Flyers-Sabres Deal Iminent??

It was reported on that a deal between the Flyers & Sabres could waiting final approval by the league. The source of the rumor is said to be Bob MacKenzie reporting between periods of a Habs-Capital game last night. The deal was reported as follows:

To Flyers: M. Satan

A. Zhitnik

To Sabres: J. Woywitka (flyers #1 d’man prospect)

Phx’s 1st pick

Another player


I am not completely sure how reputable Bob MacKenzie is, but from what I hear, he usually has a good inside track on deals around the league.

To break down this trade possibility, let’s start with what the Flyers would receive. Satan gives the Flyers that elusive RW scorer they have heralded after for the last several years. Satan has been a nemesis to the Flyers in the past, and it has been reported that Satan pleaded with a member of the Flyers management team seeking a trade to Philadelphia (reported by Ed Moran of the Philly Daily news 2/10/03). In Zhitnik, the Flyers receive a veteran puck moving d’man who has playoff experience. Zhitnik is having an off season for the Sabres with 1 goal and 12 helpers and a combined +/- totaling -3 (Zhitnik is a career -35 player). Although Zhitnik has much talent, I’m not sure he helps the flyers with the type of system Hitchcock likes to run. The Flyers certainly need an eighth veteran blueliner for the playoff run and Zhitnik certainly could fill those needs.

The Sabres would receive young d’man, Jeff Woywitka, who many in the Flyers organization believe is a very similiar player to Ed Jovanovski. Woywitka impressed everyone during preseason (at age 18) with his physical prescense and puck moving ability. The Flyers wanted to give him one more year in the Juniors to fill out physically. Sabres would also receive Phx’s 1st rounder which can potentially be a very good pick in a talent rich draft this year. The player can be from a number of different players maybe a player such as (Todd Fedoruk). The cash part could be interesting as Gary Bettman has nixed a few trades based on $’s (I wouln’t anticipate a huge number though).

In closing I believe the deal works out well for both teams. The Sabres fans might beg to differ, although, the long term effects of this deal could pay large dividends in the not to distant future.

What do you guys think??

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  1. Goldenscud says:

    Now this is a real trade (not like the Warriner, Sacco, etc. trades). Although, I wish we could land Iggy, this is the next best thing. I know he is only a 4th line player but I think the Flyers would be dealing away size and toughness if they included Fedoruk. I wouldn’t mind seeing them send Ragnerson but I doubt the Sabres would take him. Isn’t it stange how Europeon the Flyers have gotten recently? (Handzus, Somik, Kappanen, and now Satan and Zhitnik.

  2. titans says:

    Clarkey manages to pull this off he’s a freakin genius!! That said it’s too good a deal to be true!

  3. Flyers_01 says:

    I don’t think they’d give that much essentially for one player. While Zhitnik is a decent defenseman there will be similar players available closer to the deadline to be had for 4-6th round picks. Also, especially where cash is required. The quality of players/picks goes down significantly (see Pittsburgh).

    I would see it as more of Williams, a 2nd, and 3 mill cash. That’s more talent and more potential talent with almost as much cash as the Kovalev trade.

    I know Williams is injured but the Sabres aren’t going anywhere this year and would be building for next year anyway.

  4. Isles83 says:

    This is a completely false post. Sorry but I live in Philly. Bobby Clarke was on daily news live on comcast sportsnet today. He said he talked to Darcy Reiger the GM of the Sabres and he said that he was not going to trade his best player away while trying to get new Owners. So this post is false. Don’t hold your breath Flyer fans

  5. titans says:

    and…you believe a word of what Trader Bob says?

  6. TaajAr says:

    Darcy Regier said on FanTV that he was ordered by Bettman not to tinker with the team in anyway (which may be why they haven’t reached into the AHL this year) until a potential owner buys the team.

  7. cwhockey says:

    On an earlier thread, I mentioned this possible trade, although I didn’t know who the Flyers were offering in return.

