Flyers-Sabres Deal Iminent??

It was reported on that a deal between the Flyers & Sabres could waiting final approval by the league. The source of the rumor is said to be Bob MacKenzie reporting between periods of a Habs-Capital game last night. The deal was reported as follows:

To Flyers: M. Satan

A. Zhitnik

To Sabres: J. Woywitka (flyers #1 d’man prospect)

Phx’s 1st pick

Another player


I am not completely sure how reputable Bob MacKenzie is, but from what I hear, he usually has a good inside track on deals around the league.

To break down this trade possibility, let’s start with what the Flyers would receive. Satan gives the Flyers that elusive RW scorer they have heralded after for the last several years. Satan has been a nemesis to the Flyers in the past, and it has been reported that Satan pleaded with a member of the Flyers management team seeking a trade to Philadelphia (reported by Ed Moran of the Philly Daily news 2/10/03). In Zhitnik, the Flyers receive a veteran puck moving d’man who has playoff experience. Zhitnik is having an off season for the Sabres with 1 goal and 12 helpers and a combined +/- totaling -3 (Zhitnik is a career -35 player). Although Zhitnik has much talent, I’m not sure he helps the flyers with the type of system Hitchcock likes to run. The Flyers certainly need an eighth veteran blueliner for the playoff run and Zhitnik certainly could fill those needs.

The Sabres would receive young d’man, Jeff Woywitka, who many in the Flyers organization believe is a very similiar player to Ed Jovanovski. Woywitka impressed everyone during preseason (at age 18) with his physical prescense and puck moving ability. The Flyers wanted to give him one more year in the Juniors to fill out physically. Sabres would also receive Phx’s 1st rounder which can potentially be a very good pick in a talent rich draft this year. The player can be from a number of different players maybe a player such as (Todd Fedoruk). The cash part could be interesting as Gary Bettman has nixed a few trades based on $’s (I wouln’t anticipate a huge number though).

In closing I believe the deal works out well for both teams. The Sabres fans might beg to differ, although, the long term effects of this deal could pay large dividends in the not to distant future.

What do you guys think??