Flyers to get Iginla???

A recent trade rumor has the Philadelphia flyers trading Simon Gagne, Pavel Brendl, Roman Cechmanek and another player for Jarome Iginla and Roman Turek.

I think this trade is good for both teams even though i think just gagne and cechmanek for ignla and turek is good enough. Unless the flames add in Saprikin or Regher or gauthier. Even though i disagree with trading Gagne JUST because he is struggling this season because he is going to become an unbelievable player in this league, however so is iginla so we’ll have to see what happens. What do you guys think about this?

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  1. Prosaic says:

    To be fair, he is the best player of last season BY FAR…….so maybe that is why Craig Button would want to keep hold of him?

  2. leafsrule31 says:

    Iginla alone is worth that plus a pick..

    as a flyer fan you need to take your head out of your ass and realize that iginla won the scoring championship last year.. primeau has been a joke for a good 3 years now.. brendls been in every trade rumor non leaf based since the beginning of the season.. and gagne and williams are definitly not improving..

    exactly what do you think hes worth?.. most goals and points in the nhl?.. while playing for arguably the worst team?.. sure hes not playing good right now.. but with guys like leclair recchi and roenick he could win the scoring championship for the next 10 years..

  3. leafsrule31 says:

    and you pick on leaf fans for their suggestions??… you over value your flyers by a long shot..

  4. Nineball says:

    Button’s always loved Iginla. When he was the scout for Dallas and they traded Iginla to Calgary Button was like WTF!?! and flipped out.

  5. mikster says:

    Seriously…., big deal what you think….

    To you Gagne is worth more than Iginla, and to me it’s the other way around.


    Wake the hell up, you just gave your opinion and ‘woohoo….” good job.

  6. mikster says:

    It’s a no-brainer. Iginla on the Flyers would be a huge plus more than Gagne on the Flyers.

  7. mikster says:

    Oh no….someone offended me.

    Deal with it….crybaby,

    of course…a Flyers fan always whines.

  8. mikster says:

    I think he’d have like 20 goals or so….with Savard, oh but he is not even there anymore..15 goals.

    (not counting Drury)

  9. mikster says:


    I myself could not have said it any better. I think he is having the same problem i had with Dvorak lol….

    NO!!!! HE IS A 40 GOAL SCORER!!!!

  10. mikster says:


    Iginla=Franchise player

    Gagne=Bright future ‘star’ for the Flyers.

  11. JB24 says:

    I think this trade is a lot of bs. Why would Calgary trade Iginla when they worked so hard to keep him? And although Chechmanek is a better goalie than Turek I don’t think Turek deserves all the shit he took two years ago when St.Louis lost out to the Avs in the playoffs. Maybe he did let in a couple a softies it’s not like the team in front of him played all let well either except he took all the blame for it. That does seem to happen to goalies alot.

  12. oil_drop says:

    This trade would be good for the Flames at first. But something is telling me this trade will be like the Drury trade. He does good at first and wins them games then he go’s into a slump. It’ll probaly not happen but hey who knows. Well Calgary should go for a blue liner. Their “D” is looking pretty bad. Turek is sucking and is a reason y the Flames are losing. So Flames should do this trade but maybe take out Drury and put in a defenceman.

  13. SirHasaclue says:


    Oooh, whatsa matter? The trillions of dollars your team spends on payroll not enough to win? Now you think other teams should trade their best for your 2nd tier players? How about Brendl for Iginla, Drury, Conroy, a warm bottle and a nice blankey?

  14. orangestreak73 says:

    In my opinion, trading Gagne would be a HUGE mistake. Besides, Iginla has about the same amount of points in his career (on a prorated scale). Gagne WILL be a star in this league and soon. Gagne didn’t even have a sophomore slump. This is his first taste of adversity. Don’t quit on him by making a trade just to make a trade. The problem with the Flyers is on the wings, but not Gagne (or Williams). The wings NEED to be improved. If the Flyers bring in Iginla, they won’t be any better because they did not fix anything. They still have wings that cannot score.

    Also, Turek is no imporvement over Cechmanek.

    The Flames would win this trade since they would be adding Brendl and another player as well in the deal.

    The best move For the Flyers would be to trade the high priced players for draft picks and either bring in a free agent or fill in the spots with younger guys.


  15. orangestreak73 says:

    Hitchcock wants to bring in all these former Dallas Stars. Iggy was on Dal. and so was Turek. Well, I hope it doesn’t go down, but you never know. Clarke traded Ouellet and 3 high picks for crusty Adam Oates!


  16. jammer21 says:

    he singlehandedly lost the 1st round playof series a few years back for st. louis vs. san jose, and struggled the next year, blowing it vs. colrado. that is why he was banished to cowtown….

  17. big_booty says:

    Learn how to read.

    My statistical comparison was based only on the two players’ FIRST THREE full seasons in the NHL. So don’t go jumping to conclusions – I am well aware of when their careers began.

    Why don’t you enlighten us about Jarome’s scoring prowess in the playoffs? Oh, that’s right. He hasn’t been there in six years. What a pity.

