Flyers Injury Update

Intersting update on both Vladimir Malakhov & Robert Esche mysterious ”upper-body injuries”…Tim Panaccio (Philly Inquirer) writes:

“Esche, whose mask was damaged in the second period of that game in Toronto, felt dizzy and dehydrated between periods yesterday, according to team sources. The Flyers suspect it was related to the shot and could be symptomatic of a concussion. Esche was not available for comment.”

Apparently the shot “ringed” his bell a bit. There has been no further update to confirm this repot, from team officials, to this point; however, he was mobile after the injury occurred.

Panaccio also states that Malakhov had some discomfort in his shoulder, after the hit from Tucker in the first. Malakhov states he will be “Fine” and plans to play tomorrow night in Toronto.

The news on the Malakhov front appears to be good, both for himself, as well as the team. He may be the best defenseman the Flyers have had in this series, and he would be missed severely if unable to go in game 6.

As for Esche, looks like we need to hold off on judgment for the time being. We will need to see if he indeed has a concussion, or if he merely had his bell rung. His play has been huge in the playoffs, and it is quite obvious what the impact could be without him.

That is about all we know to this point, and with the series going as it is, I doubt we will ever get the whole story- the off ice games began about a week and a half ago, so there is no reason to think it will end here.

Any news from Toronto on Klee??? This could be just as devastating, as McCabe looked lost out there w/o his partner. A minus 5 rating in a single game? That is a major impact……

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