Flyers problems=trade is likely

Today’s game against the Rangers exposed many of the flyers problems, as well as some additional ones.
First the glaring defieceny of the powerplay. They had a five minute penalty and were unable to convert, and even gave up a short handed goal on that major penalty. This deciency shows a need for a goal scorer, a guy who can put the puck in the back of the net on the power play. That should be John LeClair, but he just can’t seem to be snakebitten this year. Ckare is going to have to make a pitch to either the Bruins for Guerin, or try to see if Keenan will be willing to part with one of the Bure brothers. The loss of Fedotenko also creates a need for a winger as well.

Second, depending upon the injury that Checkmanek has sustained, he may have to try and aquire a goaltender at the deadline. Boucher simply cannot take this team far in the playoffs, bottom line. Clarke needs to see if he can aquire either: Mike Vernon, Jeff Hacket, Mike Richter or Ed Belfour they are the only goaltenders that are both available and would be better than Boucher.

Clarke said it himself, he will make some trades if injury neccisitates it, and following today’s game, the flyers have some needs that must be filled.

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