    You are correct about 50 goal scorers being a dying breed. Five in three years does indeed make them a rarity. That only strengthens my arguement – Iginla will NOT score 50 goals this year, and probably won’t ever again.

    So why are you convinced that one player on a horrible team with no head coach, no direction, and no good fortune on their radar screen continue to be one? It’s not going to happen.

    And neither is this trade. Giving up three promising young players for one superstar doesn’t always work out. That was my point.

  18. MantaRay says:

    Gagne has been hurt.

    Why would the Flyers pay a career 60 point guy (with the exception of last season) like Iginla several millions of dollars when they already have one who will do the same if not more for half his salary?

    I also agree that teams should not trade away young stars.

  19. Aetherial says:

    I would tend to agree BB but I think the problem the Flyers have is leadership… the evidence is all there, INCLUDING Gagne’s lack of production this season.

    I do not think this trade is as preposterous as it sounds.

    I would MUCH rather have Iginla than Gagne and some people hold to the theory that whoever gets the best player wins the trade(within reason of course)… I think that Iginla is the best player all round player in the deal.

  20. Nineball says:

    Ummmm WTF?! Thats just not the slightest bit true his team blew in those series and he was soso, just like a lot goalies when they first get into the playoffs. But he did single handedly win the series against the stars and then the next series, whatever year that was. Patrick Roy had more bad games than good games last year in the Playoffs so why is he still so great?

  21. GreyGoose says:

    If I am the Flyers I pull the trigger on this trade today.

    The Flyers are Old .

    If they have any illusions of contending for a Stanley Cup then they Must take their shot at it right now!!!

    Turek is a significant upgrade from Chechmanek ,…

    Iginla is a bonafide Sniper and a huge upgrade over Gagne ,… ( Remember Gagne,… contrary to popular belief will never be a star player in this league. )

    With LeClair out the Flyers must do something to help the team put points up on the board. Unless Philly gets one of the top two confrence seats they will get easily dusted out of the tournament by one of the Superior Boston / New Jersey / Carolina teams .

    If I am another Eastern Confrence team I would hope that Bobby Clarke continues his history of making bad personnel decisions.

  22. Avalanche114 says:

    Not that everyone else hasn’t said this, but this trade makes no sense for either team if you think abouy it. The Flyers wouldn’t want to swap goaltenders with the Flames, that is one lopsided part of the deal. The players going to each team wouldn’t help either’s situation. Iginla is yet another winger, the Flyers have guns already…It looks like their defense is the issue. Not too mention that the rumor surrounding them is that they will trade either Dan McGillis or Keith Primeau, neither of whom are listed in that deal. The Flyers aren’t going to give up their 2 best Centers, thats about as effective as shooting yourself in the foot. Primeau will go. Gagne will not. Trading Gagne is the stupidest thing an NHL team could do right now. He is young, he shows promise, he is a little inconsistent but his surroundings keep changing(player wise) but i think he will find a groove soon. As for the Flames, they don’t need another center either, so unless Gagne plays wing often, which he might, i don’t follow the Flyers much so i am not sure, that would be stupid. The Flames have Conroy, Drury and Niedermeyer. Basically..crappy trade, creative to throw a peice of NHL recyclables(pavel brendl) in there to make it realisitic..not.

  23. Forsberg21 says:

    You are fucking retarded. How the hell can you even think about comparing track records. Turek’s sucks, with 2 flops and an almost made it season. Roy’s is the best playoff track record ever. Get a fucking clue.

  24. MantaRay says:

    Fascinating dialogue.

    How can anyone call Iginla a “franchise player”??

    It must be all his playoff points….

    He had one good season in how many??? He is a good player, but not a great player.

    Essentially Craig Button had to give Iginla a lot of money based on one season. Now, he has to get rid of him because Calgary probably won’t make the playoffs (again) and they can’t afford him.

    Thats what this rumor boils down to.

  25. jofa says:

    I see where you are going with those stats of the two players in their first three years, but really, they mean nothing.

    Power forwards generally take longer to develop, and Iginla is steadily developing into one of the premier power forwards in the game.

    This season, the best two power forwards have been Thornton and Bertuzzi. Look at their first three seasons:

    Thornton – 217gp, 42g, 66a, 108pts

    Bertuzzi – 214gp, 41g, 54a, 95pts

    By your argument, guys like Ricci (223gp, 68g, 127a, 175pts in first three seasons) and Berezin (217gp, 78g, 53a, 131pts in first three seasons) are obviously the better players. My point is, players develop differently depending on skill, circumstance, etc. Iginla has been steadily improving since he got into this league. Yeah, this season may be a bit of a bust for Iggy, but I still think he brings a lot more skill, strength, leadership, and potential than Gagne.

  26. Tradedude says:

    I’m sure all of you are still waiting to hear my opinion so ill tell you.

    i would never compare cechmanek to turek, too damn inconsistent. i would leave goaltending out of this trade and maybe williams, gagne, brendl for an iginla and Saprykin. as for the trade that has been rumored. suggestion bob clarke – GOOD LUCK! but nonetheless its alright seeing iginla is having a poor start.

