Flyers Looking for Blueline Depth

“Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers want to add another veteran defenceman to their blueline. Potential acquistions include the Kings Mathieu Schneider or Dmitry Yushkevich, the Sabres Alexei Zhitnik or the Coyotes Teppo Numinnen, with “lesser options” being the Sharks Bryan Marchment or the Flames Bob Boughner. The NHL would have to ok a trade of Zhitnik, as the league is running the club while it searches for a buyer. Panaccio notes the Flyers have the Coyotes first round pick this year and they might want it back after their disapointing season. Also both clubs have made deals with each other in the past. Coyotes GM Mike Barnett said he won’t trade Numminen, but Panaccio believes that could be a bluff to raise the asking price.

Chuck Gormley reports the Flyers could ship defenceman Marcus Ragnarsson, an unrestricted free agent at season’s end, to the LA Kings, along with a first round pick, to obtain Schneider. He also claims the Flyers could go after Zhitnik and Chicago’s Phil Housley. The only way this could happen if the Flyers are interested in acquiring another defensemen some where else.”

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  1. booty says:

    Trust me, I do not view jesse as a sensible hockey fan. Like you said, his postings have proven his worth, which is nothing.

  2. amazing_jesse says:

    Did I ever get you guys going.

    If I had said the same kind of stuff about Roenick or LeClair or someone like that you would have dismissed me immediately.

    But Cechmanek really made you guys defensive because you know in your heart of hearts that he is not good enough to bring the cup to filly.

    I used to say the same thing about Joseph last year on Leafs boards and they really got on my case. I said he would be flop at the Olympics and I was right; however, I predicted that it would be Belfour who would emerge the victor for Canada.

    I compare Cechmanek and Thibault very much. Both are good goalies, but so was Caesar Maniago, Don Edwards, Mike Liut, Kirk McLean and Gary Smith (random picks from memory).

    The top goalies have a presence in the net. And then they stop as many shots as are necessary to win generally.

    I’m sorry guys. You have a good team, and a very good coach. But Cechmanek will let you down. And its a real shame because your core is getting a little long in the tooth.

  3. matteo says:

    I think Cechmanek hit Jesse in the seat a few times when he was in town and never called him back, and now he is just a woman scorned.

  4. amazing_jesse says:

    Schneider is the perfect fit for Philly. There are a lot of D-men available this year – in fact a lot of players period, compared to earlier years.

    In the end I believe that Philly could score the caliber of a Schneider and an Amonte type for 1 very good prospect, 2 mid to good prospects, a 1st and maybe a second pick, and a Justin Williams.

    That’s pretty good value.

  5. bender says:

    Wow, I can’t believe your putting Salo in that pack. If any one deserves props it’s Tommy for sticking around and playing it out for a money strapped Oiler’s team. A guy plays his heart out and you can’t acknowledge it.

    Half the goalie’s you put on your top list are either not proven or played in front of great teams.

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