    Since I’m not a member of the Flyers or Sabres staff, there is no way I could know for sure. But any GM worth his salt has, at one time or another, played the media and manipulated it for his own purposes. I’m not saying that is the case here, but GMs have done this type of thing time and time again. Made statements they know to be false for the benefit of the team. Whatever that benefit may be, I don’t know. Like I said, I have absolutely no way of knowing what Bobby Clarke is up to.

    But you have accept the possibility that he is playing some type of head game, and maybe this rumor has truth to it. I could be wrong (definitely wouldn’t be the first time), but you can’t discount the possibility.

  8. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Satan or no, they aint going anywhere until they get some goaltending. Period.

  9. rooney says:

    this is a terrible trade for buffalo. this might be worst than the kovalav trade. flyers are trading garbage for satan and zhitnik. they were saying before that the devils were offering berglund, gionta, and the devils number one defensemen for satan. that is 10 times a better deal for buffalo

  10. Genius says:

    I usually trust Bob McKinzie but not this time.

  11. puckhog says:

    As far as Satan he would be great. As for Zhitnik I don’t like that. Why would you pick up Zhitnik when you could go after Mathieu Schneider from L.A.. Check out the stats both now and over the last 4 years on these two. They both make the same amount of money also. to me that’s a no brainer

  12. Just-Checking-In says:

    It’s a whole lot easier to ring up the stats in LA than in Buffalo. I’m not saying that Schneider isn’t the better player, just don’t use the score sheets as your only judge.

  13. UsedandAbused says:

    Clark already said that he would not trade Jeff Woywitka. He also said that Satan is not on the trading block. Not going to happen!

  14. Aetherial says:

    The thing that scares me is it is NOT too good of a deal to be true.

    At this point, after yesterday, I would believe anything.

    I predicted in a post here a couple weeks ago that we would see deals that made no sense except monetarily.

    It looks like it is going to be worse than I thought.

    Don’t be surprised if Clarkey pulls this one off.

  15. Aetherial says:

    IF Satan and Zhitnik are up for trade, this deal would not surprise me and if I was Clarke, I would do it in a heartbeat!

    However, I do not believe Buffalo is dealing anyone until they are purchased.

    I do not expect that to happen before the trade deadline.

  16. allenbo says:

    well i believe it cause Clarke is smarter than this. he isnt going to say anything to anyone about this trade until it happens and it will. Satan is pleading to be a Flyer to the whole Philly organization. I have a feeling Clarke will pull this one off.

  17. big_booty says:

    This rumor might be a week late in surfacing.

    First off, the New York Post reported that it was supposed to be Brendl, Woywitka, and cash for Satan and Zhitnik, but the deal was scuttled by Gary Bettman.

    Second, Bettman wants no deals done by the Sabres until their ownership situation is resolved.

    Third, I don’t believe that Clarke will move Woywitka. He has repeatedly stated that he and Joni Pitkanen are not going to be part of any deal.

    With Brendl already gone in exchange for Kapanen, this deal isn’t going down. Clarke might still be interested in Zhitnik or Mathieu Schneider, but isn’t going to give up much of anything outside of picks and marginal prospects for them.

  18. calflyers says:

    will NOT happen!

    Buffalo *might* trade Zhitnik, but NOT Satan.

    (until the team is sold at least)

    totally bogus rumor

    (sounds interesting though huh?)

  19. matteo says:

    As much as I would love to believe it, a quote by Clarkie in the Inquirer today pretty much rules it out…….

    “I don’t know how much they gave, but the Rangers were probably the only team in the league that could have given someone money anyway,” Clarke said. “I don’t think that’s good for the game of hockey,” Clarke said. “I don’t actually think it’s good for the game of hockey any time a lot of cash is involved.

    “When I talked to Darcy Regier, the general manager, he said, ‘Look, there’s rumors about Satan being traded. It’s not going to happen – he’s our best player. How could I trade Satan when we’re trying to sell the team? I’m not going to get rid of a good player unless I improve the hockey team.’ “

    “We’re not going to give up Pitkanen and Woywitka,” Clarke said, referring to Joni Pitkanen and Jeff Woywitka, defensemen taken by the Flyers in the first round of the last two drafts, “for somebody who’s going to be here for 2 months, no matter who it is.”