  27. Tradedude says:

    Gagne is the future of the flyers (if not traded) he putrs up good numbers, does the small things plays hard hockey and MADE IT TO TEAM CANADA without shock.

  28. UsedandAbused says:

    I’d much rather have Gagne then Jarome Iginla. He had one great year, and that is probably all he will ever have. This is the dumbest rumor I ever heard.

  29. Lint07 says:

    There are exceptions to every ”rules”.

    Tell me, who won this trade?

    L.A.: J.Allison, P.Axelsson

    Boston: G.Murray, J.Stumpel

    I wouldn’t say it’s DEFINITELY Los Angeles even if they got the better player…

    Don’t you agree?

  30. puckedinthehead says:

    How long are Flames fans gonna put up with the franchise consistantly shipping out future impact players? (ie.Savard, Morris…. & ancient history Brett Hull,) is there any light at the end of the tunnel for this franchise? If I was a Flames fan I would be looking for Buttons head to roll, or the nearest bridge.

  31. MossRocks says:

    Why are you incapable of explaining yourself without insulting someone? Just make the argument and stop the crap. It reflects poorly on your ability to debate the subject.

    (BTW, Jarome’s points per game in the playoffs is better than Gagne’s too. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing, just like your earlier statement)

  32. big_booty says:

    Thank Odin for your wisdom. I cannot understand why in the world certain people feel compelled to overvalue certain players.

  33. Avalanche114 says:

    when did Iginla play for Dallas??

  34. big_booty says:

    That trade didn’t happen.

    P.J. Axelsson is still a member of the Boston Bruins.

  35. Sundin_02 says:

    I wouldn’t trade Gagne at all, if I were Clarke. Having said that, Gagne for Iginla is not good… Iginla is a one-season wonder. He was always talented, but he’s not worth a younger, faster, future star in Gagne.

    Right now all fingers are pointing towards each other in Philly, and Chechmanek is getting most of the hear. Why would the Flyers want to take one step down and acquire Turek. Sure, Turek is pretty sleek, but compare his early season success to Checkmanek’s, and you’ll know what I mean.

    Also, the Flyers need anything to get past the first round of a playoff series… with Turek, who bought St. Louis some first round exits, and who straight up might not even carry the Flyers to playoffs if acquired, will create in even larger void.

    This deal isn’t too good for Philly, but boy I’d love to be a Flames fan. They get a solid (not consistent) goalie, and a future star.

    Anyone with brains in Philly would not do this deal. But then again, Clarke did give up a top goalie prospect Maxime Oulette, and 3 picks for 39 year-old, 2 week Flyer Adam Oates.

  36. Nineball says:

    Easy Tex. That has to be one of the most ignorant things ive ever heard. Its not an opinion its a fact buddy. And i wasn’t comparing there records directly so shut the fuck up.

  37. jofa says:

    I’m not a Flames fan, but I have to say that all of the people who are saying that Iginla is a “one-hit wonder” are going to be eating their words for years to come. Living in western Canada, I’ve been able to watch this guy develop and steadily improve each year. Yeah, he may have got a few more of the bounces last year, and is getting a few less this year, but that really doesn’t take away from the calibre of player he is becoming.

    The guy is incredibly strong on the puck, has great vision of the game, doesn’t back away from physical play, can score goals, and has leadership written all over him. I’m thinking Bertuzzi with a “C” on his jersey. Bert is two years older and took until last year to break out. Iggy’s only about 25 years old, is on a struggling team this year, and is under a lot more pressure this year from fans and the media, and now has to adjust to being the focus of attention from other teams.

    The guy is going to be in the top 10/20 of scoring for years to come…

  38. fp64 says:

    How ’bout we keep Gags & Brendl, and instead give Calgary; Desjardins, Recchi, McAllister and a dozen cheesesteaks?

  39. calflyers says:

    as the “comic book guy” on “the simpsons” said,

    “Worst trade rumor ever”

  40. biohazard says:

    Trading gagne is a short sighted and bad decision. he will come around, if not this year then next. if he is traded, it will come back to haunt the flyers.

    on most nights lately, the only flyer putting forth any effort is williams, so to lose him would make this trade doubly worse.

    primeau should be sent as well as mcgillis, and quite frankly any other forward on the team with the exception of gagne, williams, roenick and maybe handzus

  41. Forsberg21 says:

    I can’t believe your talking to me about ignorant comments, when yours was probbly the most ignorant hockey comment’s I’ve ever heard. What do you mean you wern’t comparing their playoff records. You were comparing two goalies who both had bad games in the playoffs, and saying that if Roy isn’t the worst goalie ever for having a bad game, than Turek isn’t either. Talk about ignorant. You are comparing their records if you are talking best or worst playoff goalie. Turek has no good playoff years. Roy has 18, so it’s not really a fair comparison than is it, Tex.

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