Flyers/ Hurricanes to make a deal??? is suggesting that the Carolina Hurricanes may be looking to add either Geoff Sanderson or Kyle Calder of the Flyers to their roster for the playoff drive.

The Carolina Hurricanes have not played as well this year as they did when they won the cup last spring. When they won the cup they had playoff rentals such as Doug Weight and Mark Recchi in their line up. While Sanderson or Calder are not in the same class as Weight or Recchi they may be the catalyst to ensure that they make the playoffs this season.

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8 Responses to Flyers/ Hurricanes to make a deal???

  1. Saku_Koivu11 says:

    I could see sanderson goin there because i think he was drafted by hartford.

  2. flyersfan10897 says:

    If the "prices" for trades are as high as all the GMs are saying, I would guess the Flyers would try to get something like a decent prospect and a pick, 3rd or 4th round for either player, or just a 2nd rounder.  Calder, though he would be a rental player, is somewhat similar to erik cole (or at least he used to be), and he has picked up his game recently, so the Flyers might try to pull a little more out of the canes, or whichever team wants them.  Personally, I would have nothing against trading either one or both.  Sanderson would probably help us next year, but Calder is too expensive to play like he did this season.

  3. flyersdan says:

    I think Sanderson could be a nice playoff addition, especially on a team like Carolina, because he can skate and still chip in some goals.  Also ask Henrik Lundqvist (sp?) about his shot.  I'm sure that shoulder is still stinging.

    As for Calder, I'd rather see him resigned at about half the salary.  He was horrible early on but has played well recently and showed promise with Carter and Upshaw.  I'd say try to sign him now if not ship him.

    Since the Canes are deep defensively, I would try to pry a dman as opposed to a pick prospect.  That way if we are lucky enough to trade either Hatcher or Zhitnik at the deadline we have a serviceable replacement.

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I hope Sanderson doesn't go to Carolina. That and the Leafs standing Pat might knock them right out of the playoffs.

  5. TheFish12 says:

    I like the idea of having Sanderson back in the Hurricanes/Whalers franchise as he brings some vetran leadership and speed to burn, two things the Hurricanes are in need of, while Calder is a borderline offensive player with nothing special going for him, a poor man's Eric Cole, and I don't see where he would fit on the crowded wings in Carolina.  I would not play him ahead of Williams, Walker, Stillman, Whitney, Cole or even Ladd.

    If anythign happens, look for
    To Car
    To Phi
    Anton Babchuk

  6. flyersdan says:

    I think Carolina would probably still need to include a 4th or 5th round pick in that deal since Sanderson has another year on the contract, but I'll take it.

  7. neilios says:

    Calder and Zhitnik would be a nice fit in Vancouver they need one more scoring winger and some depth on D.I say give them Chouinard(just for sallary dump),Edler,and a pick.Thats if the Canucks dont get Guerin and Brewer.

  8. flyersdan says:

    Why would Philly take your salary dump?

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