    Is Clarkie blowing smoke or is he telling the truth. We won’t know until the other shoe drops.

  20. Tradedude says:


    Who reported this, Bob McKenzie, LOL!!!

  21. Tradedude says:

    r u crazy, haven;t u ever heard of stan being on the block practicallly the whole bloody season. And just in this past week, he even claimed that he was not happy about the sabres bankrupcy situation, so he wanted out, reportedabley to a contender team.

    i think you got it mixed up, it was Zhitnik that they probly DEFINEATELY not trade.

  22. matteo says:

    I think it was Doug McKenzie of Strange Brew fame – after he drank that vat of Beer.

    “No goal eehhhh, he was in the crease…Hoser”

  23. mikster says:

    Brendl was not going to be traded eh? Sorry bud, just had to bring that one up!

  24. matrix2003 says:

    NO DICE. No chance they would get both for next to nothing.

  25. thehound says:

    How many times have you heard the same old story….A GM denying any involvement in a trade, while he is filling out the paperwork for the league. Nobody is saying this deal will definately happen, but you cannot totally write it off based on what you hear from any GM in the press

  26. thehound says:

    Ragnerson makes too much money for the Sabres limited payroll. Must be a very low salary guy with potential.

  27. thehound says:

    Totally agree!

  28. thehound says:

    You make a good point, but do you think Buffalo would gamble on a player like Williams (torn ACL). When is the last time a player with an injury of this magnitude was traded for a front line scorer. There are no guarantees that Williams comes back at all from this injury

  29. Slovakiaz says:

    NOT A CHANCE !!! what else should I say ?

  30. TC_4 says:

    Best comment I’ve heard about the Flyers all year. Couldn’t agree with you more man. I don’t know why all their fans insist they need more, and more, and more scoring. Sure their slumping, but that will happen. With the talent they have, they will surely break out of it.

  31. bossman says:

    First of all, Bob Clarke is extremely two-faced. He says one thing, and does the complete opposite. I don’t like the guy, but he is a fairly good GM.

    Which is why I think this deal might go down…when the Sabres get a buyer. No way Satan will be traded before a sale goes down and that’s the major player in the deal.

    Zhitnik is alright, but for the Flyers he’d be considered a throw-in. No point in just getting Zhitnik for anything (even a draft pick).

    And I do actually believe Clarke when he says he won’t trade Woywitka. I wouldn’t. He is a great player in junior and has a bright future.

    So if a buyer does come forward for the Sabres in the next couple of weeks, there is a possibility of this happening. If the Sabres are not bought before the end of this month, then forget about it!

  32. calflyers says:

    I heard Satan would “love” to play with Philly

    that would be GREAT for the Flyers,


    Buffalo “can’t” trade a guy like Satan (until the “ownership issue” is resolved).

    Zhitnik is a free agent after this year, and if the Flyers offered say, Seidenberg and a high pick

    *maybe* that gets it done

    (shouldn’t be a #1 i would think)

    we’ll see

    i heard (in our local paper and from my “Flyer buddy”) that they want Schneider (of LA)

    we need some goal scoring dag nab it! : )

  33. Tradedude says:

    it should be interesting to see, but i wont believe this trade (imminent) until i here it from someone like coach or gm or sumthin.

    …but i still think devils r top runners or wutever for satan.

  34. phillyflyers97 says:

    I would not trade Seidenberg (Philly wouldn’t either). This kid we’ll be good in a year or two. Also as Hitch as said before Dennis is his experiment. This kid has a smooth skating ability, crisp passing, rocket slap shot and as I said before in a year or two this kid could really be something.

  35. calflyers says:

    i agree,

    i’d like to keep him

    but if they are gonna move someone,

    (especially a D man)

    i’d rather it was him instead of Pitkanen or Woywitka

  36. OldNord says:

    The Flyers must take the William’s salary for this year if a trade like this happened.

  37. OldNord says:

    don’t exaggerate!

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