Flyer's Goalie rumors circulating

Reports from the Toronto Sun say that the Flyers have been actively perusing goaltenders. Two names which came up that the sun believes could be Flyers by the trade deadline are Nikolai Khabibulin and Dominik Hasek. Hasek’s injuries and health are a gamble and the wings are gaining trust in Cujo it now seems that a trade involving Hasek rather than Cujo is the most likely route for the Wings. On the other side the one I myself would prefer for the Flyers is Khabibulin. The lightning seem reluctant to pay The Bulin wall $6.5 million next season and would like to trade him. GM Clarke obviously denied the rumors of pursuing Netminders but you can never really believe what he says i.e. Mike Comrie.

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  1. scottyboy says:

    Imagine how good of a team the Flyers would be if they had a decent goalie? I believe they would make it atleast to the Stanley Cup Finals, and that hurts me to say that because I’m a Leafs Fan. And yes, Khabibulin would be the much better choice over Hasek, but would probably cost more in a trade, maybe Jeff Carter and a pick?

  2. TC_4 says:

    Flyers fans surprised??? You shouldn’t be. That’s the only hole on this team. I’m a Jeff Hackett fan, but Clarke knew he could have got Joseph before July 1st(when they signed Hack). Now Cujo is back to being Cujo in Hockey town(the right move by the way to keep him), and I would take Nikoli over Hasek. Hasek is injury prone, and a head case. With Nick, yes he has a huge option after this season(6.8 mil), but I believe that’s a bigger reason to go get him if your Philly. Handzus and Hackett(while eating about a mil of Hack’s contract)for Khabibulin should be about right.

  3. The_Conductor says:

    Doesn’t Hasek have some kind of no-trade in his contract?

    Who would they trade for either goalie?

  4. TC_4 says:

    Not Carter. Philly should in no way deal Carter, he’s too good of prospect. Add to that, Tampa is going to want someone younger, but still established, plus a backup. Hack and Handzus.

  5. Lint07 says:

    Totally wrong.

    Everybody knows that Bobby Clarke will get another forward at the deadline once he realize that once again his 2 goalies won’t cut it through the playoffs.

    well, that’s the Clarke way to do it, though.

  6. nocuphere says:

    Richards and a pick sounds like a better option……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    For Trevor Kidd!! haha

    What do you think man? Can we swing it?

    We’ll even toss in a harpoon along with Kidder.

    TBay isn’t going to make a move. They are looking alot better lately and in that division you’re never out of it.

  7. Aetherial says:

    hahahahah too true!

    I could see him picking up a Rico Fata or perhaps Pierre Turgeon 😉

  8. TC_4 says:

    Scratch my previous comments, Lint’s right on the money!!! What was I thinking??? Clarke thinking he needs a goaltender, hahahahahahaha!

  9. Bishop7979 says:

    I said this about a week ago in a repy to a post about cujo.

    He’s the better of the three goalies right now. he has played the most games and has the best stats, plus he has to have the respect of his teamates right now because of the way he has handled the whole situation with total professionalism, while bailing the team out. If i were the wings i would want Cujo back stopping my team. And if hasek wants to finish out the year as a “starter” he’s going to have to waive his no trade clause.

    I think that Khabibulin is the better choice, the logical choice, given age ability and health. that being said Hasek will be a flyer by seasons end. Bobby Clarke you’re a stupid basta. . . sorry that just slipped out.

    But if Hasek is healthy, and thats a big if, he is the player that gets the flyers into the finals. And as I said before, even though I dislike both the wings and the flyers, a cujo backstopped wings team, complete with healthy hatcher and chelios against a hasek backed philly team with big guys like JR Leclair Premeau Handzus and Brashear could be one of the most enteraining finals in recent history.

    old time hockey

  10. Bishop7979 says:

    He has a no trade clause both this year and on his option year.

    but given how cujo has played, and given how fragile hasek has been, i think holland will go with cujo. meaning if hasek wants to be the starter on a cup contender hes might have to waive his no trade clause.

    at that point if holland can trade both hasek and his ego he probably will. I mean regardless of how he has played he still has the reputation of being hasek, and that alone might be enough to warrant a trade in someones mind

  11. Bishop7979 says:

    I think handzus is the guy to go after from philly if your TB/Detroit, but hackett isnt of much value right now, and (i know you didnt mention detroit but) detroit already has 2 other goalies, and TB looks like its confident that Grahame is going to be their goalie, and we already saw in boston that a Hackett/Grahame tandem didnt work.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    too cruel

  13. Bishop7979 says:

    OK so i know this is my second post in like 10 minutes about this but im bored at work so hear me out.

