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd draft pick, not to mention Maxime Oullett, who is going to be an awesome goalie some day.

  12. mikster says:

    Let me change my view on this trade. First of all, I still say Clarke is a smart GM.

    He’s been getting Lapointe (he shows up…but has little effect on anything, but he at least works), Warriner, Sacco, and Yushkevich.

    This could mean he will make a trade to land someone big by giving up someone like Murray, Williams, Gagne, Seidenberg.

    Deadline is still two days away. Clarke is not done.

  13. mikster says:

    Look at

  14. titans says:

    Oh unfortunatly its true, is reporting it!

  15. NHL_expert says:

    i think gags, woywitka, and a 1st rounder(10) would get him outta there, maybe another prospect, hes leaving Calgary, it just might not be this year………

  16. amazing_jesse says:

    Clarke is brilliant! He gets Kapannen for goals and Lapointe for grit. Goals and grit! Just like Nolan. And a lot cheaper too!

    Lapointe + Kapannen = Cup

    Nolan who?

  17. titans says:

    Now your just teasing me!

  18. Pock says:

    Before everyone goes critizing Lapointe or Clarke, look a little closer at the over all picture. If any of you watched the Isles/Leafs series last year you would know it waas an all out war. Any series the leafs go into for that matter its and all out war. Knowing that Philly and Toronto meet in the first round, he has to be prepared for a long drown out hard hitting series. I think this is a good move personally. Clarke is still gonna go out and get a scorer, don’t worry about that.

  19. NHL_expert says:

    ACTIONS clarkie, we need to see some fuckin action here, grab your balls, send Gagne packing and pull the trigger on a big time scorer will ya, were close, damn close, when you play this well on defense your in every game, add a scorer to the mix and all of a sudden your a contender, DO IT.

  20. Goldenscud says:

    Our only hope is that there are no more icebergs and someone will toss us a life preserver on Tuesday!!!!

  21. Goldenscud says:

    No problem with that. I’d even throw in Warriner and Sacco too!

  22. amazing_jesse says:

    If this is a pre-move by Clarke for Iginla, then so be it. But if it is going to take Woywitka, Williams, Gagne + another player off the Flyer roster, I don’t know, that is very rich, and is it really necessary?

  23. Goldenscud says:

    If Clarke is planning a big move, maybe my dream of IGGY isn’t so far off. I would love to tell all those detracters about IGGY coming ot Philly that I was right.

  24. Goldenscud says:

    Please, I hope so. Those guys are haunting me right now.

  25. MossRocks says:

    Lapointe is a very good penalty killer and pretty solid in the faceoff circle. He might not be exactly what they are looking for, but he is some solid veteran depth that they need.

  26. Goldenscud says:

    Um, where are the goals? Kappanan has 1. Nolan has more goals in one game with the Leafs than Kappanan has had in many with the Flyers. Please tell me you are joking – I need a laugh after this trade.

  27. Goldenscud says:

    If they do something significant on Tuesday then I will be in total agreement with you.

  28. BobClarkeRules says:

    So far I’m a tad disappointed Clarke hasn’t pulled the trigger on a blockbuster. But I’ve got some patience. I don’t mind minor deals like this. The Flyers have been snake bitten by injuries this season. What if more injuries pop up? I think it’s a good idea to acquire this additional depth/leadership in case we go deep into the playoffs. Does this depth give us the green light to package some guys for a big name? I hope so because this offense needs some major pick me up. The only question is whether it comes from Leclair, Gagne, or a trade. I personally hope all three. With Toronto doing what they have to do to improve, I think it would be a prudent move by Clarke to take on some additional salary and acquire a Selanne type player, etc. Wing, especially RW to me, is a glaring need. It needs to be improved. This is a well coached, solid team that seems to be only one piece away from being a real contender. Measures should be taken to get that extra spark and go for it all this year. I’m tired of waiting. I want a Cup already!

  29. WeStSiDe says:

    That would probably break the deal lol.. Why would they want them? Extra salary is all that is…

  30. nskerr says:

    You Flyer fans are retarded. LaPointe has a knack for getting to the puck. He is an excellent penalty killer and is a leader. He also doesn’t ever get injured. You gave up a whopping 5th round pick for him. It’s not like Clarke knows how to run a draft anyway. The Isles are trying to get rid of some salary. The Flyers could do a lot worse. I wish Lapointe the best. He put up with a tremendous amount of crap on the Isles and stuck with the team.

