Flyers shopping for Goalie and/or scorer?

Flyers to acquire scorer?

Hackett to don orange & black?Clarke looking for a scorer:


(Jan. 2nd) According to published reports, Flyers general manager Bobby Clarke was working the phone lines over New Year’s Eve to make some kind of deal to get a scorer in Philly. “We’re talking to a lot of teams right now,” Clarke said. “But there is nothing there right now.”


The biggest of those rumors are whispers we’ve heard of big-time interest by the Philadelphia Flyers in Washington Capitals’ star winger Jaromir Jagr — with Simon Gagne being the lead Philadelphia player in a package for Jagr.

My two cents:

I’m not surprised by the fact that Bobby Clarke is looking for a scorer. The Flyers need SOMETHING to help out the PP. What does shock me is the thought of Jagr being that scorer, not to mention Gagne being the guy that’s moved for him. For starters, Jagr would be a horrible fit in a defense first system. Couple that with his outrageous price tag and his attitude, and I find it hard to believe that Jagr is on his way to Philly. Some of the other potential UFA’s (Whitney, Berezin, McEachern, etc.) are more believable, with Arvedson (a solid defensive player) being the best fit for the system. Whoever it is, Clarke has made it perfectly clear that Gagne isn’t being moved, despite his scoring struggles.


The Philadelphia Flyers make a quick change of plans and acquire Jeff Hackett from the Canadiens as their playoff goalie.

My two cents:

Hackett has outplayed Theodore all year in Montreal, so I don’t see Montreal trading Hackett. Cechmanek’s 3-7 playoff record ( is alarming, and is a reason why bringing in another goalie isn’t out of the question. The problem with this that with the success of Robert Esche, any goalie brought in here would mean Cechmanek is gone. And Hitchcock has said since coming to Philly that Cechmanek was his guy, so I really don’t see another goalie coming to Philly.

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  1. mikster says:

    Flyers don’t need a goalie, Esche should carry them just fine.

    Hackett? Probably to the Bruins after they deal one of their goalies, could be hard to deal.

    Scorer, yes….definitely. It’s a race between the Flyers and the Devs to find a scorer. You definitely need a scorer after shooting 51 pucks at a goalie and only putting one puck in.

    To correct you, Theodore has been outplaying Hackett for at least 10 games. I definitely see Hackett going.

  2. titans says:

    Why won’t the goalie talks involving the Flyers cease??

    Why don’t you people understand Cechmanek isn’t the problem?

    Why don’t you understand part of the reason Cechmanek’s playoff record is so bad is because the FLYERS ONLY SCORED ONE GOAL IN THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR?? ONE!!!

    Why won’t the Flyers adress a glaringly obvious problem with the group of forwards on this roster?

  3. mikster says:

    Esche isn’t the problem……Cechmanek is not doing as well as he is! Cechmanek will never be a solid goalie in the playoffs. He is the Roman Turek of the East. Soild all season long, plays well in the playoffs but allows the soft goals that lose games. Not the goalie i’d want if i were the Flyers.

  4. titans says:

    To quote you…BAH!

    Why are we even talking about Flyers goalies when the team cannot score more than a goal or two a game?

  5. rojoke says:

    Hackett may go, but he won’t be going to the Bruins. During the pre-season, and about a month ago, owner George Gillett stated that he’s perfectly fine with holding on to Hackett through to the playoffs. This puts little pressure on Savard to deal him, when and if he wants to.

    The top priority on Savard’s acquisition list is a blueliner who can play now, preferably a big bruiser. The only guys on the Bruins roster who fit that bill are Sean Brown, Sean O’Donnell and Kyle McLaren. Brown isn’t worth Hackett, O’Donnell isn’t trade bait right now, and I seriously doubt if Savard would take McLaren, given last year’s playoff hit on Zednik.

  6. rojoke says:

    I still question why they got rid of Brian Boucher. They dealt Maxime Ouellet to Washington last season, who played pretty will in the American League. That seemed to be a sign that Boucher was going to be in their plans for the future. Boucher played a great rookie season, but struggled in his second year, and that’s when Cechmanek stepped in. But Cechmanek was 31 years old, while Boucher was only 25. Cechmanek has four or five years as a starter ahead of him, if his teammmates don’t kill him first. And as you said, the Flyers really stank up the joint during their playoff series. He even went to the Czech press and said his teammates didn’t like him. That’s usually a one-way ticket out of town.

