Flyers Land Jamie Wright

Yesterday the Philadelphia Flyers landed Jamie Wright from the Calgery Flames Organization. I was unable to find much on Mr. Wright but for what it’s worth (not to much if you ask me) here is what I know….Jamie, 26 yrs. old, is a 6 foot 194 pound wing. He scored 2 goals and had 2 assists this season with the Flames in 19 games played. He also had 2 goals and 1 assist with Saint Johns, the Flames AHL affiliate this season. All togetther Jamie has had 12 goals and 20 assists for 32 points along with 50 penalty minutes during his parts of 6 NHL seasons or 120 NHL games. Ok somebody PLEASE tell me that this is not what Clarkie meant when he addmitted that the Flyers needed to start looking for a replacement for Williams. The man drives me insane and I’ll tell you why. Clarke will probablly try and wait it out until LeClair returns and see how it goes. In the mean time the team will strugle and yet another season will go down the tubes; because by the time Clarke decides to do something the team will either be to worn down physically or their state of mind will be down and as any real Flyers fan knows when the Flyers get down on themselves it is a long and very difficult process for them to get out of. Hopefully Clarke will pull something off before it is to late because right now the Flyers are flying and it would be assame to see it all fall apart AGAIN. I love the Flyers and always have and will but the fact of the matter is they are the most frustrating team in hockey to follow period. this is my first article I have ever posted so please let me here those comments good, bad, or ugly.