The Philadelphia Flyers have defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in seven games in the opening round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs!!

The Flyers won Tuesday night after one of the hardest fought series in both teams histories. A series which featured fighting, diving, hitting, high sticking an occasional goal scored. The series started out in fashion in game one with a fight between goon Donald Brashear and Leafs goon Tie Domi and never looked back from there! Throughout the seven game opening round several players including stars Alex Mogilny and Jeremy Roenick suffered vicious hits at the hands of the other team. We also were able to witness medical history when in game 4 Darcey Tucker was able to come back from the dead on the Ice of the Air Canada Center.

Looking at the stars of the series you have towards Flyers goalie Roman Cechmanek who hopefully silenced critics of him who said he couldn’t win in the playoffs. Roman was solid throughout the seven games and countless overtimes played. Other players who performed admirably were Jeremy Roenick and Sami Kappanen (two goals in the crucial game 5)

So the Leafs are no more and now come the Sens. Ottawa dispatched the Islanders with relative ease and have had a week to rest and prepare for round two. Also Philadelphia will be without it’s best defenseman Eric DesJardins who will be lost for 2 weeks, at least, with a broken foot.

So Toronto, thanks for the memories, and commence with the excuse making!