  31. BobClarkeRules says:

    Clarke has had greater success in the draft than you give him credit for. Here’s a list of some notable players drafted by the Flyers since Clarke was rehired in 1994: Johan Hedberg, Brian Boucher, Radovan Somik, Dimitri Tertyshny(RIP), Dainius Zubrus, Jean-Marc Pelletier, Todd Fedoruk, Simon Gagne, Bruno St. Jacques, Maxime Oueltte, Justin Williams, Roman Cechmanek, Jeff Woywitka, Denis Seidenberg, and Joni Pitkanen. I don’t think that’s too bad considering the Flyers typically pick later in the draft most years. Even if drafting isn’t a strength of Clarke’s, he makes up for that with trades or signings. I’d put Clarke’s results up there against any GM in the league and there probably wouldn’t be much of a difference. The draft is more of a crap shoot in hockey than any other sport. So I don’t think there’s really any GM that has done a stellar job. Do you agree? Prove me wrong!

  32. dag12 says:

    Maybe Murray now becomes a throw-in for a top scorer.I could see Gagne,Williams,and Murray being shipped to L.A. for Palffy.Then Marty would get to play for his uncle,who is the head coach of the Kings.

  33. Goldenscud says:

    Well we almost have 4 whole lines of grinders, right? What’s next, a return of Tent Klatt? I am praying that there is a light at the end of this dark and terrible tunnel.

  34. flyav says:

    This was a good move by Clarke. Lapoint is worth more than a fifth rd draft pick so there is no way we got ripped he may not be worth the money but that is snyder’s problem not mine so good trade Clarke now get us Ignila who is worth giving up Williams and or Gagne for

  35. orangestreak73 says:

    Lapointe is an excellent pick up. He is a good guy who leads by example and HE HAS HEART. The Flyers really need more guys who play with heart. If the Flyers keep plugging in players with heart (as well as 1 high level forward) they will get much further in the playoffs this year.

  36. orangestreak73 says:


    He’d be nice on Philly…

    (insert Cheshire Cat smile)

  37. orangestreak73 says:

    Clarke will come through…

    He knows Gags is done and can’t be dumb enough to believe LeClair will be 100% when he steps on the ice for the 1st time. Clarke WILL bring in a notable player.

  38. orangestreak73 says:

    If Clarke lands Palffy, I will plant a big kiss on Clarkie’s face (I’m secure with my manhood).

  39. orangestreak73 says:

    Um, Marty Murray originally played for the Flames. Maybe they’re jealous that we got him playing well…


  40. orangestreak73 says:

    Well, one point of defense for Clarkie is he literally has to fend off the other teams looking for a “big gun” with a stick. He has until Tuesday. Let him take his time. We don’t want another Oates for a crapload deal.

  41. titans says:

    Heart will only take you so far when you can’t score more than two goals a game.

  42. titans says:

    Do you really believe that? How many more trades do you think Clarke has in him? For that matter how much money do you think he has in his wallet? All these aquisitions of crappy players, Kappanen, Wariner, Yuskevich so on and so fourth…well they make alot of money. And that money adds up! Clarke has repetedly stated he doesn’t want his salary going sky high, well it is! So do you think after aquiring all these 2-3 million dollar players he’s gonna go out and get a 6-8 million dollar player?? Me neither!

  43. amazing_jesse says:

    Sorry, I was joking. My mother always said, “It is not right to take pleasure in another’s misfortune, except for when it involves the Philadelphia Flyers.” God Bless her soul.

  44. titans says:

    All you Flyers fans like me hoping Clarke will make a huge deal in the coming days, do you think were getting Satan, Iginla or Pallfy do you really believe that? How many more trades do you think Clarke has in him? He’s already made like 30 of em’. For that matter how much money do you think he has in his wallet? All these aquisitions of crappy players, Kappanen, Wariner, Yuskevich so on and so fourth…well they make alot of money. And that money adds up! Clarke has repetedly stated he doesn’t want his salary going sky high, well it is! So do you think after aquiring all these 2-3 million dollar players he’s gonna go out and get a 6-8 million dollar player?? Me neither! Now I want to see Satan in Flyers orange and black more than anyone, but it’s not gonna happen!

  45. UsedandAbused says:

    Dam… Calm down! Its just a move to get some more depth. Its a smart one to. What the hell is a 5th round pick worth anyways? Plus if we are gonna play Toronto, Lapointe isn’t a bad guy to have. The big move may still be just ahead!

  46. matteo says:

    Clarkie knows what he’s doing. This quote from the Flyers web site tells me that Clarkie isn’t having delusions and that he has a plan and he is following it.

    Claude Lapointe is a very good faceoff man, a gritty player and an intelligent player with a great work ethic,” said Clarke in making the announcement. “He upgrades the penalty killing unit and the other lines. He can play wing or center and will be an extremely useful player for us. He is a great checker and for the style of game that we play, he is an in-your-face player. We think that you can’t have enough depth and that he will be a regular for us.”

    Clark knows what kind of player Lapointe is and will use him accordingly. Like soneone said here earlier, and I have said here a million times….the Cup isn’t won by your first line, it is won in the trenches by your 2 and 3 lines. Lapointe makes us that much better.

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