Flyers flying high

The Flyers have been off to a great start this season, arguably the best team in the NHL right now. However, like every team in the NHL the flyers are going to try and improve themselves as the season goes on. Below I am going to look at a few players who might find themselves playing in a new city sometime this season…Pavel Brendl-he’s played well, but really isn’t getting any opporitunity in Philly. Still, one must wonder if he will live up to his potential or is Pavel Brendl a bust? Chicago has surfaced in a few rumors noted on and Spector’s site. Personally, I would like to see Brendl when he gets a chance to play with Handzus and Somik on a line, I think that could definetly be a productive line. It seems he’s on the trading block though so we’ll just have to see what happens with Brendl.

Dan McGillis-Dan has been a solid defensemen here, but a few days ago was benched and may be in Hitch’s doghouse. I would definetly like to see some better offensive numbers from McGillis, but he’s hasn’t been very productive in the offensive zone the past 2 years. I remember him having a cannon from the point, he just has been reluctant to shoot or has not had the chances it seems. He was mentioned in a potential deal with Boston for a certain injury prone defender, not sure how if that’s who the flyers need though. I’d sooner see them try to deal him to a team like the sharks perhaps with St. Jaques for Suart who remains unsigned. Which brings up another player…

Bruno St. Jaques-He was given Luke Richardson’s spot on the roster and lost it to Denis Seidenburg in a close battle for the last spot. Seidneburg has since proved he definetly earned the spot in his blistering slapshots from the point. Bruno may have lost his chance to play for the flyers and be sent packing due to simply a logjam of defensive prospects. I doubt the flyers will keep him with the phantoms when they could probably deal him with another player to gain a decnt addition to the team.

Finally, I would like to go so far as to assure everyone that the flyers will not add a goaltender this season. Hitch has 2 solid goalies in Checkmanek and Esche. Chechmanek is playing well in goal, occasionally giving up some week goals in blowout games, but when the games have been tight, Chechmanek has been very good. Esche has played great backing up Chechmanek and definetly proved he can take this team should an injury or poor play on Chechmanek’s part require him to start for an extended period of time. Right now, Esche and Handzus are defiinetly benefitting from the change of scenery, playing great and making Clarke look like a genius for aquiring them for just Boucher.

That’s all I have for now…

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  1. Rushing says:

    I’m sure most of us Dallas Stars fans will trade Scott Young for one of yours right now. LOL

  2. rrudd says:

    can’t wait to see the stars play hitch in the Cup finals.

  3. big_booty says:

    I think you are wrong on all three counts.

    McGillis was benched for one game, but he is back in the starting lineup. He is off to a somewhat slow start, but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that he is adjusting to life without Luke Richardson. McGillis and Richardson played together for the better part of five seasons together, and all of a sudden big Dan is paired with a smaller rookie from Germany. He will be fine, he is the Flyers’ steadiest d-man.

    St. Jacques did lose out on a roster spot, but the Flyers still project him as a top four defender. He needs to learn from the experience he had in training camp that he can’t take anything for granted. He will be a Flyer in the future, whether this year as a call-up or on the roster for keeps next year. They don’t want to give up on this kid.

    As for Brendl, his is still improving. He has made more progress in the past six months than he has in his entire pro career. He is Ken Hitchkock’s personal pet project, and the Flyers have the luxury of being patient with him. He will continue to improve. He has already learned that it takes hard work to succeed in the NHL. I don’t expect him to be moved, but it would take a pretty good package to get him to change sweaters.

    The Flyers in no way need to make a trade right now, and there is no reason to believe that they will do so in the future. They are playing some of the best hockey in the league right now, and it would be foolish to try and fiddle with the chemistry they have.

    They don’t need Brad Stuart (like the rumors state), as attractive as he might look.

  4. calflyers says:

    everything well said!

    they should keep Brendl (unless they get blown away with an offer)

    if it ain’t broke…

  5. saiklo says:

    The Flyers always seem to be one of the leagues best, but they also never deliver when it matters the most.

  6. vasko says:

    I agree with you on McGillis and St. Jaques. Saying Brendl has improved is like saying he has moved up from awful to terrible. He still stops skating much of the time (a”no-no” in Hitch’s system). He can not afford that because he is neither quick nor fast. I think Hitch is doing the right thing with Brendl. When he gives and effort, he gets another shift. When he does

    not, as in Tuesday’s game, he mostly sits.

    The Flyers will need to make a trade for a defenseman. Desjardin is playing on smarts and still playing too many minutes.

    Kim Jonsson wars down in the second half as Seidenberg probably will. Brad Stuart would be nice addition.

  7. mikster says:

    You are overrating Brendl’s progress. The only thing i’ve seen changing in him, since watching him in first NHL training camp, is his work ethic and just not sitting around in the neutal zone.

    For the rest though, he looks the same. He is worth trading and Clarke is probably willing to shop him right now. He is almost a bust, and i doubt Clarke will keep him when he can improve the team by trading Brendl. Who would be dumb enough to take him? Well, he has a pretty good chance in Pittsburgh, but Waddell might go for it.

  8. UsedandAbused says:

    I think Jersey just brought them back to reality! Unfortunately….

  9. -Swizz- says:

    hell ya! shut’em out good!

  10. aafiv says:

    On the way home from the Flyers game last night I was listening to WIP and there is a definite sense that any these moves may be coming. Of course these *are* all rumors but they are widely held at the moment.

    Brendl does, in fact, suck and is not improving. If he were, he’d be playing hockey which he is not. The only reason not to trade him now is that his value is in the toilet.

    McGillis does seem to be in a funk and may well not be fitting into the system that Hitch has in place. He looked more like Desjardins than himself last night. It isn’t unreasonable given management’s stated aim to move people who do not fit in to think that he may be traded. I will agree with you somewhat in that I think Clarke would wait to give him a chance first. The season is still young.

  11. philly16 says:

    Brendl will be gone before they reach the playoffs, it’s just a matter of waiting to find a decent player in return….Niinamaa for McGillis was a poor trade to begin with but the Flyers were trying to bulk up at the time and they make a mistake, I would like to see him shipped off in the near future and see what Bruno can do….2 solid goalies???? I’m not sure if you’ve seen very many games but they need better goaltending. Management might not admit it but they won’t go anywhere in the playoffs with these two guys.

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