  7. Scottishguy says:

    Flyers do not need help in net both Esche and Cechmanek have goals against under 2

  8. leafbrat says:

    At least your GM will make a move to try and make his team better.Quinn would not make a move unless someone held a gun to his head.The Flyers problem is there is too many playmakers and not enough goal scorers.LeClair is the only legit goal scorer.Roenick isn’t too bad either.After that it gets slim.The chemistry is also off for some reason.One good goal scorer will turn things around-maybe Jagr or Satan would help.At least you can look forward to Clarke at the very least doing something.Whatever happens good luck!!

  9. Seattleaf says:

    I would agree with this statement. It’s not Flyers’ goaltending. I would have to say that the Philly fowards are slacking and sluggish. The defense isn’t all that great either. Desjardins is becoming laughable, Recchi is losing it(doesn’t show in stats), LeClair is… well it’s been a while, hard to say, Primeau’s a joke and Therien needs a change of scenery like maybe a new career. These are the big names of Philly minus Roenick, Johnsson and Handzus. What does that say?

    This might be extreme, but considerable. Philly should scrap the big names. Dump salary. Cut the proverbial fat for some up and comers like possibly Mark Bell of Chicago, or Martin Havlat of Ottawa, or Ramzi Abid of Phoenix.

  10. Lint07 says:

    My turn to correct you Mikster…

    Théodore has found back his game lately and gain back his #1 spot for sure but isn’t exactly outplaying Jeff Hackett.

    Michel Therrien was just waiting for 2-3 consecutive good games by Théodore to land him his spot back. Hackett was well aware of it even when he was himself outplaying Théodore anyway… Not so long ago, Hackett was winning game by himself for the Habs thing that Théo doesen’t do yet for his team.

    That’s why, I wouldn’t say too fast that he’s ”outplaying” Hackett…

  11. Flyer_4_life says:

    you guy are correct the flyers problem is not in their goaltending. it’s in their offense. Being a flyers fan, i would hang my self and become a devils fan before trading for jagr. He is a coach killer. On the other hand i would trade for a future young prospect for satan and a draft pick if he chooses to sign with the flyers at the end of the season when his contract is up.

  12. Aetherial says:

    I thought they scored twice in last year’s playoffs, albeit one was in overtime.

  13. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    Thanks for the update on Montreal’s goalies situation. I’ve been out of town and haven’t really kept up with my Flyers, let alone the Canadiens.

  14. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    It’s funny, the reason why we got Esche in the first place is to avoid a controversy, and yet that’s exactly what we have. If Esche is going to be the number 1 guy, then Cechmanek needs to be moved. However, I wouldn’t want Esche leading this team into the playoffs, since he doesn’t have a lot of playoff experience (if any, I’m not too sure). On the same token, Cechmanek has only won 3 playoff games, EVER. I’m not blaming him for last year, he played well (1.85 GAA, 93.6 save%). People seem to forget that he also started 6 playoff games the year before that, though, and didn’t play quite as well (3.12 GAA, 89.1 save %). So you can say whatever you want, but Cechmanek is hardly a proven playoff goalie.

    As for scorers, Jagr is out of the question. He’s a very quality scorer, yes, but he doesn’t play defense, an that won’t work in Hitchcock’s system. Yes the Flyers need a scorer, but they also need somebody that will work within the system. Also, Comcast has told Clarke that they didn’t want any substantial increases to the payroll. So who are the Flyers going to give up for Jagr? LeClair? He has a no trade clause. Roenick? He’s been one of our top players all year (and last year too). Not to mention the fact that Washington would probobly ask for a package that would include Gagne and/or Williams, and that’s isn’t going to happen. I don;t know how much money he makes, but I think somebody like Arvedson would be a much better fit for the team than Jagr. He can score (maybe not as much as Jagr), and he knows how to play defense.

  15. Tradedude says:

    Woywitka should be a pop-up player if the flyers are looking at the likes of satan which i haven’t heard anything about yet.

