Flyers to actively seek Forsberg as well

Jeff Zelevansky/Icon SMI

The Courier Post Online is reporting that the Flyers will be active seekers of Peter Forsberg.

Forsberg appears to be nearing a possible return and some media outlets have suggested that he will make his decision by November 15. As that time is approaching many teams have been contacting Forsberg’s agent to make the awareness of interest in the superstar forward.

Although the Courier Post is reporting that the Flyers have interest in Forsberg they also mention that Forsberg’s agent is denying any suggestion that the Flyers have made any contact about the possibility of signing Forsberg who had great chemistry on the Flyers team in the 1.5 years that the played for that organization.

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22 Responses to Flyers to actively seek Forsberg as well

  1. hockeyhead says:

    who cares about that rat hole philly.

    just as the b's are trying to climb up with the rest of the best in boston bergeron gets knocked out for a month plus by a hit from a 500,000 dollar player.

    sign forsberg,  then the fans can add to their list of injuries.  except foresberg will get hurt tying his skates.

  2. rx79msg says:

    Aw don't cry boston fan you're team would still suck with him too.

  3. flyersfan10897 says:

    Oh get over it already.  Accidents happen, and yes this was an accident.  The Boulerice play was clearly not an accident, but there's no question that Jones did not mean to hurt him.  No one calls Boston a "rat hole" for what McSorley did, do they?  And that was intentional.

    And by the way:

    Randy Jones – 10 games, 1 goal, 5 assists, 6 points, +8

    Boston: 1 defensemen with more than 3 points, Chara with 5, all assists, and only 1 defensemen better than even, ward, who is +3.

    So I would gladly take 6 Jones over whatever you happen to call a defense in Boston.

  4. mulv says:

    The Flyers aren't going to get Fors-turd!! Why does everyone get so excited about him, where you guys not watching the playoffs last year?

  5. Archion113 says:

    By the rest of the best are you referring to the bottom dwelling teams of the league the past decade?

    Who said Flyer fans have been crying… look at this guy, he hasn't stopped crying since the day before the game.  Real mature, scrub.

  6. KingCanada says:


    Firstly the Flyers are pushed up against the cap with 300k to spare so unless they do something drastic WHICH THEY WONT cose Forsberg is a gamble, it wont happen.

    Secondly Forsberg wants to go to a CONTENDER, hence the Ottawas, Detroits and Colorados.  Why the hell would he go to a young team that just finished the rebuilding??

    Thirdly there are no Swedes on the Flyers…hehehe

  7. KingCanada says:

    Good point but point totals dont tell the whole story.  Id take Chara over Jones anyday.

  8. Archion113 says:

    As would I right now in Jones career.

    Still doesn't mean that Boston D is any good as a unit, however…

  9. Archion113 says:

    Flyers will do whatever it takes to allow room to get him back on board.  Thats a fact.

    Not to mention it would be a perfect ending to the Forsberg story.

    Trade Forsberg for Upshall, Parent, and a 1st round pick.  Trade the Pick for Timonen and Hartnell.  Now resign Forsberg?  That would just show Nashville and the league how bad they got robbed last year by Paul Holmgren.

  10. flyav says:

    still think the Avalanche have the best shot, but I have been saying that the Flyers are number 2.  Homer has said there will be cap space for Forsberg if he wants to come here, and I wouldn't doubt him.

    What happened to all those cunuks fans saying he was for sure going to Van?

  11. MR40 says:

    Unless the Canuck's gte a player like Peter Forsberg there in big problem. With almost every Western conference team improving (or atleast non weakening) the Canuck's, who stood still this offseason, might be kout of the playoff picture by March.

  12. FlyersFan20 says:

    The Flyers are just as much a "CONTENDER" as Ottawa, Detroit and Colorado is right now. Hes part of the reason why we had to retool, we never rebuild, because of his sissy injury and horrible leadership. Let him go to another club, I hope he has just as much success as he did with nashville HAHAHAHA.

  13. KevinBaconFan says:

    The picture in the original article was a topic of much debate last season.  Apparently Brodeur suffered a grade three high winkie sprain on Forsberg's bat in attempt.  After the game Brodeur showed the team Doctor where Forsberg hit him using a Rock'em Sock'em WWE Stuffed Steve Austin.  After examining the Brodeur Baby Button, he was placed on the IR.     

  14. KingCanada says:

    Wishful thinking boy!  Your only stating "wants" and not "facts".

    They wont trade a bunch of salary just to have a CHANCE at signing forsberg, wat a stupid move that would be after Forsberg gets hurt again (strong possibility).  There isnt always a storybook ending in profeshional sports buddy, more often then not its an economically viable ending that not everyone is a fan of.

    Philedelphia ISNT a contender, just like the Leafs and the habs arent.

  15. hockeyhead says:

    bottom dwelling?

    you mean the phillies,  the cant win eagles and sixers.  have fun with those teams.

    and before you chime in….the bruins are  the only new england team i care about.  but i was refering to how great the other major sports in boston are.  too bad for you.

    see you on the 26th for pay back.

    take jones over chara.  what are you smoking?  crack.?

  16. hockeyhead says:

    we wont cry as the celtics, sox and pats dominate their respective sports.

    but good try.  be sure to tell me when the philly teams make the playoffs.

    how does 6-4 suck?

  17. Flyone says:

    Ed Snider has gone on record saying they would have to consider any possibility of signing Forsberg and that they would do whatever it takes to sign him if Philly was one of his choices.

  18. flyersfan21 says:

    Who cares about the other sports, this is a hockey site. Who cares about baseball, football or basketball, hockey is the only sport that matters.

    Last year was the first time in over 10 years that the flyers werent in the playoffs. Last year was just a fluke, the Flyers will be in the playoffs this year.

    FYI: The Phillies did make the playoffs this year

  19. hockeyhead says:

    i dont even care about the other sports.  boston was brought up…not the bruins.

    and who cares about making the playoffs.  its about winning the cup.  the bruins had one of the longest streaks of making the playoffs too.  but no cups.  thats what matters.

    the flyers might limp in to what….get blown away by the sens.  thats a big accomplishment.

    FYI: the national league is an absolute joke.  any team would of been swept in the world series against any of the american league playoff teams.

    just like the NFC.

    but,  who cares about other sports, right?

  20. Archion113 says:

    I don't care if we're considered a contender or not. 

    But what do you know… Flyers GM met with Forsberg again last weekend…

    He isn't going to go to Vancouver.  Thats a fact.  The team is way to pitiful.

    Also if i'm not mistaken Forsberg might be of age to sign him to a small contract with lots of incentives.  It wouldn't be hard to make room for Forsberg.  Paul Holmgren is a genius with the cap. 

    Philadelphia is the leading Contender right now according to dozens of websites for Forsbergs services…

    Go ahead… give you head a shake…

    shaek it harder…. faster… now kill yourself…

    much better…

  21. Archion113 says:

    Where did i say i would take jones over chara? I don't watch Baseball or Basketball.

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stop talking already…

  22. Archion113 says:

    You have to be the dumbest person on this site….

    If the Flyers beat boston… and you think the Flyers will get smoked by the Senators… what if the Senators win tonight and tomorrow against Boston?

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