Flyers trying to swing a deal for Bouwmeester?

The Courier Post On-Line is reporting that the Flyers are working hard to try to land Bouwmeester.

It is reported that in order for the Flyers to land Bouwmeester they would have to give up at least equal salary so that they could remain under the cap.

The rumor that is listed in this article is

“Joffrey Lupul, whose $2.3 million cap hit jumps to $4.25 million next season, along with defenseman Matt Carle, who has a $2.9 million cap hit this season, escalating to $3.5 million in each of the next two years and $3.8 million in 2011-12, or defenseman Braydon Coburn, who has one year left on a contract that carries a $1.3 million cap hit.”

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6 Responses to Flyers trying to swing a deal for Bouwmeester?

  1. flyav says:

    Its not going to happen.  I would love it if Homer could pull it off but unless J-bo says hes willing to sign in Philly its pointless.

    I would offer Lupul and Jones and a conditional first rnd pick if we can resign him

    Coburn aint going anywhere hes way too valuable.  So its either going to be Jones or Carle and I think Carle has more upside.

  2. mozzy says:

    Have you been reading my blogs?? That is the exact same trader I prposed. I think its very fair considering Bouwmeester is a UFA and Florida is going to lose him anyway. tyeams can ill afford to give up everything for one UFA only to lose him in the suimmer (Pitts-Hossa)

    I very much agree with you on Coburn. No way he moves. I feel he could turn into a Bouwmeester type himself.

    And carle has too much of an upside to let go. Jones is the obvious choice. he and Lupul will help Florida move the puck and score some goal.

  3. Kyleton says:

    The only issue is if pretty much everyone else see's that Carle is better you would think that a GM and his teams scouts would see that too and not want the guy you'd rather get rid of.

    Trade discussion would not go like this.

    Homer: I want Jayboh.
    Martin: I want Lupul and Carle
    Homer: Well Carle has more upside than Jones so I would rather trade you him, is that cool?
    Martin: okay whatever, lets do it…

    But now that I am thinking it is Flordia so it could….lol… But really i think it's doubtful.

    Carle must few very unwanted though especially if he gets dealt again. Be third time in less than a year…lol

  4. Niedermayer_20 says:

    the flyers are offering junk in return for star power, lupul jones carle yuck. how bout 1st briere and giroux for bouwmeester and kreps something along the lines.. the panthers wqant a center like spezza in return briere somewhenre on the lines.

  5. flyersfan10897 says:

    if the flyers were to trade for him, i cant decide whether i would want him to have an extension or not.  Its dumb for the flyers to trade multiple roster players for one, then they just screw themselves with the cap because they will need one more player.  If they have an extension (at a good price), then we have a pretty good d-man for several years.   but if they dont give him an extension, we have cap space, and im not sure which one is more important.

    i would like to have bouwmeester, but not as a rental.  Nothing in his career has indicated that he is the one that would get the flyers a cup.  He's good, but i dont buy that he's $7 million good.   Personally I'd rather have Dan Hamhuis for 2.5 million or Kaberle at around 4.
    And the flyers arent going to trade Giroux.  Hes put up 7 points in the last nine games.  Nor will they trade Van Riemsdyk.  You simply dont trade a potentially dominating power forward, especially when they play left wing, unless you know he is a bust.

    I like Briere, but its pretty clear that we dont need him.  
  6. honestabe says:

    No way Philly can afford to swing this deal.
    They're already over the cap by $3-$3.5M.  So if they trade for Bouwmeester they will somehow have to unload approximately $8M in salary.  That's going to be a huge disruption to the team going into the playoffs.
    Then again, maybe Briere stays on the LTIR.

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