    Woywitka and a 2nd rounder should be dealt to Buffalo for Satan. But I’m not sure if the sabres want to give satan up for prospects and picks. And I’m almost 100% sure Clarke won’t be willing enough to give up their top prospect in Woywitka who could see a bright future ahead of himself.

  16. MantaRay says:

    First off, Cechmanek & Esche are arguably the best 1-2 tandem in the NHL. Goaltending is strong for years to come. So don’t count on any moves here.

    Hackett is one of the only reasons the Habs are somewhat in contention and not likely to be dealt.

    Gagne will not be moved, nor will Justin Williams.

    Primeau and Desjardins were supposedly on their way to the Caps for Jagr, but Washington wants more.

  17. HabsPunk says:

    lol chechmanek and esche? best 1-2 tandem in the nhl? what are you on? brodeur and schwabb, luongo and hurme, hackett and theodore, cujo and legace, irbe and weeks. thats five right there that i would take hands down ahead of checkmanek and esche. if i really spent some time thinking about it, i’d probly come up with a number of other ones as well.

    i could see hackett being traded in the near future, theodore has finally started to turn into the goalie he was last year, still a little ways to go, but either way, the Habs are in good shape in goal.

  18. calflyers says:

    Remember, i don’t think anybody said “Gagne” was DEFINATELY being offered by the Flyers,

    He is probably whom they (Caps) would want in a trade for Jagr (which i would not want to see happen myself at least)

    people talk about the Defensive aspect, but the “deal” with that is, Gagne does not play defense “head and shoulders better” than Jagr, so your looking at the Offense…

    Also, Goaltending is NOT the problem!!

    Hackett??? what are you smoking??!!!

  19. MantaRay says:

    Although I know I said arguably, but I really had a chuckle at your comments, Habspunk, since they were so unsubtantiated by facts.

    The Flyers have the ONLY two goalies in the entire NHL that are below a 2.00 average (Esche: 1.83, Cechmanek: 1.99).

    The Flyers are #2 in team goalie stats only too Dallas, but that is all Turco, not the tandum.

    FLYER goalies rank: #2 of 30

    -Cechmanek is #8

    -Esche #5

    Other than the Devils (which is all Brodeur) all your other picks are not really close:

    Here is where your goalies stand in terms of goalie stats:

    Florida team Rank: #20 of 30

    Luongo: #56

    Humme: #21

    Montreal team Rank: #27 of 30

    Hackett: #29

    Theodore: #62

    Detroit team Rank: #7 of 30

    Cujoke: #31

    Legace: #4

    Carolina team Rank: #13 of 30

    Irbe: #51

    Weekes: #18

    Better luck next time.

  20. mikster says:

    You also have to consider the team in front of the goaltender.

    I think the best tandem is Fernandez and Roloson.

    Also, you have to look at save percentage, which is far more important than GAA. Esche has a superb save percentage, and he should definitely be the starter. But, nowadays it seems like the hottest goalie of your team will get the start.

    Hackett will be traded, he also said it himself.

    But hey, put Theodore and Hackett instead of Cechmanek and Esche, Flyers would be far ahead and real Cup Contenders.

  21. leafbrat says:

    No they are not!!Try Joseph and Legace in Detroit or Turco and Tugnutt in Dallas or Jani Hurme and Roberto Luongo in Florida(the best young tandem) and what about Hackett and Théodore in Montreal or Brodeur and Schwab in Jersey or Johnson and Brathwaite in St. Louis.Flyers are by far not the best!!None of these teams would be anywhere if not for both goalies on these teams.The Flyers would not even be next!!The Flyers play good team defence in front of the puck bag and it will have a good goals against.The Flyers have a good d-line and the forwards come back and that is what makes the goalies look good is their team defence.Look at the other teams i mentioned and you will see what i mean.Without Jersey in that bunch.And don’t include St Louis because Pronger is not there.Also Dallas has a good d-line as well but watch their games and you will see that they give up alot of shots on some nights. Turco and Tugnutt might be the best in the NHL right now next to Joseph and Legace.

