Flyers Trade…. Nope, Not The One You Think Of!

Bobby Clarke traded today defensemen Eric Weinrich to the St.Louis Blues in exchange for a 5th round pick in the 2004 draft…(

Weinrich, 37 will be playing for a seventh team in is 15th year in career.

He has 9 points in 54 games so far this year.

My take on this: With so many teams looking for good reliable defensemen (some like St.Louis being almost desparate) I am surprised that Weinrich could be had for nothing more than a song and a kiss on the cheek.

I know the guy is old and all, but he is reliable, can still be a good #4 defensemen in a good team and the defensemen market will most likely go incredibly high considering the lack of sellers for so many buyers. Besides, didn’t Clarke acquired 2 defensemen like last week anyway? What was the master plan behind risking to overpay for 2 d-man and then giving away one of your regulars for free?

I’m waiting for the Comrie-for-Burke trade to finalize to officially say that Bobby Clarke has turned on the ”panic mode” switch… Someone’s feeling the heat of not being able to win in the playoffs with the same ”Bobby C” type of team year after year. Changes may be needed if this year isn’t the one.