Flyers Done?

Lets face it guys. The Flyers are banged up and have KEY injuries, and it is beginning to show…Zhamnov, Roenick, Gagné, and Amonte have all failed to contribute in this series. Personally I think Zhamnov might be playing with an undisclosed injury, and we all know JR is playing with a concussion. As for the defense… It’s all sorts of banged up.

There are a few things that need to happen for the Flyers to win this series. First they need to score first the rest of the series. Robert Esche has to be their best player for the rest of the series. He has been good, but not great in this series. If Esche doesn’t raise his level of play, Flyers will NOT win this series. Someone other then Primeau has to come up big in this series. Primeau’s line has been the only consistent line to out play the opposition in the postseason. Zhamnov, Roenick, Gagné or Amonte are going to have to come through big in this series. Tampa Bay has been very fortunate this year in regards to injuries, and that is going to be a HUGE advantage. Finally Flyers have to play more physical. They need to bring it to Tampa. There are no more two days off between games, which really have been a blessing in disguise for Tampa. They are young and heal faster, as both their wins showed after a few days off.

My Prediction: Well as much as I hate to say it, I think the Flyers are going to lose in 7 (Yeah I know… Look at the odds – not a hard call). While Esche has had a solid post season, I think Khabibulin is the better goalie. Unfortunately the Flyers special teams have disappeared as well. They can’t score a power play and they can’t stop one. Unfortunately their opposition has been averaging more power plays per game (Do the math). Primeau has been superb, but he is only mortal. More of their stars have to pick it up, yet they haven’t. Flyers may very well take game six, but they haven’t shown me they can take game 7.

Officiating: These Refs SUCK! I read some earlier post ripping Flyers fans for complaining about officiating. The fact is the officiating has been horrible ALL playoffs. Not just for the Flyers, but for every other team as well. It is just plain inconsistent, which is why so many fans complain when their team loses. My point is that there a bad calls every game on both ends, and the fans complaining have valid arguments. Though it does seem the Flyers consistently get more penalties then their opposition, either way a true championship team has to overcome bad calls.

Well if the Flyers want to win the cup they will have to beat the odds like their nemeses NJ has done so many times. Just look at last year when NJ came back against Ottawa when they were in the same position as the Flyers. Though NJ has Brodeur and Stevens, when we have Primeau and Esche. I guess we will see just how good Esche is. What do you guys think?

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