  22. flyersrule94 says:

    Hackett? haha, they’ll bring Hextall back before they go after Hackett. I want someone to tell me one reason why they would even think the flyers need a new goaltender. The flyers will be fine in the playoffs with either one, with hitch’s defensive system and a solid goalie, esche or cechmanek either one could do the job, defense will not be a problem. The flyers will not get a top goal scorer either, they will get someone, but not a Jagr, Bondra, or anyone else like that. They simply do not have enough to offer. Clarke will not trade gagne, which is smart in my opinion, players do struggle, that doesnt mean you trade them as soon as possible when they do, he wont trade Wiliiams either and the only player that he is willing to trade wont give them much in return which is Primeau. Look for maybe Valeri Bure, he is the best player the flyers could get, Keenan is not happy with Bure and the flyers could possibly offer Primeau, Lefebrve, and a pick or two. Another possibility is Kapanen, who I dont think would help us much anyhow. In my opinion they should try to take a run at Miroslav Satan. Whether they can pull the deal off or not, i would definitely make a pitch.

  23. MantaRay says:

    Yes, the team in front of the goal does make a difference but they all still have to stop the puck.

    And Philly, whether you accept it or not has two of the best.

    Fernandez and Roloson are not as good as Esche/Cechmanek.

    If Theodore and Hackett were on the Flyers they would probably be a lot lower in the standings.

    Regardless what Hackett says, they probably won’t trade him. He is too important to their playoff survivial and is their #1 goalie.

  24. aaron says:

    Lessee…Modin for Cross. Sullivan on waivers. Murphy for future considerations. Are you sure you want Quinn making moves?

    IMO, lots of moves ruin teams. I’d be happy he’s staying put for the most part.

  25. Scottishguy says:

    flyers can’t afford to deal any more prospects

  26. aaron says:

    I’d actually put Roloson/Fernandez ahead of Cechmanek/Esche. Other than that, Cechmanek/Esche is the best tandem. Cechmanek is very underrated. Extremely underrated.

  27. MantaRay says:

    Nothing against Roloson and Fernandez, but they are not as consistent as in Philly.

    I should know I draft Fernandez in my roto-league every year.

  28. MantaRay says:

    See evidence to the contrary above.

  29. leafbrat says:

    I did not go by the Numbers they are posting right now.Besides which duo would you want?Me………………..I would want Jersey or Dallas when the money is down.There is alot more to the game than just numbers.

  30. rojoke says:

    Put all the numbers aside for a second. Didn’t Cechmanek tell a Czech reporter that he didn’t think his teammates respected him, or even liked him? Didn’t he also pull himself from a game last year? That doesn’t sound like a guy with a great attitude, supposing he won all his games by shutout. Goalies don’t score enough goals to win games. If Cechmanek really doesn’t like it in Philadelphia, then maybe it’s in everyone’s best interests to part company. He’ll be 33 in March, so I doubt if he’ll generate very much in the way of players. As part of a package to a team that needs an emergency fill-in, he’d do well.

    But I doubt that Clarke will get another goalie, especially a young one. They have Antero Niittymaki playing in Finland who’s only 22 and should play in Philadelphia next year. What building remains to be seen.

  31. cujoe169 says:

    are you crazy, the devils are a good team, they don’t deserve this kind of bashing, I agree they need a scorer in a Radek Bonk type of player, and no esche cannot carry an offensive team through the playoffs

  32. flyer12fan says:

    If the Flyers trade Gagne or Williams, I’ll be spending this offseason finding a new favorite team. Clarke has already pissed me off enough trading McGillis. The Flyers need to realize that they simply don’t have the pieces necessary for a Cup in the near future. Cechmanek is skilled but doesn’t have the intensity to take a team all the way. The offense is lethargic. Clarke needs to start building around Gags, JW, and a strong young D including Johnsson, Seidenberg, St. Jacques, and the two prized prospects, Woywitka and Pitkanen. Everyone else on the team should be looked at as an asset, in terms of how much young talent can be had for them. This plan would be even more perfect if we still had those draft picks and Ouellet from the Oates deal. Still, the pieces are in place to build for a Cup around, say, 2006.

  33. BWbullies says:

    I thought he was playing for the phatoms. (Niittymaki).

  34. rojoke says:

    So he is. I checked the HN Yearbook, but not the regular issue. My bad.

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