Foppa Staying in Philly???

I just finished reading an article in and it made some sense to me.
Apparently, Gagne and Knuble are really pushing Forsberg to stay on the team and the Flyers Organization is prepared to do what ever it takes to have him stay.

Now, here are a couple of reasons why Peter Forsberg will be staying:

1) Forsberg is not the problem on this team. As a GM, you analyze the team and try to pin point the reasons why the team is not producing. If anything, Foppa is the only reason why there are still people watching games right now. If there is a player to be moved it may be Hatcher. He has maintained some value due to his PK performance.

2) Why would you get rid of a franchise player? Especially a player that has impacted the locker room. His team mates all want to have him around. No disrespect to Simon Gagne but he is a true leader to this team.

3)He’s won a couple of Stanley Cups, an Art Ross, Hart Trophy, Calder, and a couple of gold medals. What would be his hurry be to go to a contender right now?? I think Foppa knows that the purpose of him coming to Philly is to help build a Stanley Cup winning team and he knows that he owes it to the Flyers to stay and he has expressed his desire to stay.

In my opinion, Forsberg is staying in Pilly. I just can’t see which player or players would be a better fit to fix this team besides Forsberg…. honestly now!!

Sorry Montreal fans, but I just don’t see why he would want to go to Montreal. Why would he leave one challenge to face another???
Better yet, what does Montreal have right now that would help Philly get to the next level?
Everyone anticipates the big trade every year…and it usually happens but this would be one move that would not make sense for Philly.

Forsberg is staying put.

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  1. Ottawasenfan3 says:

    1. Of course Forsberg isn't the problem in Philly. They suck this year due mostly in part to goaltending.

    2. Forsberg is a franchise player, but not when he misses 40+ games a year and is eating up cap space.

    3. Philly will not be winning any stanley cups with Forsberg around. I agree, he is probably top 5 in the world when at full health, but that is just not a reality anymore.

    4. Forsberg will stay put do in part mostly to his huge salary and huge risk if you get him, so I agree with you there.

  2. flyersdan says:

    The best way for him to help Philly become a Stanley Cup winning team is to waive his no trade so that we can aquire picks and prospects.  Then come back and sign a la Recchi and Weight last year. 

  3. senators101 says:

    Completely agree.  Leave and come back.  Teams who consider themself contendors could offer quite a bit for a forsberg… If I was any GM in the league with a contendor, I'd offer lots.  I'm a sens fan and I would have loved to see him in Ottawa almost regardless of who we would trade for him.  It won't cost Philadelphia anything.. They'll gain a quality player and prospects for renting out a player for 3 months…. to me thats a no-brainer.

  4. broc says:

    I just don't understand Philly's reasoning for wanting to keep him around. They are clearly in rebuilding mode, Forsberg really shouldn't be fitting into their plans. Even with him in the lineup their record has been poor.

    While he still can be a top player, he is no longer THE player. His health issues never seem fully resolved. To me this makes as much sense as St Louis keeping Guerin and Tkachuk around. Sure they'll help the club and win some games- but they don't really fit in with the direction/philosophy of the team, the same way Forsberg doesn't really match the mode the Flyers are in.

  5. halgillfan says:

    Petr told me  that as much as he would love to play for another team and go for the cup, he doesn't think he'll get traded.

    Too bad, it would have made the trade deadline a lot more exciting.

  6. Archion113 says:

    Since when are they in rebuilding mode?

    Because they had an injury plagued season? They’ll be a number 1 team again next year. No doubts about it.

  7. Gagne1286 says:

    Totally agree with both of your's assessments.

  8. TheFish12 says:

    Better yet, what does Montreal have right now that would help Philly get to the next level?

      If by next level you mean out of the nhl basement, then Mtl has alot to offer, like say a goalie who can consistently prevent a beachball from entering his net… but I see what you mean.

      Regardless, everyone says Forsberg wants to stay in Phily, what proof do you have?  The fact that he said so… doesn't work, he is team captain, he CAN'T say that he doesn't want to stay.

      My prediction, he gets traded to a contender for a good package of picks, and propects/young players, has an amazing playoffs, then having saved his reputation, signs in the off season with MoDo in Sweden

  9. nonhl2005 says:

    All I gotta say is if he stays, which I am perfectly fine with, you BETTER sign him for 2-3 years at less then what he is getting now. If not then you blew it Homer. Otherwise get something back for him and move on. It was fun while it lasted.

  10. kamullia says:

    Will he move or won’t he move on? I am not sure, Forsberg is quirky in many ways, and he feels very responsible for the team being that he is for the first time a Captain in the NHL.

    However, all things considered both Forsberg and the Flyers would be better off parting ways than continue their relationship. The Flyers need prospects and picks and Forsberg is their best garnering asset, while also their most volatile (due to unending health concerns). And Forsberg needs to make the most of it while he can, and that means playoff runs. Otherwise if he was just content on simply passing his time while playing NHL hockey without any real decisive goal in mind (i.e. Stanley Cup), he would be better off retiring.

    He might stay put, but it would be the wrong decision for himself and the Flyers.

  11. kamullia says:

    Actually, how about Foppa To Nashville for a 1st, a 3rd, Upshall and Parent?

    It was obvious that he was not going to stay in Philadelphia, even with all the theatrics.

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