Flyin’ Ryan Too Costly For Toronto?

Despite his rumoured contract squabbles, the Anaheim Ducks will not give Bobby Ryan away. We all know this. And in the case of the Toronto Maple Leafs, one has to wonder if they have the resources to pull off this move, especially after last September’s bold move to acquire Phil Kessel from the Boston Bruins.

The most obvious route, and perhaps the most affordable, would be to open discussions as it relates to Tomas Kaberle , a player many believe is as good as gone from the Toronto Maple Leafs organization.

With Scott Neidermayer uncertain of whether he will return for another season in the NHL, Tomas Kaberle could step up and fill the void quite nicely, giving the Ducks a power play quarterback, and a player who could utilize the Ducks speed by springing players like Getzlaf and Perry with stretch passes.

But what exactly would it take? We can all agree it would be Kaberle plus. But plus what?

Could Tomas Kaberle and Nazem Kadri /Luke Schenn get it done? Probably.

But is that a cost Leafs fans and management alike are willing to pay? After all, while Bobby Ryan is no doubt one of the more skilled young players in the NHL, and would be a great compliment alongside Phil Kessel , would it be worth trading some of our better prospects, and our top trading chip, to get it done?

Perhaps it would, but it would likely be the only way to get a deal done.

Without Tomas Kaberle included in the package for Bobby Ryan , I just don’t think it’s smart to deal with the Ducks. Certainly there is no denying the ability of Ryan, and what he would bring to this team, but unless we can have a deal with the Ducks that includes Tomas Kaberle , the cost would simply be too much.

If the Ducks aren’t interested in Kaberle , where do you go from there if you’re Brian Burke?

Probably Nazem Kadri or Luke Schenn. And to me, sacrificing more of the future shouldn’t be in the cards right now.

If a deal for Bobby Ryan can be brokered using Kaberle as the main source of discussions, than I would be all for it, as would Brian Burke I assume.