Flyers win .. Send Leafs to Golf Course

The Flyers won a strange game in the ACC center on Tuesday event on wicked shot from Roenick over Belfour’s shoulder on a 2 on 1 in OT. That goal ended the Leafs hopes for taking the series to 7 games.

The game was strange because for most of the game, it just seemed like both teams were going through the motions. After the Flyers took an early 2 goal lead they sat back and played defense. The Leaf fans were silent and the Leafs themselves looked like they were just going through the motions until the 3rd period.

The third period was different though. Once a Pilar shot found it’s way through a crowd and behind Esche both the ACC and the Leafs came alive and came after the Flyers. Late in the period a Leaf player ran into Esche (no penalty called .. you can just imagine what would’ve happened if we hit Belfour) as a shot was coming through, the rebound popped out to Sundin who buried it. With about a minute to go Domi found himself the recipient of a pass and alone in front of Esche. Domi failed to bury it and the game went to OT.

OT was wide open with chances at both ends. Things came to a head after Tucker buried Kapanen along the boards in a play that could’ve been called (yes in OT in the playoffs). Kapanen, clearly dazed and confused took forever to regain his feet and make it to the Flyers bench (I’m surprised the refs let play go on) meanwhile the Flyers were shorthanded (with Kapanen on the ice and dazed) and the Leafs almost capitalized. The Flyers then took the puck on a 2 on 1 and failed to score. The Leafs got the puck back then turned it over to the Flyers again on another 2 on 1. Roenick buried the 2 on 1 in the top corner of the net.

Anyone count how many times that Tucker got to crosscheck Primeau in that one sequence in the second where Primeau digging for the puck along the boards behind Belfour?

Tampa Bay

Tampa will be a tough opponent. They have alot of skill and are both healthy and rested. The Flyers have to be happy that this series didn’t go longer so they have a chance to rest. The Flyers will need to be careful not to get beat by the speed of Tampa and to play their game. As long as they don’t let Tampa dictate the flow the Flyers should be able to advance past the Lightning.

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