    Ok so we all know that Clarkes judge of goaltending talent is suspect at best, but there are two other players that could be thrown into the mix that might now be the best choice, but they could be clarkes choice.

    Brent Johnston was waived today but the blues according to spectors web site. once upon a time he was considered the goalie of the future for the blues, could be be the goalie of the present for the flyers? hmm probably not

    Burke. well a clarke cast off is starting to look like his old self in the desert, but how long that will last is anyones guess, but if boucher still looks strong come months end i think that makes burke’s expendable. and lets face it, the big man would fit in with the flyers forwards come picture time.

    but i’ve saved the best for last . . . after months of scouting, of sifting through all the available players here he is . . . introducing the next generation of bobby clarke goalie, the little latvian whose all heart . . . artie irbe.

  14. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, I just meant that package going to T-bay for Nick. But your very right that Hack and Grahame didn’t fly in Boston. But at the same time you need to get Tampa a backup, and you don’t want to deal Esche away.

  15. Wills says:

    His Hasek got traded to Philly, he would drive Clarke insane, I would love to see that. I wouldn’t mind seeing Cujo and the Wings vs. Hasek and Philly in the finals, what a storyline that would be.

  16. trailerparkboys says:

    I would rather see cujo with philly or any other team !! and meet Hasek and Detroit in the final and kick there ass.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Leaf_Expert_hater says:

    Booty? Titans? Any thoughts?

  18. WeStSiDe says:

    There will be a number of goalies available, another one being Sean Burke. The main question is whether Clarke wants to go out and try to re address it, and admit that his prior moves were wrong. As well, what do you do with Hackett if you aquire another tender? Or, do they truly believe this 2 goalie system can bring take them all the way?

  19. Freeze says:

    Seems to me Clarke already had a pretty good goalie in Brian Boucher and Clarke dumped him. How would Clarke ever know which goalie to trade for?

  20. UsedandAbused says:

    I would love to see the Flyers get a decent goalie…. I can just see it now… Flyers get Hasek and he ends up getting injured for the year. Oh well… Hopefully they get Khabibulin. In the meantime I am concentrating on E-A-G-L-E-S! ! ! (Please don’t choke this year)

  21. UsedandAbused says:

    I still think Boucher is going to emerge into a great goaltender!

  22. rojoke says:

    I can’t see TB trading “The Wall” to another team in the East. The Lightning are going to finish either 3rd by winning the division or at the bottom of the playoff teams, 7th or 8th. Either way, they could end up facing the Flyers in the first or second round, as the Flyers could finish in the top three by winning their division, or at the worst 5th. Would you want to face your former goalie in a playoff round, especially an early playoff round? I think their best bet is out West, where it could end up being Roman Turek. If Kiprusoff comes off injury and plays like he did when they got him, Turek will be available, and probably for less than Khabibulin would be. Then there’s Sean Burke (again), or maybe even Olaf Kolzig in Washington. Kolzig has been to a Cup final, so Clarke knows that he can get them there. I would be very surprised if Khabi ended up a Flyer.

  23. ManillaKilla says:

    If they go with Khabibulin the goalie questions are still going to be there. Khabibulin has yet to do anything.

  24. ManillaKilla says:

    he accepted a two million dollar pay cut for a no-trade clause

  25. HOTROD17 says:

    I’d rather try and get Manny Lagace from detroit than Hasek or that over rated golie in Tampa!!!!!

  26. TC_4 says:

    True. All though he’s never been the reason his team’s have lost. In 96 against Detroit(the 132 point team)he was a bounce or 2 away from stealing the series from them.

  27. hoser24 says:

    Boucher is alright, but Esche is just as good AND younger…and they got a solid center in Handzus. That was actually good trade by Clarke.

  28. Freeze says:

    Esche has played in only one playoff game in his career – last year. We’ll see come playoff time how Esche does. That will be his big test.

    In the meantime, Boucher recently set the record for most consecutive shutouts and he did it on a team that’s not as talented as the Flyers. If the season ended today, Phoenix would miss the playoffs.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean that Boucher would make a good playoff goalie. Boucher last played in the playoffs in 2002 in only 2 games. He was 1.38 GAA and .939 SV%.

  29. big_booty says:

    Why don’t you break your own back while trying to fellate yourself?

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