It appears that there’s another team in the Roberto¬†Luongo sweepstakes.

According to Adrian Dater of the Denver Post, hockey analyst and former NHL player Enrico Ciccone of TVA Sports, and confirmed by TSN’s James Duthie on Twitter, the Philadelphia Flyers are interested in acquiring the services of the veteran goaltender.

Duthie tweeted that the Flyers have inquired about the Canucks goalie, and are in a position where they could buy out current netminder Ilya Bryzgalov in June.

Trade rumours surrounding Luongo have been front and centre with this week’s announcement of a new CBA for the NHL and its players. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers have been the two teams tied most closely to potentially acquiring Luongo.


  1. mojo19 says:

    Good the Flyers are good at making the big splash and outbidding others. Hopefully Holmgren works more of that magic and keeps Luongo away from Toronto.

  2. TimTheBone says:

    I just want to go on record and say, thst while some people around here aren’t completely turned off the idea of luongo, no one here is actively saying that he should be the target for the leafs.

    My point is, lets say hypothetically that another team lands luongo and he steps his game up looks great and wins his cup, i do not want anyone chastising leaf management and saying that they “knew” luongo should have been a major leaf target at all costs. Saying that they were the only ones who thought bobby lou was the guy for the leafs…

    I’m going on record now.

    • doorman says:

      I guess it depends on whether or not anyone actually has said it. I do know a few Leaf fans who want him, no matter what. Me, I am not opposed pending the price. I say this as we are not a deep enough team to sell the farm for him so to speak. For us unlike other teams he is not the final piece. I think Lou is still an above average goalie. Elite, tough call, but with a chip on his shoulder maybe?

    • JoelLeafs says:

      True, but Lu in Philly and Lu in Toronto are vastly different scenarios. I’ll go as far as saying on the right team Lu is a top goalie still and will be for a few more years. Problem is I don’t think anyone realistically (barring crazy FA signings) thinks Toronto is a top team in the next few years. If Lu could be frozen and brought in as is but in 3 years, I think I may be out there saying they have to acquire him.

      For now I’m no board if it costs us a second and 2 prospects excluding the obvious two, it’s a good move that probably should be made. If Philly gets him without sacrificing roster players, and he holds up his end and plays very well for a few seasons, I think it is a very smart move and makes them almost instant contenders.

      Hell, with a few small moves, they could afford to keep both keepers on the books with this year’s weird salary cap.

    • blaze says:

      If Philly could find a way to get rid of Bryz then Lu would be perfect in Philly and could potential win a Cup. This would not happen in Toronto.

      Also no owner would pay that much to buy a player out. Espcially to replace it with a similar contract.

    • mojo19 says:

      I’m not 100% sure I get your point Tim, but I will answer best I can.

      Joel hit the nail on the head here. I think Luongo is capable of stepping up his game, having a few more good years and potentially winning a cup. But he would have a much greater chance of that in Philly or another team that might be close. If he came to Toronto it would still be a pipe dream to win a Cup, and it would take a miracle run from out of nowhere to see it happen. We’re at least 2-3 years away from being Cup contenders, and that’s in a next to best case scenario. Realistically we’re looking at more than that.

      We’re many pieces away, not one. Adding a goalie would be great if we had other pieces in place. I have no problem not getting a goalie for the next while. I want to tank and build properly. That’s where I stand. Just putting it “on record” or whatever.

  3. I said they should go for him. I’ve even said that Morgan Rielly isn’t as important as Jake Gardiner, who should remain untouchable. The problem isn’t what he can do for the team. The problem is what losing key pieces in the trade means for the team. Solid goaltending will definitely help the leafs, and I believe Lou is still a good goalie, but it really all depends on what you’re giving up. I know people like to say the first pick is untouchable, especially with the losing 14 teams having a shot at the number 1 pick now, but I think it’s better than giving up Gardiner. Unless you really believe leafs will get a top 3 pick, I don’t see it as being untouchable.

  4. doorman says:

    Holmgren has shot down this rumor, saying it made him chuckle. Also says they are false and have no merit, but what else is he supposed to say?

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